[MP3] Chvrches’ ‘The Mother We Share’ reMixed by Moon Boots



OK, we’ll be honest, we weren’t really feeling this reMix on first listen. Which was odd as we adore Chvrches, and The Mother We Share is our favourite Chvrches tune. We’re also huge fans of American Nu-Disco don Moon Boots, and are normally all over his reMixes. It kinda’ felt like Moon Boots didn’t really ‘get’ the song and just tried to shoehorn it into a standard Nu-Disco track, but on reflection we don’t think it’s his fault. The Mother We Share, lyrically and vocally, just isn’t a song that lends it’s self to laid-back poolside disco. Once we stopped worrying about the vocals fitting we we’re actually able to enjoy the track a lot more. So we decided to write about it after all.

Just taking the track on it’s own merits, it’s another excellent Moon Boots production. utterly infectious bass, sparse and mood building piano, little funky synth riffs, it’s got everything you;d ask for in a slick slice of synthetic Disco. We can’t really fault the actual track at all, it’s a really good tune. Chvrches’ The Mother We Share is an amazing song, and Moon Boots production on this track is superb, we just can’t help but feel the two shouldn’t have met. It’s an awesome five minutes of future funk, it would probably be better with less vocals though, and that’s something we never say!

Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Moon Boots reMix)

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

Buy Chvrches’ music from:

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