Southern Shores’ new EP

Southern Shores

One again Cascine sends us the most beautiful music. Toronto’s Southern Shores are gearing up for the release of their new EP, New World. The first track from the EP to surface is New Love, a track that perfectly encompasses the breezy summer vibe of the EP.

From the EP opener Marazul, you are treated to some of the most blissful, engaging sounds this year. At times bordering on Ambient, but always enslaved to the undulating Balearic rhythms that run throughout. When it’s not being all chill-out atmospheric the EP shows off Southern Shores injection of early ‘90’s R&B into their music, tracks like Sankasa and Purple Sky let you easily slip into a Soul state of mind. New Love is actually one of the standouts of this sun-kissed collection, drawing in the influences of the rest of the EP into one neat package. Hazy tropical sounds and rolling Chill-Pop abound as reverb soaked samples and comfortable beats wash in and out of the track like waves.

Southern Shores – New Love

Southern Shores’ New World EP is released 2nd October on Cascine.

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Washed Out’s A Dedication’ video

Washed Out’s A Dedication is just one of many beautiful, dreamlike, peices on his album, Within And Without. And Chillwave works so well accompanied by nice, hazy video. So here we go.

Yoonha Park directed this stunning clip with a really nice eye for colours and framing.

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TEEEL reMixes Brothertiger


On a single featuring reMixes from Teen Daze and Millionyoung, standing out from the Chillwave crowd is quite a feat. But Brooklyn synth master TEEEL makes his reMix for Brothertiger’s new single I’ve Been Waiting an infectious, spacey ElectroPop song that sticks in your head.

Sticking with the single’s Chillwave roots, with washes of reverb drenched sounds and shimmering leads, TEEEL adds to the equation a dance beat and a ‘90’s Chill House bassline that gives the track a kick. Making the vocals that it more Poppy and upbeat gives the track a nice summery vibe that bobs along with an optimistic bounce. The whole single is available for free, well, for the price of a Facebook ‘like’ AND your email address, which is a little cheeky when you call something free. Personally I would have been happy to pay for it, I’d prefer that to being part of the increasing, and idiotic, morphing of the music industry into a numbers game (i.e. “Oooo, look how many ‘likes’ I have conned out of people, aren’t I popular”), but such is the way of the world. None of these number, ‘likes’, ‘followers’ actually mean anything real, the sooner the music industry admits this the better.

Brothertiger – I’ve Been Waiting (TEEEL reMix)

You get get the single from ‘free’ here.

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Chad Valley reMixes Mausi


Three out of the four time was have features Newcastle Indie-Electro crew Mausi has been for their track Sol., they are certainly milking this track for every inch of mileage it holds. A dangerous tactic to be sure, coasting a whole year on one track, regardless of how good it is, has a chance of people burning out on it. Anyhoo, next in line to drop a reMix of the track is Oxford’s Chillwave don Chad Valley. His reMix, along with the original, is apparently getting released, again, next month.

On the upside, however, Chad works his lush, evocative electronic magic on the track. A swirling, comforting, wash of gentle synth sounds and relaxing percussion with a slight R&B flavour. In the kind of heatwave we in the UK are having right now, you just don’t want to do anything, Chad’s rEMix kinda’ give you an excuse. Just chill for a while with this tune.

♫ Mausi – Sol. (Chad Valley reMix)

Chad Valley’s reMix of Sol. is released 6th August.

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Future Unlimited’s new track


Future Unlimited are a Nashville based Indie-Electro, verging in ElectroPop, with a Chillwave outlook, duo who we’ve written about a few times in these inches. Their EP, EP, released earlier this year was a masterclass in floaty retro Dreampop and now the twosome is back with a new tune, Lightweight Eyes, that further cements their reputation as purveyors of vintage emotional dance greatness.

Lightweight Eyes is probably up their with their best track to date, Golden, a multi-layered, swirling track. A Dreamwavey retro ElectroPop track washed with Chillwave’s reverb sounds more contemporary that you’d think. This tune shines, everything about it is shimmering and bright, but in soft focus. The hazy synths blend and evolve together like a nostalgic dream, instantly confortable but somehow distant,  while the vocals dance around, weaving in and out of the song. There’s an almost shoegaze quality to this track, except it’s far too dancefloor friendly to be truly ‘gazey. This, more Electro direction,  definitely has us eager for more from Future Unlimited.

Future Unlimited – Lightweight Eyes

You can download Lightweight Eyes for free miniscule price of a tweet here. Cheap!

Future Unlimited’s EP is out now.

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Zebra And Snake’s ‘Empty Love Song’

Empty Love Song is the forthcoming new single from Zebra And Snake,a band who have been pretty schizophrenic over their formative years, but have seemed to settle doing into an electronic Post-Punk dance groove, and that suits us just fine. It’s probably appeal to fans of darker ‘80’s stuff and Chillwave too,

Joona Mantere directs the clips, which is as enigmatic as the track itself, very muddy, Z&S are probably better off in that bubble, nice and clean. Check below the clip for a free download of the track.

Zebra And Snake – Empty Love Song (Radio Edit)

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Erika Spring’s ‘Hidden’ video

We’ve already written about Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring’s new single Hidden, having read that, now have a gander at some images that are moving at the same time as the song.

The video is directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall, not really sure what’s going on, but it looks nice, and in the end, isn’t that all that counts?

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Synth Records team up with Nooka for compilation


Brooklyn based SynthWave producer TEEEL is hooking up with New York design house Nooka, and bringing Aimes and the rest of the Synth Records crew along for the ride. They are all bringing you a free 13 track album, to be released three tracks at a time over the next few weeks.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what, or who, a Nooka was. Apparently they are a fashion design company that mostly does watches and accessories. They do some nice stuff to, retro futuristic style. Which makes the the perfect brand partners for Synth Records, who continue that retro future vibe into their music. The 13 track compilation, Noozik, kicks off this week with the first three tunes including these two from TEEEL and Aimes, who both offer up suitably Sci-Fi slices of SynthWave and Chillwave respectively. All of Synth Records output tends to fall in the ‘pretty awesome’ category, so a 13 track compilation should be a treat. The three tracks a week thing is a bit annoying though.

TEEEL – Nooka Radio

Aimes – Nooka Theme

You can find all the downloads here, a page to keep an eye on for the rest of the album.

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Gossip Culture reMixed by Tommy

Gossip Culture

Hey! It’s one of our favourite Chilly Indie-Electro types, Gossip Culture, reMixed by one of our favourite SynthWave producers Tommy! The Cleveland ElectroPopster is gearing up for a summer release for his new single Just Fine With You, along with a super secret reMix line up. One of those reMixers, however, we can identify as the cream of the French SynthWave scene.

The original track is a fun, rolling summery Indie-electro jam with a Chillwave edge. All floaty, catchy, vocals and washes of reverb. Driven along by a rolling bassline and retro synth stabs, Just Fine With You, captures and optimistic feel good vibe and an effortless Indie cool. And there’s sax, ‘nuff said. Tommy takes that vibe and runs with it, crafting a sweeping nostalgic sound with bright synths and an Italo groove. Slightly switching up the rhythm of the vocals, usually a disaster, works well here, pushing the track forward and making this, more dancefloor oriented version, more urgent feeling. Excellent work from both parties, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the single holds.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Tommy reMix)

Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You

Just Fine With You is out this summer.

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Pinemarten’s new EP


Derbyshire based producer Pinemarten is back with a brand new EP. He’s been a bit quiet since January when he released his Here It Is EP. We’re glad to see he hasn’t been sitting on his laurels, the man is preparing for the release of his new EP I Can See.

Here’s the title track, what we are treated to here is more of Pinemarten’s not-quit- Chillwave, chilly ElectroPop. Driven by a thick digital Funk bassline and, whilst the sound is somewhat bigger than on the previous releases, the laid back vibe still remains. Full of sweeping synths and a reverb washed electronic soundscape, I Can See casts a slightly more imposing shadow that Pinemarten has before, but his floaty, emotional vocals keep the tune in that dreamlike Disco mode we loved the first time and there’s some beautiful soloing toward the end. ElectroPop for chilled summer evenings. Check it out.

Pinemarten – I Can See

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