Erika Spring & Jensen Sportag

Erika Spring

We’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, kept forgetting, we’re only human! It comes from Cascine, need we say more? Well, yes actually seeing as ‘saying more’ is pretty much the sole reason for our existence, but we wouldn’t have to, and maybe that’s what counts. Erika Spring is, of course, one third of the amazing Au Revoir Simone and she’s gearing up to release her début, self-titled, solo EP next month.

The lead track from the EP is Hidden, a lush three minutes full of broken beats, backmasking, airy synths and piercing lead lines. It’s a beautiful cacophony over which Erika’s vocals float like wisps of familiar smoke. The kick in the ass we needed to get around to writing this comes in the form of a new reMix from  Nashville Chillwave guru Jensen Sportag who swoops in like a soft focus Michael Jackson to lay some Chilled Funk and reverb washed groove over the track. With a killer bassline and and some slick string verging on the Disco, Sportag has pulled off another killer tune.

Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag reMix)

Erika Spring – Hidden

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Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstickis an ElectroPop/Chillwave/SynthWave/Indie-Electro mash-up outfit out of Philadelphia. They’ll be releasing their début LP next month and in anticipation of that have just droped a free EP.

The You Think You Know Me? EP sits in that nice space between SynthWave and Chillwave. Whilst SynthWave at it’s core, retro beats and vintage lead lines abound. The Lo-Fi recording ethos and washes of reverb swing it toward the Chillier side of things. Skeleton Lipstick like to write on “old, broken, circuit bent or abandoned synths that are difficult to program and work with but yield very rewarding results”, and it comes through as part of the Lo-Fi feel, toytown synths and ChipTune elements work their way into the track’s DNA. I even heard some VL-Tone in there somewhere. the EP’s title track, You Think You Know Me? is probably the EP’s most accessible. A funky little synth number with floaty vocals and a surprisingly Disco groove. Like an 80’s Pop hit heard through a vintage radio, Skeleton Lipstick experiments with electronic sounds and recording techniques but the catchiness of the song shines through. As with I Find All Your Love So Vain, the EP’s most SynthWave track, which sounds like an ‘80’s U2 hit, played though a distortion pedal and then given a Disco reMix. Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time. All four tacks on this EP are worth your attention.

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – You Think You Know Me?

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – I Find All Your Love So Vain

Skeleton Lipstick’s You Think You Know Me? EP is out now.

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David Douglas’ new EP

David Douglas

Royal Horticultural Society is the début EP from Dutch producer David Douglas. Although at eight tracks it weight in more as a mini-album. Douglas draws from myriad sources of inspiration to weave various styles of electronic music into his beautiful, rustic tunes. the natural and synthetic working in perfect harmony.

The EP (album?) kicks off with California Poppy a blissful, hazy track with sets the tone for the Disco tinged Chillwave proceedings. Lazy grooves and reverb washed Funk, dreamlike vocals and half heard vocal samples make up the truly organic use of electronics on this EP. The EP’s blurb explains: “David Douglas (1983) is a Dutch producer of electronic music.David Douglas (1799) was a Scottish plant hunter who explored North America collecting seeds of plants and trees unknown to mankind at that time. Inspired by the Scottish botanist, David from ’83 started looking for his own musical seeds. The greatness of nature the sublime mountain landscapes, Icelandic lupine fields, arctic coastlines, Californian fir forests invigorate his music.”. And that kinda’ makes sense when you hear the record. It’s very natural sounding, like the tones and sounds are evolving throughout the tracks. Dreams has all the elements of a big Disco tune, vocal snatches, a solid groove but prefers to use them in a more fluid fashion. Lo-Fi and grainy, David Douglas’ music is hard to categorise. Warm, and enveloping like smoke, the emotional electronic soundscapes are complimented by beats that come from all over. Broken beats, B-Boy beats, Disco beats, all have a place on this record, assimilated into David Douglas’ musical garden.

David Douglas – California Poppy

♫ David Douglas – Dreams

David Douglas – Douglas Firs

The Royal Horticultural Society EP is out now.

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‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’


KIEZ BEATS are about to release yet another awesome compilation of retro Electro sounds. These guys really are shifting, maybe under Futurecop!’s influence, straight into the SynthWave territory. Sure, there are still hints of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scattered about ‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’’s whopping 20 tracks, but this is mostly headed down the same road as Outrun.

The line up is pretty amazing, loaded with retro  sounds and dance beats. Some of the highlights include The Toxic Avenger and Annie’s amazing ‘Alien Summer’ as reMixed by Eumig & Chinon. Pelifics and Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ also makes an appearance, sounding as ‘80’s as ever. Miami Nights 1984, one of the masters of SynthWave, brings his ‘Clutch’ to the proceedings, a soaring synthesizer epic. TEEEL gets a look in with his dreamy, Chillwavey, ‘Crystal Lake’ and the best thing to come out of Jakarta ever, Mjolnir, drop their Slick DiscoPop track with Dani, ‘Midway’. The whole album is absolutely top quality, Nu-Disco and SynthWave, check out some of the track and the tracklisting below.

♫ The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)

♫ Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch

♫ TEEEL – Crystal Lake

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

The tracklist:

1. Lemâitre – The End (Extended Version)
02. Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)
03. Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)
04. TEEEL – Crystal Lake
05. Chateau Marmont – Receive And Follow
06. DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)
07. Tobtok – Reincarnation
08. Le Cassette – You Are You Are
09. Pablo Decoder – Sometimes Lonely
10. Space Life – Anatomy
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
12. Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)
13. Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)
14. Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway
15. The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie ) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)
16. NIAS – She Would (Saint Pauli reMix)
17. Garth Knight – AutoTron (Re-Master)
18. Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
19. The Fascination Movement – Interaction
20. Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’ is released 26th June.

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Ex-Neon Indian, Ronnie Heart, reMixes Keith Canisius

Keith Canisius

American born Dane Shoegazer Keith Canisius, once of Dream-Pop duo Rumskib, made some waves in the music blog world late last year with his ‘This Time It’s Our High’ album. It seems he’s gearing up for something new as he’s delivering this reMix of his track ‘Where Did You Go All These Years?’ by Ronnie Heart, ex-of Neon Indian fame.

Ronnie’ ‘Creaming’ is a brooding affair that is a bit of a contradiction, a contradiction that somehow seems to work. On the one hand it’s reverb washed Chillwave roots shine though. Floating and dreamlike, both the vocals and the layers of synth sounds, ebb and flow in and out of the track. On the other hand there’s this big post-Kraftwerk Industrial machine beat and tough bassline. It probably shouldn’t work together, but Ronnie Heart makes it work and inadvertently creates Power Chillwave. Not bad for a days work.

Keith Canisius – Where Did You Go All These Years? (Ronnie Heart (Ex-Neon Indian) Creamix reMix)

Keith Canisius’ ‘This Time It’s Our High’ is out now.

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Aaron Alexis’s ‘This Fire’


Brooklyn based ElectroChillPop merchant Aaron Alexis has dropped a brand new track, it’s a bit of a departure from the Aaron Alexis we all know and love. ‘This Fire’ is a collaboration with Drew from She’s The Queen and sees Aaron dipping his toes in the waters of something altogether more Poppy.

You know that this collaboration is going to be pretty amazing before even hitting play. It seems pretty redundant at this point to go on about how much we like Aaron’s songs and how much of a production genius Drew is, that what the search box to your right is for. So now that we’ve establish that two of New Yorks most talented are coming together for this track, what dos it hold? Well, it’s insanely catchy for one thing, catchy in a Kylie way, the bouncy SynthPop bassline and Aaron’s infectious vocal hook in the chorus have a lot of classic British Pop in their DNA. Admittedly, ‘This fire’ has a slight streak of darkness that I don’t think would suit Kylie, but Aaron’s husky drawl suits it perfectly. While this is going on Drew takes up channelling bits of Pet Shop Boys and New Order through his crystal clear production. The prefect track for a sunny day.

♫ Aaron Alexis – This Fire

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.



Hailing from Virginia Beach in the Us comes producer koi.. He’s just released a full length album of laid back, funk infused sounds. A heady mixture of Dreamwave, Lo-Fi, SynthWave,  Tropical Disco and Chillwave, koi.’s ‘Maelstrom’ is the prefect soundtrack to lazy, dreamy summer days.

‘Maelstrom’ contains ten tracks of instrumental, synthesizer, bliss. Layers of warm, comforting synths and a general all round felling of good times. Nothing too stompy for the dancefloor, this is music to chill with your nearest and dearest to. Can I say ‘bliss’ again? Bliss. ‘Cos it is. From the album’s opener ‘Beirut’ you are treated to waves of shimmering sounds, rich buzzing pads, sharp and precise leads and the tiniest bit of funk in the rhythm section. The album only gets warmer as it progresses. Straight into ‘Gauss’ you are dropped right into the nostalgic dreams conjured by this record. In it’s concept and delivery this is such a confident début, not once does it struggle to find it’s feet, and when a record rests on such an emotional connection this is important. Even when it tries something different, like the jump up rhythm of ‘Jam’ or R&B flow of ‘Ginseng’, it is sure enough of itself to never break the smooth summery groove of the album as a whole. And the amazing thing is koi. has only been at this for six months, although I’m sure he must have been a musician for a while, this is a musicians LP. Talking the best from SynthWave and Chillwave and pouring into a Dreamwave mould, koi. has all the waves covered, so let his album wash over you.

♫ koi. – Gauss

♫ koi. – Pinwheel

♫ koi. – Critical Hit

♫ koi. – Ginseng

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Freak You reMixes Goldroom


Drewamwave originator (literally) Goldroom and Australian vocalist Chella’s ‘Fifteen’ saw a stunning return to what Dreamwave was supposed to be about, nostalgic good times and emotional resonance with a good groove. the track has made quite a stir since it dropped early last month, so much so that Josh, under pressure from admirers, released the acapella to the public.

Luckily for us it was picked up by On The Fruit Records main man and all round top DiscoElectroPop producer Freak You. Freak You washed the track ain layers and layers of right tones and lush pads. So much so that the track is actually borderline Chillwave. More Chillwave with a proper Disco beat. The swirling masses of starlight arpeggios forming a wall of melody that weaves in and out of the reverb washed vocals to create something quite magical. Like a Disco dream, it’s all beats and soft-focus.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Freak You reMix)

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

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Aimes’ ‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’


Hot on the heels of his new single, ‘Step Away’, Brooklyn based Chilly-Synthwaver Aimes is already planning the release of his new EP for TEEEL’s Synthemesc imprint. The ‘Beautiful Decay’ EP is out later this month but we can check out the lead track right now.

‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’ is a beautiful, atmospheric peice that brings as cosmic, and quite lonely vibe to the table. Spacious and multi-layered, this is a tune that sparks the imagination. From it’s undulating, intertwining arpeggios, to it’s distant leads and haunting vocals, this track really is somewhere in space hanging suspended, and it takes you there.  A nice mix of ElectroPop, Indie-Electro and Chillwave Aimes’ EP should be something to look forward to.

Aimes – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended

Aimes’ ‘Beautiful Decay’ EP is out 26th June.

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Aaron Alexis’ ‘Saboteurs’

aaron alexis

Introspective ElectroPop producer Aaron Alexis is back with a new track to haunt your dreams. Not loosing his particular unique style of ElectroPop based, Chillwave leaning Indie-Electro, Aaron’s new track is, at the same time, both warm and chilling.

‘Saboteurs’ is a throbbing electronic soundscape that draws lines between, Industrial, Chillwave and raw SynthPop. Reminiscant of parts of the recent M83 album and washed in the kinds of reverb usually reserved for Neon Indian, the contrast of the brittle synth bassline and the lush pads and LFO heavy organ sounds create a soundtrack where the instruments weave in and out of each other in a dreamlike way. Atop this sit Aaron’s trademark croon. Part seduction, part lament, part hipster drawl, the vocals glide across the track, ingratiating themselves as another instrument.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Saboteurs

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.