[Audio] Airwolf’s ‘Lose The Lazy’



Airwolf is one of those artists that drift in and out of our consciousness. We tend to forget about him when he’s not abut but were always excited to see a new Airwolf track crop up. This tune, Lose The Lazy, is his new single; due out later this month. Featuring vocals from Stahsi (is that pronounced Stasi? Like the East German secret police?), this one contains some huge sounds.

Lose The Lazy is a pretty carefree summery dance track. Leaning in the general direction of House, the track has a quirky Pop flavour, thanks mostly to Stahsi’s fun vocals, which bounce along the tune as Airwolf delivers some big room, or big field, synths and pounding drums with a classic hands-in-the-air breakdown. This one is perfectly crafted for good times. Enjoy.

♫ Airwolf (Feat. Stahsi) – Lose The Lazy (Radio Edit)

Airwolf’s Lose The Lazy is released 20th March.

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[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Bassline’ reMixed by Amtrac



Currently, Bristol House heard GotSome’s Bassline is seriously blowing up, and we couldn’t be happier for them. This duo definitely has a big future, and whatever they follow Bassline up with is just going to keep that momentum going. The track itself, though, has been given this gloriously groovy workout by Kentucky’s bassmaster Amtrac. Enjoy.

Amtrac keeps thinks deep with his version of the track, utilising subby tones with gentle, evolving chords to deliver a low-slung mood. With a slight hint of Techyness and a sprinkling of Techno amongst his body moving House, Amtrac brings a Robo-Disco quality to GotSome’s festival floorfiller. A real late-night jam, with a few surprises toward the end.

♫ GotSome (Feat. Get Along Gang) – Bassline (Amtrac reMix)

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[Audio] Airwolf’s ‘Hanging On’



It’s been a good old while since Australian producer Airwolf graced these pages. Over a year in fact, and even longer since his last release. Well, it’s good to know he hasn’t been waiting his time, the man is about to drop a huge new single on Onelove. Keeping in mind that Australia is upside down and it’s heading toward summer there, Hanging On is the perfect poolside party starter.

Hanging On is an undulating Disco-House tune that revolves around a dirty synth Funk bassline. A chunky, filtered, Disco hook permeates the track, which is peppered worth modulated vocal snatches and horn flourishes. Hanging On delivers elastic grooves and full on summery good-time vibes. A secret weapon in your crate? Check out the Radio Edit, which is pretty weird if we’re honest, it’s only two and a half minutes long, which is tiny even for radio edits (which usually knock around the 3m30s mark) and never really sells the song as much as it should. Hold out for the slamming club mix.

Edit: It seems that since posting this Onelove have swapped out the Radio Edit for the full Club Mix, so enjoy.

♫ Airwolf – Hanging On (Radio Edit)

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[Download] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy reMixed by La Felix



Why this isn’t on the single release of  DCup’s Don’t Be Shy we have no idea. This reMix of the feel-god Nu-Disco monster, featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, comes from the one-and-only La Félix, and is quite, very, possible out favourite version of the song.

There’s nothing about this track that isn’t just a warm wave of good-times. La Félix adds a certain poolside grove to the tune. With a lush piano hook, thick Disco stings and a popping slab bassline, he whips up a smooth and sexy vibe that Mereki’s sweet vocal just adds to. This is the prefect Friday track if you need any help getting in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy.

DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Dont Be Shy (La Felix reMix)

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is out now,

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[MP3] DiscoSocks’ ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ & ‘Goldman Sax’



What’s better than a new single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks? A free single from London bass slapper DiscoSocks, that’s what. Courtesy of the fine folk at Heavy Disco, here’s the double A-side of I’ll Be Getting Down and Goldman Sax, two tracks that are set to put you in a weekend anticipating mood.

If I’ll Be Getting Down was a movie it would be a blockbuster, a summer crowd pleaser, loaded with explosions and effects laden set-pieces, but it’s not, it’s a slammin;’ Disco tune that sees DiscoSocks pulling all the tricks out of his bag and loading them into one track. Frantic purcussion, diva vocal snatches, big stings, vinyl scratches and, of course, DiscoSocks magic fingers blurring over the fretboard of a bass. It’s four minutes of power Disco goodness backed with a more Disco-House leaning affair titled Goldman Sax. Once again riding on DS’ hypnotic bass skills, Goldman Sax injects a rolling sax sample into it’s mesmerizing Disco mix. Go download this now.

DiscoSocks – I’ll Be Getting Down

DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax

DiscoSocks’ I’ll Be Getting Down/Goldman Sax single is out now.

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[Audio] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’



Out this week is the new single from Australian Disco-House producer DCup. Featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, Don’t Be Shy comes with a packed collection of reMixes from the likes of Wave Racer, Tyler Touche, Boys Get Hurt, and Slumberjack, but it’s the original version that really pops with a summertime groove.

A light touch of plucked guitar glides over this thick bassed floorfiller. Loaded with filtered synths, singing strings and a laid back Disco beat, Don’t Be Shy provides the perfect, carefree, poolside party backing for Mereki’s sweet vocals. The combination of the pulsating synth bass and the playful vocal gives Don’t Be Shy that certain je ne sais quoi that the best late night, good times, Disco has to deliver, and this one delivers it in heaps.

♫ DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Don’t Be Shy

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is our now,

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[MP3] G.L.O.V.E.S. reMixes Sun City

Sun City

Perth Indie new-comers Sun City certainly know how to pick their reMixers. The seems to be working through a who’s-who of Australian electronic music talent. First it was Disco demon SHAZAM!, then the king of down-under SynthWave Jordan F unleashed his version of their track Zoetrope, now Aussie Nu-Disco legend G.L.O.V.E.S. has whipped up their new tune, Horizon’ into a smooth beach-party tune.

Apparently the reMix was inspired by the current climate in Australia, by “the last month of beach raves, boat parties, rooftop pools & balmy evenings”, which makes us insanely jealous as, being in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s pretty chilly here. But G.L.O.V.E.S. brings a little of that sunshine vibe to our foggy winter morning with a slick, laid-back, groove. Dropping in hints of the original’s vocals amongst wicked Disco licks and warm 70s synth sounds G.L.O.V.E.S. a sexy House tinged Nu-Disco tune that we’ll be saving up for our summer.

Sun City – Horizon (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

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[Audio] MiGHty mOUse reMixes Good Night Keaton

Good Night Keaton

Well, it’s shaping up to be a Good Night Keaton and Mereki themed week! The Miami horror drummer’s début solo single is out now, and one of the highlights of the reMix package comes from   a slick Disco-House rework from London’s MiGHty mOUse. Prepare for some spaced-out floorfiling grooves.

MiGHty mOUse is really carving out a nice, unique, niche for himself amongst the flood of Disco and House sounds. Folding Cosmic Disco’s textures and his Disco past into a Housier sound MiGHty mOUse brings the best of all worlds.On this reMix of Next To Mexico MM combines a pumping dancefloor beat with a burbling, almost Italo, bassline and layers of hazy, Sci-Fi atmospherics. He then uses this meeting of styles to build a classic, pretty deep, House track on, working deftly with Mereki’s vocal. The end result is a real treat, a tune both kickin’ and musically interesting. It’s ready for the floor.

♫ Good Night Keaton (Feat. Mereki) – Next To Mexico (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Good Night Keaton’s Next To Mexico is out now.

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