[Video] Electric Youth’s ‘Innocence’


Electric Youth   Innocence  Official Video    YouTube

Last November amazing Torontonian Dreamwavers Electric Youth unleashed their new original tune Innocence. Now it’s here in video form for you to check out with eyes as well as ears!

Directed by Ivan Grbovic, the clip is an explosive and atmospheric thing of beauty, then goes a bit disappointing about half way. There’s some very nice visuals though (in the first half).

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi & Electric Youth’s ‘Some Kind Of Love’


Monsieur Adi

After dominating the world with What’s Going On? and recently being announced as Beyoncé’s support DJ, Monsieur Adi finally has the world at his feet. What better time, then, to strike while the iron is hot and release a brand new EP. Adi’s forthcoming After Hours EP is set to be one of the releases of the first half of 2014 and, judging from this collaboration with Torontonian Dreamwavers Electric Youth, deservedly so.

Some Kind Of Love is an undulating and warm synthesizer epic. As with What’s Going On?, this is a reworking of an older Adi tune with the inclusion of hauntingly beautiful tones and Bronwyn’s smokey vocals to the originals bassy, dreamlike, soundscape life the track into the realms of mellow, heartbreak Pop. A swirling hazy of electronic awesomeness you just don’t want to come out of.

♫ Monsieur Adi (Feat. Electric Youth) – Some Kind Of Love

Monsieur Adi’s After Hours EP is out soon.

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[Audio] Electric Youth’s ‘Innocence’


Electric Youth

Canada’s finest Dreamwavers Electric Youth are back! After far to long an absence since their last single, The Best Thing, the Torontonian duo have just announced the release of their new single, Innocence. The single is taken from their forthcoming début full length record, due out next year. It seems weird that the duo have been around for so many years, but are only just releasing an album, but it’s definitely one we are looking forward to.

Innocence sees Electric Youth in full-on DreamPop mode. Austin keeps the music a swirl of hazy synths, with smokey, reverb washed keys still holding on to a degree of power. The spacious synths meld and blur into Bronwyn’s almost ethereal vocal performance, making them both just parts of a bigger whole. Dramatic and encompassing, Innocence is a good sign that the album is going to be something pretty special. See that? We got through the whole article without mentioning the dreaded ‘D’ word!

♫ Electric Youth – Innocence

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[Audio] Le Matos & Electric Youth


le matos

Adding to their currently busy release schedule, the awesome Girlfriend Records have just dropped the new album from Montréal based power synth producers Le Matos. Having been released in the past twenty-four hours we haven’t really had time to sit down with it yet, but one of the eye catching tracks on the LP is Light Again, featruing a bit of fellow Canadian ElectroPoppers Electric Youth.

Light Again is pretty classic sounding ElectroPop, with a rounded Dreamwave flavour. Built up of storming dancefloor beats and euphoric synths. A driving arpeggiated bassline pins the track down and gives it it’s compelling energy, while starlight leads twinkle and play around the track. Electric Youth’s Bronwyn’s vocals sound as sweet as ever as they cry out over Le Matos’ pumping tune. All-in-all a good omen for the rest of the album.

♫ Le Matos (Feat, Electric Youth) – Light Again

Le Matos’ album Join Us is available now from here.

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[Audio] Miami Nights 1984 reMixes Sally Shapiro


Sally Shapiro’s, Electric Youth featuring, Starman is officially released today. Ever since we wrote about the track earlier this month we’ve been pretty excited about the release coming out, not least because it is backed with this track. A reMix from electronic rumors favourite and one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, Miami Nights 1984.

Sally Shapiro’s swirling, 60s inspired, cute ElectroPop and MN84’s driving Outrun and retro leads, how will that sound? As it turns out, amazing. Kicking things off with an Italo bassline and heavy, heavy, drums, MN84 creates a moody synthetic groove as we enter the song, but it’s the choruses where MN84 really let’s himself go. Taking advantage of the big vocals MN84 revels in the drama and throws all manner of big synth lines at the listener, and suddenly, Sally Shapiro is performing on Top Of The Pops circa the mid-80s. the other highlight of the tune, is MN84 introducing the SynthWave build, combine a big build with SynthWave soloing and something truly magical happens. just Listen.

♫ Sally Shapiro (Feat. Electric Youth) – Starman (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

Starman is released today. Sally Shapiro’s Somewhere Else album is released next month on Paper Bag Recordings.

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[MP3] Sally Shapiro & Electric Youth

Sally Shapiro

Sally Shapiro are well on their way to the release of their third album, Somewhere Else, now. The idea of another whole record of Sally’s blissful vocals and Johan’s shiny beats is totally exciting, but that’s now all, the album contains contributions from Anoraak, Le Prix and this tune, the second single from the album featuring Canada’s finest retro Poppers Electric Youth.

Starman is a particularly deep and dreamy slick of these guys ScandiPop. Sally is at her hushed-Saint-Etienne best, and being backed by the vintage tones of Electric Youth’s Bronwyn, cast a beautiful vocal net. A totally compelling voice in electronic music, Sally has found the perfect music partner in Johan, who knows exactly how to deliver sweeping, passionate synth music, with a subtle 60s twist, that suits her just right. Cannot wait for the album.

Sally Shapiro (Feat. Electric Youth) – Starman (Radio Edit)

Starman is released 29th January and features a reMix from electronic rumors faves Miami Nights 1984. Sally Shapiro’s Somewhere Else album is released next month on Paper Bag Recordings.

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[Audio] Pelifics & Electric Youth reMixed by Poindexter


Swedish retrowave hero Pelifics’, Electric Youth featuring, Wish It Could Last is definitely one of the highlights of this year, and we’ve been waiting for Brilliantine to drop the reMix package for what seems like ages. One of the rumoured reMixes in particular has held our interest, and that’s from Disco rising star Poindexter. And here it is.

It sounds like a late 70s TV theme. Regardless of how you read that last sentence, it was intended as high praise indeed. Just the right combination of Funk and Disco have gone into this reMix, and it all works brilliantly with Bronwyn’s 80s retro vocal style. It’s a total laid back dream of a track. Rolling bass, Moogy stabs, shimmering chimes, haunting synths, all this is churned up in the mix and come out as smooth as silk. You don’t listen to this tune, it flows into you.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Poindexter reMix)

The Wish It Could LastreMix package is released 19th November.

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Octo Octa reMixes Pelifics and Electric Youth


Undoubtedly, one of the released of the of the summer was the first of Swedish SynthWaver Pelifics’ dual EPs. And on that release one of the highlights was his collaboration with Canadian Dreamwave heroes Electric Youth, Wish It Could Last. So well received was the track that Brilliantine are going ahead and releasing it as a single with a host of reMix talent contributing to the package.

Here we have Brooklyn synth head Octo Octa’s take on the track. Loaded with sparkling synths and waves of reverb soaked vocals, the reMix takes the tune into borderline Chillwave territory. an intricate and delicate electronic dance track that morphs Bronwyn’s vocals into something half-heard and dreamlike. this reMixes companions on the EP come from Marius Våreid, Poindexter and Sweet Track. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Octo Octa reMix)

The Wish It Could Last reMix package is released 19th November.

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Room8 (and Electric Youth)


Blimey! We’re not really sure who Ezra Reich and Nic Johns A.K.A. Room8 actually are, their email came out of the blue, but you have to give them credit off the bat for putting together all the prefect elements to relive the golden years of modern Electro. New retro synth record? Check. Featuring Electric Youth? Check. Artwork by The Zonders? Check. It’s like we’re partying like it’s 2007 (when we all pretended it was 1985)

But the namedropping doesn’t stop there, Room8’s new album, Transduction, also features Martha Davis from, The Motels, M83 saxophonist Ian Young, guitar work from Giorgio Moroder arranger Richie Zito, and was mixed by mixed with Gavin Mackillop (Human League, General Public, Heaven 17). That’s a hell of a support staff! Visions Of You, the Electric Youth featuring track off the album is a frantic, Italo tinged, ElectroPop track that perfectly pairs up Bronwyn’s sweet vocals with some classic retro synth work while Neon And Dice lets that sax flow over some rich, smooth electronics. Both track are amazing examples of SynthWave done right. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album!”

♫ Room8 (Feat. Electric Youth) – Visions Of You

♫ Room8 – Neon And Dice

Room8’s Transduction is out soon.

Check out more from Room8 on SoundCloud.

Electric Youth’s ‘The Best Thing’


One of the greatest exports to come out of Canada ever, Electric Youth’s new single came out this week. the duo are still riding high on the wave of being featured on the soundtrack to 2011 underground hit movie Drive, milking it for all it’s worth, they’re even currently on a ‘Drive’ tour with fellow Drivers Collage. The release of this new single, The Best Thing, is probably the best thing to happen to Electric Youth, probably best to move on from the whole Drive thing now.

And as a step into a post Drive world for Electric Youth The Best Thing is excellent. Blissful retro Pop, more chilled than Right Back To You and more sophisticated than their Valerie early days, The Best Thing displays a more mature Electric Youth, maybe even a more confident one. Both musically and vocally, The Best Thing is heavy with passion as rich pads and piercing leads dance around the track while Bronwyn delivers a flawless, intimate performance. Proving there are more layers to Electric Youth than we have yet seen, The Best Thing leaves us eager for more of their nostalgic Pop. We hear Mr. Vince Clarke had a hand in it too.

Electric Youth – The Best Thing

Electric Youth’s The Best Thing is out now.

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