[Audio] Falcone’s ‘Ghosts’



Falcone, the artist formally known as Aaron Alexis, is certainly working his way through the Brooklyn production roster. If we’re honest we’d like to see him going back to producing his own material, we really dug the old Aaron Alexis tracks, they had a consistent sonic style; one of warmth and soul. Anyway, this new one, Ghosts, was mixed by AIMES, who throws off his recent Nu-Disco dominance for some of his old school Chillwave flavour.

And very Chillwave Ghosts is too. Reverb drenched vocals swirl about the track as cacophonous beats and waves and waves of lush pads swell and fall from the speakers. It’s actually kinda’ Shoegaze-y, a wall of melodic sound partnered with a cavernous voice. Electronic Shoegaze with soul, that’s Ghosts. Brand new genre?

♫ Falcone – Ghosts

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[Audio] Falcone’s ‘Are You That Somebody?’



Who’s Falcone then; I hear you ask? Well boys and girls, it’s the new alter-ego of our good friend Aaron Alexis who, for reasons that are either obvious to your or aren’t, has decided to claim himself a shiny new name and kick on with the majestic ElectroPop offerings. And it is quite a shiny new name too, one that matches the big dramatic sounds the man makes. The first of those theatrical Pop tunes id a cover of Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody?

We’d suggest you sit yourself somewhere comfortable and grab your headphones for this one. Aaron whips up a pulsating, enigmatic tune loaded with cinematic piano a relentless march of snares. Co-produced with She’s The Queen’s Drew, this is one of those tracks to give you goosebumps as Aaron’s powerful coon cuts through the mix, finding it’s place amongst piercing arpeggios and ominous synths. It;s got a nice funk to it too.

♫ Falcone – Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)

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[MP3] Aaron Alexis’ ‘Wild Nights’


Aaron Alexis

Here’s smothing a little smooth as we east ourselves toward the weekend. Out friend Aaron Alexis has served up this relaxing slice of R&B tinged Chillwave titled Wild Nights. Although it’s not really Wind Nights-esque, more like Slinky Nights, Aaron set’s us up for a chilled few days.

Wild Nights is a melting pot of Tropical hooks, Slo-Mo Disco grooves and R&B charm. Mix all that up with a laid back lounge feel and you’ve got the soundtrack to late nights in smokey backroom bars and moonlight swims. Deep woody basses and atmospheric pads rise and fall throughout the track, with haunting percussion and a determined clap beat. Aaron’s vocal croons out amidst a warm glow of reverb drenched sounds. Then gentle piano is just the icing on the cake.

Aaron Alexis – Wild Nights

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi & Aaron Alexis

Monsieur Adi

Even more from Monsieur Adi now, with his new track, featuring the vocals of none other than Aaron Alexis. We heard word these two were working together a while back, but we didn’t know the track was already done. A nice surprise for the start of the week.

You is big, moody tune. Adi whips up a dark future soundscape, loaded with chainsaw synths and a steady machine beat. The most French Electro sounding track Adi has produced for quite a while, You shares some of it’s DNA with the likes of Kavinsky and Justice, in that slow, pounding, musical Electro vein. Aarons hazy vocals tempers all the ominous overtones, curling in and out of the track like smoke.

♫ Monsieur Adi (Feat. Aaron Alexis) – You

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[Audio] Aaron Alexis’ ‘Names’

Aaron Alexis

Hot on the heels of his recent single, Kill The Lights, New York ElectroPop crooner Aaron Alexis is back with a brand new track. Somewhat softer and even more introspective than his previous work, Aaron ramps up the drama and atmosphere on Names.

The track is an entry in Converse’s “In Search of Sound” competition that challenged entrant to compose using a set of samples recorded around Brooklyn, only fitting then that Aaron, a Brooklyn resident conjured up something of his experience there. Rolling atop an almost Industrial rhythm, Aaron casts a sonic net and catches all the mystery of the city at night. A beautiful piece of music.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Names

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[Audio] Aaron Alexis’s new single

Aaron Alexis

One of our favourite introspective ElectroPop artists Aaron Alexis is about to drop a new single, Kill The Lights, at the beginning of next year. The very beginning in fact, Kill the Lights is released January 1st, which seems like an odd time to release a single, let hope it doesn’t get ignored in the entire worlds post-NYE hangover, as it would be a shame for these two beautiful tracks to go unheard.

Kill The Lights is a lush, enveloping wash of sound interspersed with gentle electric piano and a vintage beat. Accompanying the reams of buzzing synths and piercing chimes, Aaron’s instantly recognisable croon weaves in and out of the track like smoke. The B-side, Scars shows off more of Aaron’s BedroomPop skills. A hunting industrial ballad that sees Aaron’s lament echoing through shivering rhythms and starfall leads encased in a thick fog of synthetic tones. the two tracks are a little slower paced that we are used to from Aaron Alexis and would have probably been better served alongside one of his more upbeat numbers, nevertheless this side of Aaron is always a pleasure to visit and he carries the release well. The single also comes equipped with a reMix from Kyson, which is, unfortunately, pretty uninspired Downtempo-by-numbers, but luckily that doesn’t distract one bit from these two new lush offerings from the talented Mr. Alexis. Definitely worth checking out to soundtrack these cold winter months.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Kill The Lights

♫ Aaron Alexis – Scars

Aaron Alexis’ Kill The Lights is released January 1st 2013.

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Aaron Alexis’s ‘This Fire’


Brooklyn based ElectroChillPop merchant Aaron Alexis has dropped a brand new track, it’s a bit of a departure from the Aaron Alexis we all know and love. ‘This Fire’ is a collaboration with Drew from She’s The Queen and sees Aaron dipping his toes in the waters of something altogether more Poppy.

You know that this collaboration is going to be pretty amazing before even hitting play. It seems pretty redundant at this point to go on about how much we like Aaron’s songs and how much of a production genius Drew is, that what the search box to your right is for. So now that we’ve establish that two of New Yorks most talented are coming together for this track, what dos it hold? Well, it’s insanely catchy for one thing, catchy in a Kylie way, the bouncy SynthPop bassline and Aaron’s infectious vocal hook in the chorus have a lot of classic British Pop in their DNA. Admittedly, ‘This fire’ has a slight streak of darkness that I don’t think would suit Kylie, but Aaron’s husky drawl suits it perfectly. While this is going on Drew takes up channelling bits of Pet Shop Boys and New Order through his crystal clear production. The prefect track for a sunny day.

♫ Aaron Alexis – This Fire

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Aaron Alexis’ ‘Saboteurs’

aaron alexis

Introspective ElectroPop producer Aaron Alexis is back with a new track to haunt your dreams. Not loosing his particular unique style of ElectroPop based, Chillwave leaning Indie-Electro, Aaron’s new track is, at the same time, both warm and chilling.

‘Saboteurs’ is a throbbing electronic soundscape that draws lines between, Industrial, Chillwave and raw SynthPop. Reminiscant of parts of the recent M83 album and washed in the kinds of reverb usually reserved for Neon Indian, the contrast of the brittle synth bassline and the lush pads and LFO heavy organ sounds create a soundtrack where the instruments weave in and out of each other in a dreamlike way. Atop this sit Aaron’s trademark croon. Part seduction, part lament, part hipster drawl, the vocals glide across the track, ingratiating themselves as another instrument.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Saboteurs

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Aaron Alexis & Jules Schimmer


Once again Manchester’s great Dreamwave hope Mr. Jules Schimmer takes on New York’s most underrated ElectroPop artist Aaron Alexis with this reMix of ‘In The Air’. Look, I’ll level with you, it will no doubt come as no shock to learn that we’ll be releasing something with Aaron later this year, and that something will also include work from Jules. So, there’s little chance of me remaining impartial here, I love both these guys, they floor me with everything they do.

That said, this new reMix of ‘In The Air’ sees Jules take a slightly different track from his usual huge ‘80’s sounding mixes and goes down a slightly Euphoric route. Mixing in a little Balearic sunrise vibe with a big piano line with Aarons soulful vocals results in a big rush of emotion and some hairs-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck musical moments. Also, it sounds a lot like an undiscovered The Sound Of Arrows song, which is a compliment. With a bit of a push this could easily be and Ibiza hit this summer.

Aaron Alexis – In The Air (Jules Schimmer reMix)

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Aaron Alexis’ ‘In The Air’

Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis, who I’m not going to call “video director turned ElectroPop artist” anymore, just “ElectroPop artist”, has dropped his new tune, ‘In The Air’.

‘In The Air’ is a nice meeting of soulful vocals, Ed Banger-esque Electro and ‘90’s Pop House. Like Seal singing over a Justice reMix of a Black Box tune. In contract to his introspective BedroomPop of recent releases ‘In the Air’ sees Aaron in majestic mode, whiles there is still an intimate tone to his vocals the track itself is pretty huge. The piano of ‘90’s House meeting head on on with plucked strings and a big bridging horn section, leads to some dirty synth with a touch of the baroque. It’s a nice mix, and nicely produced too, more like this please,

Aaron Alexis – In The Air

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