Shiny Toy Guns & Treasure Fingers

Shiny Toy Guns

Our rekindled love affair with LA Electro-Rockers Shiny Toy Guns continues as everything we’ve heard off their new album, III, so far has been an excellent return-to-form, even embracing a bit of Tropical on their recent single Fading Listening. Shiny Toy Guns have always had a weird relationship with reMixes, they tend to attract  middle-tier Electro producers who have seemed to deliver mediocre reMixes for the band, which we’ve always considered a shame. Shiny Toy Gun’s tracks are amazingly reMix-able, and they have had some talent work on them in the past, but nothing has ever really gelled. Treasure Fingers has a good ol’ attempt here though, and turns in one of the best Shiny Toy Guns reMixes we’ve heard.

His version of Fading Listening nicely plays on the LA Dreamwave vibe of the original and injects it with a little bouncy Electro and some touch Acid burbling. Bringing a little of his hard Disco vibe to the track, Treasure Fingers largely keeps the vocals intact and uses then to their fullest , brining the track down for Carah Faye’s verses and slickly rolling a syncopated synth bass along with the hazy choruses. Treasure Fingers provided a smooth summery Disco tune that heads toward a dirty synth finale. All we need now is for Shiny Toy Guns’ album to come out.

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix)

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is released 22nd October.

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Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstickis an ElectroPop/Chillwave/SynthWave/Indie-Electro mash-up outfit out of Philadelphia. They’ll be releasing their début LP next month and in anticipation of that have just droped a free EP.

The You Think You Know Me? EP sits in that nice space between SynthWave and Chillwave. Whilst SynthWave at it’s core, retro beats and vintage lead lines abound. The Lo-Fi recording ethos and washes of reverb swing it toward the Chillier side of things. Skeleton Lipstick like to write on “old, broken, circuit bent or abandoned synths that are difficult to program and work with but yield very rewarding results”, and it comes through as part of the Lo-Fi feel, toytown synths and ChipTune elements work their way into the track’s DNA. I even heard some VL-Tone in there somewhere. the EP’s title track, You Think You Know Me? is probably the EP’s most accessible. A funky little synth number with floaty vocals and a surprisingly Disco groove. Like an 80’s Pop hit heard through a vintage radio, Skeleton Lipstick experiments with electronic sounds and recording techniques but the catchiness of the song shines through. As with I Find All Your Love So Vain, the EP’s most SynthWave track, which sounds like an ‘80’s U2 hit, played though a distortion pedal and then given a Disco reMix. Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time. All four tacks on this EP are worth your attention.

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – You Think You Know Me?

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – I Find All Your Love So Vain

Skeleton Lipstick’s You Think You Know Me? EP is out now.

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Casio Social Club’s ‘Nordic Nights’


Here we have the new single from Justin Winks, A.K.A. Casio Social Club. This time not on his own (and pretty awesome) Mullet Records imprint but as part of the first in a series of double A-side released from Eskimo Recordings. CSC shares this release with Djuma Soundsystem Vs. Kolombo, who’s downtempo Disco has got a good groove, but unsurprisingly Casio steals the show.

Mr. Winks has been quietly dropping a sting of ace tunes recently, ‘Rock The Discotheque’ is still regularly played round electronic rumors towers. ‘Nordic Nights’, Casio Social Clubs contribution to the double A-side, is a nice pumping, but quite deep, dancefloor tune that draws on both Disco and House influences and wraps them up in Casio Social Clubs‘ nostalgic Electro Boogie. Riding on a deep synthetic bassline and bright, shimmering, chords ‘Nordic Nights’ does seem to capture a bit of a Scandinavian flavour alongside keeping it retro with big electro tom rolls and even bringing a beach part vibe with some Tropical percussion. Casio Social Club has dropped yet another track destined to move the dancefloor with his rolling retro sound.

♫ Casio Social Club – Nordic Nights

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Cinnamon Chasers & Lameboy Advance


OK, so we’re going to try not to go mad on entries into Cinnamon Chasers ‘The Day That Never Came’ reMix cometition, but sometimes we can’t help it. We love Cinnamon Chasers and Cinnamon Chasers X producers we really dig, such as Lameboy Advance, is a equation for awesome we can’t turn down.

This take on the track by Lameboy isn’t really an Edit despite being called that, it’s actually a full-blown reMix, which is a good thing because the German SynthWave producer takes the song down a sweetly melancholic nostalgia route. Deep ‘80’s bass, muted guitar and gentle retro synth chords transform the doomy vocal into something softer, and the track into a chilled-out SynthPop track the cruises along with a slightly summery vibe.

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (Lameboy Advance Edit)

‘The Day That Never Came’ is out now.

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Grum reMixes The Good Natured

Sweet electronic X-mas! The Good Natured is one of my favourite Indie-Electro artists, and Grum one of my favourite Nu-Disco producers. The two together? Only good can come of this!

The results are pretty stunning, Grum makes the absolutely correct decision to keep most of the song structure and Sarah’s vocals intact, letting his massive sounding Nu-Disco groove support the track rather than obscure it. What you have in the end is an amazing meeting of Ms. McIntosh’s emotive voice and Grum’s body moving beats and soaring melodies. I love it when a plan comes together!

The Good Natured – Skeleton (Grum reMix)

The Good Natured’s ‘Skeleton’ EP is out today

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