[Audio] Data/Debt’s ‘Dead Pixel’



We’ve been eager to write about this one for a couple of weeks. It’s the next release on London’s Heavy Disco label and it comes from San Francisco based producer Data/Debt (who you may remember mixing up Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty) in collaboration with Nu-Disco producer Allen Walker on Bass. Dead Pixel is his début release, check it out.

Dead Pixel is a rolling party starter who’s gruff groove is disguised amidst a cheeky line in samples. There’s just no way you can stop your head nodding to this one. You can’t stop smiling either. Thick with broken snatches of vintage Disco records and driving bass, Dead Pixel delivers a nice winter Disco vibe, this one isn’t for poolsides, this is for sweaty backroom clubs and everlasting Funk.

♫ Data/Debt (Feat. Allen Walker) – Dead Pixel

Data/Debt’s Dead Pixel is released 11th November.

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ & ‘Goldman Sax’



What’s better than a new single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks? A free single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks, that’s what. Courtesy of the fine folk at Heavy Disco, here’s the double A-side of I’ll Be Getting Down and Goldman Sax, two tracks that are set to put you in a weekend anticipating mood.

If I’ll Be Getting Down was a movie it would be a blockbuster, a summer crowd pleaser, loaded with explosions and effects laden set-pieces, but it’s not, it’s a slammin;’ Disco tune that sees DiscoSocks pulling all the tricks out of his bag and loading them into one track. Frantic purcussion, diva vocal snatches, big stings, vinyl scratches and, of course, DiscoSocks magic fingers blurring over the fretboard of a bass. It’s four minutes of power Disco goodness backed with a more Disco-House leaning affair titled Goldman Sax. Once again riding on DS’ hypnotic bass skills, Goldman Sax injects a rolling sax sample into it’s mesmerizing Disco mix. Go download this now.

DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down

DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax

DiscoSocks’ I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single is out now.

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[Audio] Speaker Bomb’s ‘B.A.B.Y.’/’Superdisco’


Speaker Bomb

Speaker Bomb are a Nu-Disco trio from Bologna and San Francisco who are about to release a summery double A-side single on Heavy Disco. Two tracks of no complications, no delusions of greatness, bottom line party tunes, B.A.B.Y. and Superdisco. You can tell from the names what the deal is, can’t you? Switch of your brain and put your shades on, we’re going in.

B.A.B.Y. is a French House influenced Disco tune, revolving around a handful of totally infectious Disco samples. If you;re looking for anything innovative or intelligent, you’ve come to the wrong place, this is pretty lowest common denominator Disco, but executed with flair and one that’s pretty much guaranteed to keep the floor moving. Similar vibes are found on it’s AA-side. Superdisco, once again, is all about the filtered loops and tight beats. What for the build and get this on when your relaxing by the pool, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, which we’re not. Oh well.

♫ Speaker Bomb – B.A.B.Y.

♫ Speaker Bomb – Superdisco

Speaker Bomb’s B.A.B.Y./Superdisco is released 19th August.

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Fire Flowerz & Birdee

Fire Flowerz & Birdee

For the second time this month, Italian Disco grinders Fire Flowerz are on the team up tip. This time hopping over to MofoHiFi’s sister label Heavy Disco for a huge new double A-side single with Birdee. We hope you like irresistible grooves and filtering, things are going to get a bit awkward if you don’t.

Fire Flowerz & Birdee’s Nocturne EP [sic] (I say [sic] there, ‘cos two tracks does not make an EP, but anyway…) contains two tracks of beefy French inspired Disco. Kicking of with In The Night, these two tracks take no prisoners on the dancefloor. In The Night is a classic peak time Disco House tune, just the right amount of the catchy vocal sample, just the right amount of filtered builds, and just the right mix of hard hitting and funky. A workhorse Disco tune. When The Evening Comes breaks a more soulful ground, keeping the tempo up but rocking a 70s Disco flavour. Two shining Disco starts right here.

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – In The Night

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – When The Evening Comes

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DiscoSocks’ ‘Motivation’


Did someone order a big slab of actual Disco? Well MofoHiFi sister label Heavy Disco have snapped up London groovemeister DiscoSocks to bring you just what you want. And, man, does he deliver. Keep it locked for some insanely infectious Disco action.

Motivation is a huge feel-good tune. Layered thick with slap bass, a catchy hook and a big horn section. This track is just all about the dancefloor, nothing more nothing less, and what more is needed? DiscoSocks’ crazy bass playing give the track it’s heart, literally flying through the track, whist all around it horn stabs and snatches of big diva vocals provide an uplifting groove that is just irresistible. This is Disco.

DiscoSocks – Motivation (Radio Edit)

DiscoSocks’ Motivation is released 8th October.

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