[Audio] Johan Agebjörn reMixes Annie’s ‘Russian Kiss’



Sweden’s top ElectroPop producer, and one half of Sally Shapiro, Johan Agebjörn has whipped up this resounding reMix of Annie’s stance against Russia’s anti-gay laws, Russian Kiss. Retitled Sweedish Kiss (there’s also a Norwegian Kiss by Skatebård) the track is out now on Annie’s own label, Totally.

Johan goes all Sci-Fi Italo and Spacecoder with his version of the track.. A rolling arpeggiated bassline chugs underneath the tune, giving it it’s power, while floaty, galactic snyths swirl around the track. Annie’s vocals are given the vocoder treatment, making her heartfelt mantra sound like a robotic order. Otherworldly grooves from Johan here.

♫ Annie (Feat. Bjarne Melgaard) – Swedish Kiss (Johan Agebjörn reMix of Russian Kiss)

Annie & Johan Agebjörn’s Swedish Kiss is out now.

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[Video] Annie’s ‘Russian Kiss’



ScandiPop queen Annie has dropped a surprise new track in the form of the timely Russian Kiss. It’s more of Annie’s Acid tinged, Richard X produced, 90s Pop and is a collaboration with Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard.

The video, directed by Richard Kern, along with the song are Annie’s reaction to Russia’s current majorly bigoted anti-gay and blasphemy laws for the dark ages.

Annie’s The A&R EP is out now.

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[Video] Annie’s ‘Back Together’


Annie   Back Together   Official Video   YouTube

Annie journey to the 90s is now complete. Here’s the video for Back Together, from Annie’s current, and awesome, Richard X produced The A&R EP.

Going full on ITV’s The Chart Show style, this clip runs down the Dance chart (always the best week!) from her own Invisible through imaginary entries until the retro video début’s at number 1.

Annie’s The A&R EP is out now.

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[Audio] Annie’s ‘Invisible’



It’s another new track from Annie and Richard X’s forthcoming A&R EP. Following Back Together and Hold On this right here is the third taste of what to expect we’ve had so far. It;s also the hardest, and darkest entry in the EP so far, and the most in-your-face early 90s too. The track’s called Invisible, but it’s aggressive dancefloor stylings are anything but.

Right from the offset, Invisible is full-on Acid Rave. Breakbeat style TR-909 drum patterns, twisted TB-303 riffs, distorted Rave organs, this is pure white glove warehouse material. Add to this Annie offering a husky, deadpan vocal delivery, at times pitched down to gender bending extremes, and you have a track that captures the excitement of the early Rave culture whist still serving up something that Annie makes her own. So looking forward to this EP.

♫ Annie – Invisible

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

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[Video] Ralph Myerz & Annie’s, Röyksopp produced, ‘Take A Look At The World’


RALPH MYERZ feat. ANNIE   Take A Look At The World  Official Video    YouTube

It seems like Annie week here at electronic rumors, not only did she drop the second track from her forthcoming A&R EP this week, but this tune, Take A Look At The World, her collaboration with fellow Norwegian Ralph Myerz was released this week. And that’s not all, this massive Electro anthem was co-produced by none other than Röyksopp. How’s that for a team up?

Check out the video, which is all very urban nights.

Ralph Myerz’s Take A Look At The World is out now.

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[Audio] Annie’s ‘Hold On’



Here we have the second track to emerge from Norwegian ElectroPop queen Annie’s forthcoming collaborative EP with London Electro head Richard X, A&R. Following the reveal of Back Together earlier this month, this track, Hold On, sees Annie and Richard in blissful Pop mode.

Sounding like a breezier, slightly groovier, Saint Etienne, Hold On is like a Pop breath of fresh air. Unashamed and unworried Hold On wears it’s uplifting beats and optimistic synths on it’s sleeve. Even embracing a slight Tropical influence and some gloriously crunchy snares, the track is, at the same time, both timeless and really early 90s. None of this is unexpected though, with the team of Annie, Richard X and pop writer extraordinaire Hannah Robinson at the helm, slick, intelligent Pop is to be expected.

♫ Annie – Hold On

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

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[Audio] Annie’s ‘Back Together’



Here’s the first taste we’ve had of Norwegian ElectroPop songstress Annie forthcoming new EP. Titled The A&R EP, the release is so-called because of the A standing for Annie and the R for Richard X, who is on production duties for these new five tracks. The EP follows Annie’s last single Tube Stops & Lonely Hearts and looks set to be a lot more upbeat.

Little Boots has mentioned that she co-wrote some of the EP with Annie and if we had to guess, we’d say Back Together might just be one of hers. From a vocal arrangement point of view, it’s very Hands-like, Little Boots in full-on Pop mode. It’s a massive slice of ElectroPop with a brilliant 90s House piano riff, in fact it’s got quite a general 90s House vibe to it all over, but with Annie huskily dragging it into a more Pop territory. We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP.

♫ Annie – Back Together

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

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[Video] Annie’s ‘Tube Stops & Lonely Hearts’


Annie   Tube stops and lonely hearts   YouTube

Norwegian ElectroPop songstress Annie launched back onto our radar just before the weekend with this, the video for her forthcoming new single Tube Stops & Lonely Hearts. With a touch of Xenomania and a pounding, almost Industrial beat, the track is an amazing, catchy, contradiction.

White Tiger Amateurs directed the video, which is as stripped down as the track itself. As far as Pop goes, this is challenging, interesting stuff.

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‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’


KIEZ BEATS are about to release yet another awesome compilation of retro Electro sounds. These guys really are shifting, maybe under Futurecop!’s influence, straight into the SynthWave territory. Sure, there are still hints of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scattered about ‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’’s whopping 20 tracks, but this is mostly headed down the same road as Outrun.

The line up is pretty amazing, loaded with retro  sounds and dance beats. Some of the highlights include The Toxic Avenger and Annie’s amazing ‘Alien Summer’ as reMixed by Eumig & Chinon. Pelifics and Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ also makes an appearance, sounding as ‘80’s as ever. Miami Nights 1984, one of the masters of SynthWave, brings his ‘Clutch’ to the proceedings, a soaring synthesizer epic. TEEEL gets a look in with his dreamy, Chillwavey, ‘Crystal Lake’ and the best thing to come out of Jakarta ever, Mjolnir, drop their Slick DiscoPop track with Dani, ‘Midway’. The whole album is absolutely top quality, Nu-Disco and SynthWave, check out some of the track and the tracklisting below.

♫ The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)

♫ Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch

♫ TEEEL – Crystal Lake

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

The tracklist:

1. Lemâitre – The End (Extended Version)
02. Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)
03. Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)
04. TEEEL – Crystal Lake
05. Chateau Marmont – Receive And Follow
06. DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)
07. Tobtok – Reincarnation
08. Le Cassette – You Are You Are
09. Pablo Decoder – Sometimes Lonely
10. Space Life – Anatomy
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
12. Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)
13. Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)
14. Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway
15. The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie ) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)
16. NIAS – She Would (Saint Pauli reMix)
17. Garth Knight – AutoTron (Re-Master)
18. Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
19. The Fascination Movement – Interaction
20. Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’ is released 26th June.

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Annie reMixed by Designer Drugs


Norwegian ElectroPop Indie sensation Annie’s forthcoming new single has been given the reMix treatment by Designer Drugs, who, it seems, can do no wrong reMix-wise.

The track is given an uplifting Electro workout for a result that is as poppy as it is dancefloor.

Annie – Antonio (Designer Drugs reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The single is out in about five weeks and can be picked up here:

Annie @ Beatport

Annie @ Juno

Annie @ 7Digital

Annie @ Amazon

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