[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘One Lane Lovers’



There’s a new single from Nashville not-really-Chillwave-anymore-but-there’s-no-smoke-without-fire funketeers Jensen Sportag. Which is pretty soon after their début album, Stealth Of Days, which dropped late last year. Stealth Of Days was easily one of the albums of 2013. The new single, released on Cascine of course, is titles One Lane Lovers, and sees the Sportags delve even deeper into the Funk.

Kicking off like a mid-80s post-B-boy slice of electronic Soul Pop, One Lane Lovers soon settles into the smoothest of grooves. So smooth in fact; coupled with the waves of nostalgia the permeate every second of the awesome One Lane Lovers, that you might just sink into your chair permanently. Although, being stuck there listening to One Lane Lovers on repeat wouldn’t be such a bad thing. How these guys make choppy, cut-up, R&B sounds sound so silky is beyond us. Probably just Sportag magic.

♫ Jensen Sportag – One Lane Lovers

Jensen Sportag’s One Lane Lovers is released 8th April.

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[Download] Jensen Sportag’s ‘After Gardens’ reMixed by Obey City



Have a free download. Courtesy of Jensen Sportag, who are in a right good mood ‘cos everyone loved their début album Stealth Of Days. And good moods make you generous. this little chunk of costs-nothing gold comes in the form of a reMix of album track, the slinky After Gardens, from angry cap-wearer and sometime tour buddy Obey City, who, unsurprisingly, come from Brooklyn, because doesn’t everybody. You get a free analog synth when you move into the area (we may have made that joke before). Studios in Brooklyn must get dead crowded!

Anyhoo, Obey City does a wonderful job with the track, giving it a slick, soulful, Pop sheen. whereas the original was subdued and dreamlike, this reMix pops out of the speakers, all shimmering synths and snappy purcussion. Obey City understands the mood of the track, he keeps the vibes as they should be, just injects a little more urgency into the track. It’s a nice compliment to the original.

Jensen Sportag – After Gardens (Obey City reMix)

Jensen Sportag’s Stealth Of Days is out now on Cascine.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Stealth Of Days’


Last week, Nashville chili-peppers Jensen Sportag released their long awaited second album, Stealth Of Days. It seems to be being referred to as their début, we’re not quite sure where that leaves their 2006 untitled full lengther on Midisport, maybe that was just a ‘collection of works’ or something? Anyhoo, despite having been listening to our promo copy of Stealth Of Days a hell of a lot over the past couple of months we dropped the ball and neglected to post a review in timely fashion. Real life stuff weighed heavy on our shoulders last week. Stupid real life stuff, always getting in the way of writing words on the internet. So without further ado, better late than never, let’s stick our heads in the chiller-cabinet and see what’s occurring.

At the time of writings, it’s a Sunday, and it’s Autumn. We could sum up Stealth Of Days by saying it’s a very Autumn Sunday album. It warms you when it’s cold outside, it’s relaxing without being dull, it’s intelligent and meticulously crafted and loaded with grooves to carry you away and spark your imagination, like so much of Jensen Sportags material. From that first CD, through the Sergio and Jackie EPs, to their début for Cascine, the Pure Wet EP, Austin and Elvis have always delivered something to get excited about. Drawing from R&B, Chillwave, Indie, SynthPop, Avant-Garde and a healthy dose of Yacht Rock, these guys have consistently unleashed music that is both funky and chilled, like a disco under the duvet. Very few artists can make music so complex so damn smooth.

The record kicks off with Rain Code, a hazy, ethereal, R&B tune that is a brave choice for album opener, but once you slip into it’s experimental waters it makes perfect sense, setting up stealth Of Day’s mood. Were this a soundtrack to a movie, this initial piece would convey in detail the world you were entering. The shuffling beats make their first appearance of Six Senses, alongside rounded LA Funk bass and light Disco licks that weaves though their haunting and abstract Soul. Stealth Of Days seems to get increasingly more coherent as it plays, the laid back  beach groove of Light Through Lace leading to the the cavernous alt R&B of Falling Doves still keep the ghostly ambience going but upon hitting After Gardens the album starts to focus more. After Gardens is a silky slice of soulful Pop that precedes one of the albums highlights, Hidden, Hunted, a rolling and infectious slow jam were dreamlike vocals, ticking rhythms and reverb washed synths all hit just the right spot. Bellz and Under The Rose are up next, both good choices for advance preview tracks, both thick with supernatural grooves, resurrected 80s hooks and an otherworldly dancefloor appeal. Blue Shade works a smokey, night time, urban feel while Blood Hourglass closes the album in epic style with five minutes of piano led power jamz fed though a vintage radio. Awash with nostalgia, you get a sense of the genuine passion for what they are doing from Jensen Sportag on Stealth Of Days. Everything is so delicate and intricate and hones to perfection, the album really feels like a labour of love.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Hidden, Hunted

♫ Jensen Sportag – Falling Doves

♫ Jensen Sportag – Blue Shade

♫ Jensen Sportag – Bellz

Jensen Sportag’s Stealth Of Days is out now.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Rain Code’



Rain Code is the third taster you’ve got from Nashville space cadets Jensen Sportag’s forthcoming, and amazing, début album, Stealth Of Days. That’s now three opportunities you’ve had to revel in this duo’s mysterious, romantic, dreamlike musical world before the records release on Cascine next month. You should be well excited by now, if you’re not than there’s a chance you’ve actually been listening to something else. We’ve been listening to the new Jensen Sportag album, if you have not then it sucks to be you.

Rain Code has an oddly onomatopoeic title. Which is probably a completely fatuous use of the word onomatopoeic but it really does sound, in some way, like rain code (whatever rain code is). Kinda’ gently, yet imposing. Complex and delicate. The beauty of rain and the intricacies of code. Totally captivating, and it’ll make the ladies wet (I can’t believe I just wrote that!). Huddle under your digital umbrella and prepare for a slight chance of electric piano, gusts of warm synth, ghostly yet human vocal showers and a force five chillnado.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Rain Code

Jensen Sportag’s Under The Rose is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Under The Rose’



Well, the countdown clock has started. We are now on the home straight to the November release of Nashville synthetic dreamers Jensen Sportag’s long awaited début album, Stealth Of Days. We don’t wanna’ boast or anything, but we’ve had our hands on the album for a while now, and it’s served as the prefect soundtrack to the end of the summer, it really is a piece of work that is worth the wait. The awesome Cascine have outdone themselves with this one.

Right about now, you can grab yourself another taster of what to expect. Following on from Bellz, a track the released just over a month ago, wrap your ears around Under The Rose, the kind of track that makes your legs go all wobbly. Impending wheelchair bound status aside, the track flows along it’s own ChillPop R&B stream, bringing with it plucked guitar and rampant slap bass alongside undulating dunes of synths. This is the kind of tune that looks right into your soul, resonating with your mood, and then says “nah…your soul’s well boring, let’s go dancing”. And does. Better than you.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Under The Rose

Jensen Sportag’s Under The Rose is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Bellz’


Jensen Sportag

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for new material from Nashville Chillwavers Jensen Sportag, their Pure Wet EP seems like it was years ago, and that’s because it was, and with only the odd track and reMix here and there since, we feel slightly deprived of cool dreamlike Funk. Fear not though, the duo have been hunkered down in the studio busting out their début album. Set for release in November on Cascine, Stealth Of Days is as good as you’d hope it to be (we’ve had a cheeky listen, shhhh) and here’s your first taste, Bellz.

The album’s first single really show off what the Sportags have been up to these long two years. Bellz rocks a killer digital bassline and smooth retro stabs. For a track seen though the haze of reverb, the groove is amazingly tight. That bassline plays off the shuffling beats with razor sharp precision, which allows the airy Soul vocals and waves of hazy Tropical synths to glide over the tune in a loose fashion without stripping the tune of it’s dancefloor appeal. Which leaves you with the best of two worlds, Chillwave and Disco, really.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Bellz

Bellz is out now, Jensen Sportag’s début album, Stealth Of Days, is due out 12th November.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag reMix Kisses



Nashville’s Chilly Electro Funk exports Jensen Sportag’s album should be out soon-ish. They are currently holed up in the studio putting the finished touches to the record. In the meantime you can tide yourself over with this reMix of awesome LA SynthPop duo Kisses track The Hardest Part, which is taken from their equally awesome forthcoming second album Kids In LA.

The Sportags bring a lush summer beach vibe to the track and instantly remind us of why we’re looking forward to their album so much. It’s nice mixture of playfulness and seriousness. With a tight cool-beans groove, loaded with synth Funk, underpinning the track, Kisses vocals are complimented by layers and layers of airy melodies and the smoothest of solos. The is late nights in the city music, a hot smokey atmosphere that is probably accompanied by some block typography and geometric graphic design.

♫ Kisses – The Hardest Part (Jensen Sportag reMix)

Kisses’ The Hardest Part is released 14th May.

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Erika Spring & Jensen Sportag

Erika Spring

We’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, kept forgetting, we’re only human! It comes from Cascine, need we say more? Well, yes actually seeing as ‘saying more’ is pretty much the sole reason for our existence, but we wouldn’t have to, and maybe that’s what counts. Erika Spring is, of course, one third of the amazing Au Revoir Simone and she’s gearing up to release her début, self-titled, solo EP next month.

The lead track from the EP is Hidden, a lush three minutes full of broken beats, backmasking, airy synths and piercing lead lines. It’s a beautiful cacophony over which Erika’s vocals float like wisps of familiar smoke. The kick in the ass we needed to get around to writing this comes in the form of a new reMix from  Nashville Chillwave guru Jensen Sportag who swoops in like a soft focus Michael Jackson to lay some Chilled Funk and reverb washed groove over the track. With a killer bassline and and some slick string verging on the Disco, Sportag has pulled off another killer tune.

Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag reMix)

Erika Spring – Hidden

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Opus Label Two


LA based boutique Electro label Opus Label are staying true to their word and releasing the next in their ‘Opus Label’ compilation series just a couple of months after the first. ‘Opus Label Two’ continues in their new tradition of delivering well thought out collections of some of the past few years best Indie-Electro, ElectroPop and Nu-Disco.

The line up for the new record is pretty stellar. More than a few electronic rumors alumni feature amongst the twelve tracks, including The Tapeaters’s awesome last single ‘Echo’, Metronomy’s ‘The Look’, Gypsy And the Cat’s modern Indie-Electro classic Jona Vark’,  Jensen Sportag’s Everything Good’, The Whip’s comeback single, ‘Movement’, Jean Tonique reMix of Chateaubriand and Destronics’ ‘The Sunset’, Amtrac’s ‘Distant Heartbreak’, Opus head honchos Miguel Angel Jiménez and Jeremy Wineberg have done an amazing job curating this collection. There’s a definite summer vibe throughout with some of the chilled tunes from the last couple of years featured. As with ‘Opus Label One’ the package comes with a booklet featuring the work of a particular photographer, in the case of ‘Opus Label Two’ it’s Frenchman Yougo Jeberg who contributes his style to the packaging.

The Tapeaters- Echo

♫ Metronomy – The Look

Jensen Sportag – Everything Good

Chateaubriand (Feat. Destronics) – The Sunset (Jean Tonique reMix)

‘Opus Label Two’ is released 10th July.

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Jensen Sportag reMixes Madi Diaz


Jensen Sportag have served up a sweet X-Mas gift in the form of a deep DiscoPop reMix of Nashville singer/songwriter duo Madi Diaz’s ‘Trust Fall’.

Jensen Sportag’s reMix is so smooth it is borderline Yacht. Layering some nice thick Moog Funk for the bass with some serious maritime chord work and wicked Disco licks seems to morph the track into a classy mid-‘80’s yuppie dancefloor number. This is a track for smokey city nights or sunsets on deck. I’ll take either really, it’s fine.

Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag reMix)

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