Hailing from Virginia Beach in the Us comes producer koi.. He’s just released a full length album of laid back, funk infused sounds. A heady mixture of Dreamwave, Lo-Fi, SynthWave,  Tropical Disco and Chillwave, koi.’s ‘Maelstrom’ is the prefect soundtrack to lazy, dreamy summer days.

‘Maelstrom’ contains ten tracks of instrumental, synthesizer, bliss. Layers of warm, comforting synths and a general all round felling of good times. Nothing too stompy for the dancefloor, this is music to chill with your nearest and dearest to. Can I say ‘bliss’ again? Bliss. ‘Cos it is. From the album’s opener ‘Beirut’ you are treated to waves of shimmering sounds, rich buzzing pads, sharp and precise leads and the tiniest bit of funk in the rhythm section. The album only gets warmer as it progresses. Straight into ‘Gauss’ you are dropped right into the nostalgic dreams conjured by this record. In it’s concept and delivery this is such a confident début, not once does it struggle to find it’s feet, and when a record rests on such an emotional connection this is important. Even when it tries something different, like the jump up rhythm of ‘Jam’ or R&B flow of ‘Ginseng’, it is sure enough of itself to never break the smooth summery groove of the album as a whole. And the amazing thing is koi. has only been at this for six months, although I’m sure he must have been a musician for a while, this is a musicians LP. Talking the best from SynthWave and Chillwave and pouring into a Dreamwave mould, koi. has all the waves covered, so let his album wash over you.

♫ koi. – Gauss

♫ koi. – Pinwheel

♫ koi. – Critical Hit

♫ koi. – Ginseng

Buy koi.’s music from:

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