Aimes’ new single


Yesterday Brooklyn based Indie-SynthWave artist Aimes released his new single ‘Step Away’. A slick Indie-Disco affair with reMix duties from  Chordashian.

‘Step Away’ is a nice mix of Indie and Disco with Aimes’ Chillwave leaning dreamy sheen. Funking slap bass and slick Disco licks play about amongst the lush retro synths with a restudy that it;s hard not to move to. Over the top of this is some surprising Bryan Ferry-esque vocals, sung with weird emphasis but perfectly fitting for the groove of the track. It’s one for lazy days in the city, in the sun. Chordashian’s reMix picks up the pace a little and aims the song squarely at late night dancefloors with a candy coating of the smoothest Disco, thick with cosmic sounds and vocoders a-plenty. The single is like the day and night of cool, this’ll be on repeat for a long time.

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Original Mix)

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Chordashian reMix)

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Ditt Inre’s début EP

Ditt Inre

The worlds most interesting label, Cascine, always send us the best things, the most surprising too. They have a knack of putting some of the most talented acts in the world out of nowhere and making you go “Wow, where the fuck did this come from?”. The latest being Swedish outfit Ditt Inre whose music is beautiful and haunting with a splash of classic ElectroPop.

The Scandinavian duo are gearing up for the release of their début EP, ‘En Värld I Brand’, released later this month. It’s a six track collection of beautiful snowy landscapes make audio. Atmospheric and shot through with a strain of melancholy, but never tipping over into the downright depressing. These are optimistic songs, with an understated euphoria to be found witching the complex rhythms and lush synths (disclaimer: I don’t speak Sweedish, so they could be singing about Flying Monkeys™ for all my ignorant head knows, these suppositions are based on musical feeling alone). Whilst the whole EP is a stunning journey across tundral soundscapes that manages to be both icy and so warm at the same time the standout has to be ‘Månljus (Saknad)’, which coincidentally is the track Cascine has chosen to promo with. It’s a truly awe inspiring peice of ScaniPop. At once foreign and familiar, at once a lament and uplifting ‘Månljus (Saknad)’ has the ability to transport you to a more dreamlike, more romantic place.

Ditt Inre – Månljus (Saknad)

Ditt Inre’s ‘En Värld I Brand’ is released 29th May on Cascine.

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TEEEL reMixes Ian McGlynn

Ian McGlynn

TEEEL is back with another new reMix, where the New Jersey based SynthWave producer get the time I’ll never know, each one is a gem too, Up next is this reMix, we are prémiering today, of fellow New Jersey resident, singer/songwriter Ian McGlynn’s new single ‘Gold Morning Mend’.

McGlynn’s passionate vocal delivery makes for the prefect companion to TEEEL’s dreamy synthetic soundscapes. The reverb washed, almost Chillwavey, vocals lend themselves well to a quirky ElectroPop style, and a quirky ElectroPop style is what TEEEL delivers. By now we’ve heard enough TEEEL to look forward to his emotional synthesizer work, live sounding electronics played with feeling, and with this reMix he wraps up McGlynn’s track in a cocoon of buzzing synths and cosmic melodies. TEEEL and McGlynn deliver a wonderfully heartfelt peice of electronic music here. Perfect for lazy summer nights.

Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL reMix)

‘Gold Morning Mend’ is taken from Ian McGlynn’s forthcoming album, ‘Now We’re Golden’, released 5th June.

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Citizens! reMix Man Without Country

Man Without Country

London Indie-Electropoppers Citizens! are on a roll right now. A couple of amazing singles, some high profile compilation appearances, and now it seems innovative and damn funky reMixes, have propelled them into the tastemakers consciousnesses to the point where success is pretty much guaranteed. I’m happy for them, maybe now they can afford those decent haircuts they’ve been after for so long.

And those fashionable barnets would be well deserved, these guys have got a really raw, almost live, electronic sound that, when they lend it to a reMix, makes for a unique, and raucous take on ElectroPop. Being lent this garage synth vibe are Welsh Chillwavey electronic noodlers Man Without Country, whose track ‘Puppets’ becomes something akin to Moroder through a distortion pedal at the hands of this hipster quintet. Citizens! are doing an amazing job of bringing a rough, garage quality back into the world of SynthPop, as they do on this reMix, and as the will probably do when they launch their new single in London 18th April with Men Without Country in tow.

Man Without Country – Puppets (Citizens! reMix)

Citizens! and Men Without Country play the Ridgely Road Market Bar in London, 18th April.

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Teen Daze’s new single

Teen Daze

Here’s the third single from Canadian Chillwave guru Teen Daze’s forthcoming new album, ‘All Of Us’.

‘The Future’ is a hazy slice of synthesizer and percussion beauty. Haunting, distant vocals, awash with reverb, gently skim over the top of a chilled out Dreamwave score. Teen Daze’s album should be one of the albums of the summer. No necessarily the ‘going for it’ part of the summer, but the more blissful sunset moments. It’s those times that are going to be soundtracked by Teen Daze in 2012.

♫ Teen Daze – The Future

‘All Of Us’ is out 22nd May.

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Teen Daze’s tour EP

Teen Daze

Brooklyn DreamyChillyPoppyWave producer Teen Daze is about to embark on his European tour and for the occasion has produced a very limited edition tour EP, that will be sold only at the forthcoming gigs.

Here’s the first track from the EP, ‘Fantasy’, that sees Teen Daze take us on a Lo-Fi blissed-out sunrise journey. Chilled, even for Teen Daze, ‘Fantasy’ rides a wave of lush synths and intricate percussion that layer upon each other to create a wall of beautiful electronic noise. ‘Fantasy’ is a smooth, atmospheric masterpiece for those quite times in the sun.

♫ Teen Daze – Fantasy

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Neon Indian’s new single

Neon Indian

Neon Indian has announced the next single from his ‘Era Extraña’ album will be ‘Hex Girlfriend’, a limited edition lime-green vinyl 7” release for this years Record Store Day preceding it’s general release.

‘Hex Girlfriend’ is a pretty raucous nostalgic teenage anthem. Both musically and lyrically reminiscent of days gone by. Alan Palomo layers retro synths with heavy bass and a chilled garage vocal for a real rawness. Despite being mostly electronic ‘Hex Girlfriend’ has a live, grittiness to it that only further brings the mod of the track.

♫ Neon Indian – Hex Girlfriend (Radio Edit)

‘Hex Girlfriend’ is taken from Neon Indian’s sophomore album ‘Era Extraña’ and the single will be released generally 28th May.

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M83 & Mylo


In a couple of months time M83 will be dropping his new single, That single will be ‘Reunion’ from his acclaimed album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ and the package will feature reMixes from the likes of The Naked & Famous, Polly Scattergood, Sei A, We Have Band, White Sea and this absolutely storming version from the legend that is Mylo.

Premiered by our girl Annie Mac on her show this past Friday, Mylo’s mix is both smooth & soulful and energetic & exciting. In fact, Mylo’s done exactly what I’d want a reMixer to do with the track, keep the arrangement pretty much intact but swap out some of the rockier elements of the original and replace them with a solid dance groove. The result lift the song to new heights.

♫ M83 – Reunion (Mylo reMix) (Radio Rip)

Props to HarderBloggerFaster for the heads up.

‘Reunion’ is released 7th May.

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Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’ video

We love Malaysian duo Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’, so it’s pretty cool to see the track now has a video.

The clip comes courtesy of director Ahmad Faris who was chosen by the TV channel Astro Hitz’ Music Video grant program, and he’s done an awesome job with this real life video game. Malaysia looks amazing!

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Posttod are a Sweedish Electronica duo who push genre boundaries and wrap up myriad influenced in their beautiful, icy soundscapes.

The recently released their ‘Moon’ EP for free and should you take advantage of that amazing deal you’ll be treated to seven tracks of electronic, dreamlike soundtracks. Taking in components from everywhere from Dubstep to Chillwave to ElectroPop to Disco, Posttod create something decidedly Scandinavian sounding that just conjures images of forests and tundra. There’s something in this EP that reminds me of Røyksopp, maybe not directly in the sound, but in the approach to electronic music. The two acts are definitely experimental, and avant-garde, but highly melodic too. Here Posttod utilise broken beats, Dub basses, heavily reverb washed vocals and synth drones, but all the time accompany this with sweet melodies and passionate leads. ‘Moon’ is an accomplished peice of work that all fans of synthesizer music should check out.

Posttod – Away

Posttod – Wild

Posttod – Under The Stars

You can download Posttod’s ‘Moon’ for free here.

Check out more from Posttod on SoundCloud.