Aaron Alexis’s ‘This Fire’


Brooklyn based ElectroChillPop merchant Aaron Alexis has dropped a brand new track, it’s a bit of a departure from the Aaron Alexis we all know and love. ‘This Fire’ is a collaboration with Drew from She’s The Queen and sees Aaron dipping his toes in the waters of something altogether more Poppy.

You know that this collaboration is going to be pretty amazing before even hitting play. It seems pretty redundant at this point to go on about how much we like Aaron’s songs and how much of a production genius Drew is, that what the search box to your right is for. So now that we’ve establish that two of New Yorks most talented are coming together for this track, what dos it hold? Well, it’s insanely catchy for one thing, catchy in a Kylie way, the bouncy SynthPop bassline and Aaron’s infectious vocal hook in the chorus have a lot of classic British Pop in their DNA. Admittedly, ‘This fire’ has a slight streak of darkness that I don’t think would suit Kylie, but Aaron’s husky drawl suits it perfectly. While this is going on Drew takes up channelling bits of Pet Shop Boys and New Order through his crystal clear production. The prefect track for a sunny day.

♫ Aaron Alexis – This Fire

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

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