[Video] Alice In Videoland’s ‘Let Go’


Alice In Videoland   Let Go   YouTube

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Sweedish ElectroPunks Alice In Videoland are back, when it totally seemed like they wouldn’t be. As exuberant as ever, the new single, Let Go, is classic AiV. Big synths, big riffs and Toril’s vocals on fine form.

Check out the slick video. Put together by Andreas Johansson & Anders Printz the clip looks surprisingly big budget for a DIY band like Alice In Videoland.

Alice In Videoland’s Let Go is out now.

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[Audio] Crystal Castles’ ‘Frail’


Crystal Castles

What do Crystal Castles sound like without Alice Glass? Well, it looks like were about to find out. Really, we weren’t sure Crystal Castles was even still a thing, but the remaining member, Ethan Kath, has just uploaded a brand new tune, with vocals by someone called Edith, titled Frail. The accompanying blub feels a tad bitchy: “I wish my former vocalist the best of luck in her future endeavours. I think it can be empowering for her to be in charge of her own project. It should be rewarding for her considering she didn’t appear on Crystal Castles’ best known songs. (She’s not on “Untrust Us”. “Not In Love”, “Vanished”, “Crimewave”, “Vietnam”, “Magic Spells”, “Knights”, “Air War”, “Leni”, “Lovers Who Uncover”, “Violent Youth”, “Reckless”, “Year of Silence”, “Intimate”, “1991”, “Good Time”, “Violent Dreams”, etc.). People often gave her credit for my lyrics and that was fine, I didn’t care.”. Honestly, we didn’t know she wasn’t on so many of CC’s hits, but she was still the front-person of the band; the bands energy and face. We guess we’ll just have to see where things progress to from here.

Frail does sound sounds pretty Crystal Castles-y. I don’t know why we might have expected it to sound otherwise. The rousing and evocative rave synths are in place, alongside the pounding drums and heavily modulated vocals. It has the driving energy of the best of Crystal Castles. The beats sound a little disjointed, but that grows on you. It’s a solid Crystal Castles tune, but we can’t help feeling that Alice’s departure might have been a good point to try something different. nonetheless, it;s nice to have a new CC tune on the playlist.

♫ Crystal Castles – Frail

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[MP3] You Love Her Coz She’s Dead’s ‘Be Brave’


You Love Her Coz She’s Dead

It’s been a rough couple of years for Brighton based ElectroPunks You Love Her Coz She’s Dead culminating in the departure of singer Elle. Now, complete with new vocalist Poppy, the duo are set to release their first single in two years. There’s a lot riding on this release, YLHCSD have to reassert themselves after a long absence and reassure that Poppy works as a Elle replacement. Thankfully Be Brave delivers on both those counts.

Be Brave is You Love Her Coz She’s Dead back and fighting fit. Big stomping, slightly euphoric, dance tracks with some over-excitable shouty vocals, all present and correct, and really, what more do you want from a YLHCSD track? Be Brave is, surprisingly (surprisingly because we weren’t sure what to expect with this comeback), one of You Love Her Cos She’s Dead strongest tracks to date. This is a huge return to the scene. And, yes, we still think they are better than Crystal Castles.

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – Be Brave

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead’s Be Brave is out now.

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[Video] Capital X’s ‘Superleague XXX 666’



Superleague XXX 666 is the raucous new single from UK ElectroPunks Capital X. A borderline Electroclash tune that wouldn’t have been out of place on 2002’s coolest dancefloors. A massive, energetic, slab of electronic nostalgia right here.

Check out the video, which is as early 2000’s as the track. Seeing as how no-one is really doing this shtick anymore, these girls have a nice little niche for themselves, and one that definitely puts a smile on our faces.

Capital X’s Superleague XXX 666 is out now.

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[Video] SLDGHMR & You Love Her Coz She’s Dead’s ‘I Just Want You To Know’


SLDGHMR vs You Love Her Coz Shes Dead   I Just Want You To Know  Official Video    YouTube

Time to ramp things up with the new single from Miami Electro duo SLDGHMR and Uk ElectroPunks You Love Her Coz She’s Dead. And yes, I Just Want You To Know is as big as it promises.

The clip mixes up vintage footage with SLDGHMR & You Love Her Coz She’s Dead in an 80s MTV style dance-off.

I Just Want You To Know is taken from SLDGHMR’s EP Reset, out now.

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[Video] Crystal Castles’ ‘Sad Eyes’

Here’s the fuzzy video for Crystal Castles’ next single Sad Eyes, from their recent, thirdly self-titled (or III) album.

Rob Hawkins and Marc Pannozzo direct this gritty VHS fest which features footage filmed at CC’s Berlin and Toronto live dates, and some serial killer-eqsue nonsense..

Crystal Castles’ III is out now.

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Crystal Castles’ ‘Affection’

Crystal Castles

Here’s out third crack at Canadian noiseniks Crystal Castles new album (III), or Crystal Castles again, depending on your viewpoint. Coming Mid-November, the hints of the album we have has so far, Plague and Wrath Of God point toward a more emotional, more musical album. This new tune, Affection, definitely reinforces that notion.

Affection is a dreamlike collision of Electro beats and 90s Trance arpeggios creating a strangely comforting blanket of synths. Warping noises ebb and flow out of the track while Alice Glass’ vocal circles the track like a lost ghost. We are finding ourselves looking forward to (III) a lot more than we were (II). It should be interesting at the very least, and if Crystal Castles continue to break their own mold as the do here, could be something special.

♫ Crystal Castles – Affection

Crystal Castles’ (III) is released 12th November.

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Crystal Castles’ ‘Wrath Of God’

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles are seriously starting to work toward the release of their third album, titled (III), which we presume means it’s actually titled Crystal Castles again. Wrath Of God is the second track from the forthcoming record to be released.

(III) has been produced entirely by CC’s Ethan Kath in a computer free zone. Everything has been, apparently, recorded directly to tape (which will make their live shows interesting), that;s not to say there is still a lot of drum programming and arpeggiating going on. Wrath Of God is a majestic tune, more haunting than we’re used to from CC and may be an indication of the different mood on the new album. The booming beat, bit-crunched synths and distant, wailing, vocals are still present, but tempered with a misty production style and shimmering, ghostly, piano. The album should be an interesting affair.

Crystal Castles – Wrath Of God

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Alice In Videoland’s ‘Spaceship’ video (sort of)

We really don’t know what’s going on with original ElectroPopPunks Alice In Videoland. They’ve been quite for so long now we had presumed they’d called it a day. We hope that’s not the case, and maybe the fact that they’ve pulled out all the stops to finally the release the video for their 2010 hit Spaceship is a good sign.

We remember seeing stills from this clip a few years ago. From what we can gather the video was filmed then most of the footage was lost in a hard drive crash and the video was scrapped.. Rather than letting it go to waste, it appears that Toril and Anders took it upon themselves to salvage what footage was left, spend some time learning about editing, and finish it themselves. The result is more a bit of fun than anything, mostly made up of outtakes, but it’s good to see it finally put together. We wonder how it would have looked with the real effects, we remember seeing photos of Toril and giant gorilla arms and stuff.

Spaceship is taken from Alice In Videoland’s forth album, A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You. Out now.

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Crystal Castles’ new tune

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles have dropped a brand new tune, supposedly from their forthcoming new album. Can anyone guess the albums title? We have our suspicions. It’s the first new track they’ve released this year and if taken in context with their second album shows the continues mellowing of Crystal Castles sound.

Plague sees a more melodic, dare I say it, more emotional, Crystal Castles. Alice’s lament cuts through the wall of chord driven noise like a knife. It all sounds like shouty CC of old, or at least all the elements are there, but there seems to be more effort to emotionally connect with the listener. Which both works and is no bad thing. If a wall of piercing synth tones if going to hit you in the face like a fist, at least it can make you understand it’s motivations.

Crystal Castles – Plague

Crystal Castles current (and second) self titled about is out now, their third record is due out in September.

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