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So, let us introduce you to IYES. IYES are a Brighton based Indie-Electro outfit who have a line up of songs prepare that we expect you will be hearing a lot more from in the coming months. These guys have a sound that is sure to see them generating a load of hype from here on in.

Today, though, we can exclusively revel one track from their forthcoming EP. It’s called Daddy and it’s the one instrumental track in the collection but perfectly captures IYES mood. Their sound is kinda’ post-Chillwave with a slightly more British take on the electronics. Daddy is a hypnotic, undulating track that balances Dubby electronics with a dance beat and reverb washed Chillwave guitar. A hazy track that comes across like the musical equivalent of a daydream. Warm and summery but with an air of mystery. We’ve also included the demo version of their track Lighthouse here, it’s probably the most guitary track on the EP but gives you a good idea of where IYES are, vocal wise, there’s a real passion to the dual male/female vocal performance. For now, you’ll have to take our word for it that there is some stunning vocal ElectroPop on the EP, hopefully we’ll be able to share some with you soon.

♫ IYES – Daddy

♫ IYES – Lighthouse (Demo.)

Check out more from IYES on SoundCloud.

Chad Valley’s ‘Young Hunger’


Chad Valley‘s forthcoming début full length record is a departure, or more an evolution, from his previous offerings. The Oxford based producer’s music is at the same time genre-less, and strictly Pop. We usually hate the term ‘genre-less’, we sincerely believe in a good old fashioned pigeonholing and hate the pretension of artists believing they are above that. But it might actually be true in Chad Valley’s case and the new album, Young Hunger, shakes off many of the tropes of his Chillwave roots whilst managing to retain his music’s unique character.

So Young Hunger ends up being some kind of crazy posy-Chillwave, slick R&B Pop with a raw, garage style ElectroPop or Indie-Electro covering. Last years Equatorial Ultravox EP was a dreamlike, Balearically chilled affair, and Youth Hunger builds on that but brings the vocals to the forefront more, making them feel more like traditional Pop songs, albeit ones heard in a dream. The albums opener, the Twin Shadow featuring I Owe You This perfectly exemplifies this, hazy synths and toy town drums should be strange bedfellows with R&B Pop, but it works so well. Twin Shadow isn’t the only guest appearance on the album, TEED, Glasser and Active Child, amongst others, all put in a appearance on the eleven tracks. The previously heard, Tell All Your Friends is one of the albums standouts, a slick retro Pop tune with a catchy as hell chorus that shows just how much Chad Valley’s music has matured. Elsewhere on the album you can hear snatches of LA Funk in the likes of Fall 4 U, the pure 80s soul of Evening Surrender, and the places where the album picks up into proper vintage SynthPop, such as My Girl or the albums title track, both of which wouldn’t seem out of place on the soundtrack to a John Hughes movies. Young Hunger really does exist outside of pigeonholes, and whist that annoys us, it also makes it one of the best albums of the year, and one that can be recommended to fans of ElectroPop, R&B, Pop, Retro Music, Chillwave…y’know, whatever.

♫ Chad Valley (Feat. Twin Shadow) – I Owe You This

♫ Chad Valley – Tell All Your Friends

♫ Chad Valley (Feat. Glasser) – Fall 4 U

Chad Valley’s Young Hunger is released 18th November.

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Octo Octa reMixes Pelifics and Electric Youth


Undoubtedly, one of the released of the of the summer was the first of Swedish SynthWaver Pelifics’ dual EPs. And on that release one of the highlights was his collaboration with Canadian Dreamwave heroes Electric Youth, Wish It Could Last. So well received was the track that Brilliantine are going ahead and releasing it as a single with a host of reMix talent contributing to the package.

Here we have Brooklyn synth head Octo Octa’s take on the track. Loaded with sparkling synths and waves of reverb soaked vocals, the reMix takes the tune into borderline Chillwave territory. an intricate and delicate electronic dance track that morphs Bronwyn’s vocals into something half-heard and dreamlike. this reMixes companions on the EP come from Marius Våreid, Poindexter and Sweet Track. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Octo Octa reMix)

The Wish It Could Last reMix package is released 19th November.

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M83’s ‘Steve McQueen’ video

The long-awaited video for the awesome M83’s Steve McQueen has finally premièred. What can do this Chillwave/SynthPop epic justice?

The video is the end result of a video making competition whose only rule was “it;s not about the actor!”. The winning entry was this amazing clip from French directors Balthazar Auxietre and Sylvain Derosne. just watch the video, it’s magical.

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Toro Y Moi’s ‘So Many Details’

Toro Y Moi

So Many Details is the first new track from leading funky Chillwaver Toro Y Moi’s forthcoming third album Anything In Return. We’ve been teased with hints of the new material in various forms recently, but this is the first official unveiling of Chaz Bundick’s new sounds.

The track is a lush, dreamy mix of Chillwave and LA Nu-funk, with an R&B sheen. Playing around with Pop structures, Toro Y Moi create something that a otherworldly and experimental, yet instantly catchy and loaded with Disco groove. Heavy synth bass is laid down in a Funk style that allows the swirly, reverb washed, electronics to swim around the track, weaving in and out of Chaz’s New Jack vocals. Toro Y Moi’s new album could be his best.

♫ Toro Y Moi – So Many Details

Toro Y Moi’s Anything In Return is due for release 22nd January via Carpark. The So Many Details single drops on 7″ single 23rd November for Record Store Day’s Back to Black Friday featuring a reMix featuring Hodgy Beats.

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Chad Valley’s ‘Tell All Your Friends’

Chad Valley

Oxford’s Chillwave master Chad Valley has announced a new single, and his début album to be released in November. The album, Young Hunger, sees Hugo Manuel hooking up with such luminaries as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, El Perro Del Mar, Active Child and Twin Shadow from a whole album of his particularly dreamified strain of soulful synth music.

Preceding the album comes Chad Valley’s new single, Tell All Your Friends, a shuffling slice of hazy SynthPop and broken beats. Hugo’s gentle, but impassioned, vocals work really well layered this thick as he delivers a strong vocal performance that perfectly compliments his Lo-Fi R&B-Wave. It’s a confident track, well chosen to signpost the album, and has us more eager than ever to give it a listen.

♫ Chad Valley – Tell All Your Friends

Chad Valley is also embarking on a UK tour, details here.

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Future Screens

Future Screens

Future Screens are a Indie flavoured SynthPop outfit from Brooklyn (where else?) who don’t have many track out just yet, but the work they have made public shows a rich pallet of styles and a knack for catchy riffs and emotional tunes.

Here’s two of their best. Don’t Stop is very Brooklyn. It’s got that post-Chillwave combination of the raucous and raw, synth music done live, and hazy, introspective vocal delivery. Future Screens grasp this sound and hit the ground running, Don’t Stop would rock and Indie dancefloor with it’s raw drums and synth bass playing against an infectious melody and husky vocals. All My Daydreams has more of an Indie cool to it, as opposed to Don’t Stop’s jump up IndiePop. It’s a lush, electronic, wall of sound as a buzzing bassline and shuffling beat power the track along while reverby vocals and tides of synths crash against the track like waves. Future Screens are definitely a band we’ll be keeping an eye on in future.

♫ Future Screens – Don’t Stop

♫ Future Screens – All My Daydreams

Check out more from Future Screens on SoundCloud.

Le Roi Crocodile

Le Roi Crocodile

Le Roi Crocodile is Vancouver based musician who is making some really interesting spacey Electro-IndiePop. Amazingly, this guy is just 16 years old, which is totally overshadowed by the maturity in his music.

His latest track is Youth Decay, which is a combination dreamlike Chillwave soundscape and summery Indie hit. With an endearing BedroomPop vibe, this young producer conjures up a reverb-washed laid back groove and an infectious hook. Waves of warm synths spill over Youth Decay, spacing themselves out to make room for the punchy lead riff and the half-sung/half-rapped vocals. This is only his second production but already he has the Lo-Fi Chill thing down pat, Le Roi Crocodile is definitely a name to keep an eye on in the future.

Le Roi Crocodile – Youth Decay

Check out more from Le Roi Crocodile on SoundCloud.

Figure Of 8 reMixes Creatures Of Love

Creatures Of Love

The best thing to come out of Belfast since Sons Of Anarchy season three, and star of the hit dragon-porn show Game Of Thrones, Figure Of 8 is back with a brand new reMix. This time he’s tackling Industrial EtheriPop outfit Creatures Of Love’s new single ‘Vakkula’.

The original is a surprisingly catchy slice of machine beats and ominous tones. Shades of early 4AD output and pre-Pop-Trance Delirium dungeon music with a powerful vocal line. A vocal line which Figure Of 8 picks up and runs with it, pairing it up with a pulsating SynthPop bassline and roomy dance beats. Merging his classic dance sound with a slight Italo-Dub touch, Figure Of 8 takes just the right approach to sliding this track onto the dancefloor. The soundsystem echoes and reverb washed drums allow the track to retain it’s left-field vibe whilst giving it a kick in the kick drum. Figure Of 8 has taken the track from strobe light to mirrorball, while loosing none of the song’s character.

♫ Creatures Of Love – Vakkula (Figure Of 8 reMix)

♫ Creatures Of Love – Vakkula

Vakkula is a free EP, out today on Creatures Of Love’s Bandcamp.

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Hemingway reMixes Gossip Culture

Gossip Culture

We featured the original version and a reMix from French SynthWave rocker Tommy, of American ElectroPop producer Gossip Culture ‘s new single, Just Fine With You, a couple of months ago. Now it;s looking like the track is getting it’s proper release soon it seems time to look at the remaining reMix on the single, from the excellent Toronto eclectic Disco producer Hemingway.

Hemingway whips up something a little different for this track. Driven by harsh drum machine beast that are very reminiscent on early Warp Records output. Those raw, shuffling House beats provide a unique backing for Hemmingway’s waves of lush synths. Ryan Sheridan’s hazy Chillwave vocal sits nicely with the reMixes cosmic synths and ‘90’s House touches. It’s a reMix that probably shouldn’t work on paper, with all these conflicting elements, but Hemingway makes everything come together in harmony, and makes it seem effortless.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Hemingway reMix)

Just Fine With Youis out this summer.

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