[Download] Ali Jamieson edits Sandy Marton’s ‘Camel By Camel’



Were all busying ourselves here at electronic rumors HQ, putting things together for a pretty sweet forthoming release from Mr. Ali Jamieson. While he’s waiting for us to get our shit together, the London based multi-instrumentalist, and Heavy Disco head-honcho, has turned in this rather infectious edit of Croatian Italo champion, and keytar warrior, Sandy Marton’s 1985 tune Camel By Camel

Walking the line between edit and reMix, Ali puts the Turbo Funk touch on the track. Everything is bigger; bigger beats, bigger bass and the track pounds like never before. Toning down the vocals, and giving them a little vocoder company, Jaimeson frees up some space int he track for his juggernaut bass; which powers it’s way through the track, dragging along little Disco licks and Sci-Fi synths in it’s wake. Surprisingly though, the tune never looses the feel of the original, just gives it all the flair of a contemporary production, and it;s that the point of an edit? Mission accomplished.

Sandy Marton – Camel By Camel (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[MP3] L’Etranger’s ‘Mersey Mersey Me’ club mix.



Out soon on London’s La Bombe label is the new release from Ben Thomas A.K.A. L’Etranger. It a collection of reMixes of tracks from his 1997 EP of earlier this year. 1997 was jammed packed with chilled soulful Disco and storming Turbo Funk playing off against each other, and from the sound of this free download of one of the reMixes of the track Mersey Mersey Me we could be in for some seriously Housed up versions.

Whereas the original was laid back hazy soul, this Club Mix, by L’Etranger himself, is a hypnotic slo-mo House juggernaut. Channelling the original’s soul into deeper, moodier places, L’Etranger works up the perfect warehouse groove with throbbing sine basslines and layers of subtly, yet complex, purcussion. If this is any indication of what the rest of the remix EP holds, then we could be in for a treat.

L’Etranger – Mersey Mersey Me (L’Etranger Club Mix (La Bombe Edit))

L’Etranger’s 1997 reMixed is out soon.

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ & ‘Goldman Sax’



What’s better than a new single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks? A free single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks, that’s what. Courtesy of the fine folk at Heavy Disco, here’s the double A-side of I’ll Be Getting Down and Goldman Sax, two tracks that are set to put you in a weekend anticipating mood.

If I’ll Be Getting Down was a movie it would be a blockbuster, a summer crowd pleaser, loaded with explosions and effects laden set-pieces, but it’s not, it’s a slammin;’ Disco tune that sees DiscoSocks pulling all the tricks out of his bag and loading them into one track. Frantic purcussion, diva vocal snatches, big stings, vinyl scratches and, of course, DiscoSocks magic fingers blurring over the fretboard of a bass. It’s four minutes of power Disco goodness backed with a more Disco-House leaning affair titled Goldman Sax. Once again riding on DS’ hypnotic bass skills, Goldman Sax injects a rolling sax sample into it’s mesmerizing Disco mix. Go download this now.

DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down

DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax

DiscoSocks’ I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single is out now.

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