Aaron Alexis’ ‘Saboteurs’

aaron alexis

Introspective ElectroPop producer Aaron Alexis is back with a new track to haunt your dreams. Not loosing his particular unique style of ElectroPop based, Chillwave leaning Indie-Electro, Aaron’s new track is, at the same time, both warm and chilling.

‘Saboteurs’ is a throbbing electronic soundscape that draws lines between, Industrial, Chillwave and raw SynthPop. Reminiscant of parts of the recent M83 album and washed in the kinds of reverb usually reserved for Neon Indian, the contrast of the brittle synth bassline and the lush pads and LFO heavy organ sounds create a soundtrack where the instruments weave in and out of each other in a dreamlike way. Atop this sit Aaron’s trademark croon. Part seduction, part lament, part hipster drawl, the vocals glide across the track, ingratiating themselves as another instrument.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Saboteurs

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

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