Jupiter reMixes Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic

Brooklyn Indie-Disco orchestra Midnight Magic released the track Calling Out back in April as part of their What The Eyes Can’t See mini album. Now the live analog funk track has been given a new lease of life by Parisian ElectroPopsters Jupiter, who bring their unique musical slant to that track, and life everything they touch the reMix comes off sounding effortlessly cool and quirky as hell.

Dropping straight in with a 909 beat, we are soon treated to Jupiter’s own brand of Disco wrung through a C64 as the French duo add a little ChipTune to their eclectic mixing bowl of sounds. Giving the track a nice vintage buzz, and playing with the vocals until the become another instrument, Jupiter drag the track straight to the dancefloor, layering more and more elements until Calling Out becomes a retro dance frenzy. One again Jupiter have proven they aren’t afraid to go against the grain, mix things up a little, and just have fun with their reMixes.

♫ Midnight Magic – Calling Out (Jupiter reMix)

♫ Midnight Magic – Calling Out

Midnight Magic’s What The Eyes Can’t See is out now.

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Voyager’s new single


Voyager are one of the best outfits to come out of the recent explosion of Russian Electro. This new single, released on Kiez Beat in August is a track we heard a few months ago and have been eagerly awaiting the release since.

Edge Of The Universe is deep , cosmic ElectroPop. A track that looks to the stars with it’s mood and works a little house piano and a sweeping SynthWave tone to it’s Electro sound. the track actually has much in common with space age FuturePop such as Code 64, but with more of a musical slant, as evidenced by the soaring solos, and more of a dancefloor friendly groove. The reMixes are actually a little disappointing,  the standouts both coming from fellow Russians The Frost and Folano, who rock ChipTune Disco and Italo sounds respectively. It’s a cool single though, the attention to detail in Edge Of The Universe is impressive, with little musical flourishes and atmospheres that interlock with the track. Cosmic ElectroPop? A new thing? We hope so.

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (The Frost reMix)

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (Folano reMix)

Check out more from Voyager on SoundCloud.

Met Mitchell

Met Mitchell

Dutch SynthWaver Met Mitchell is one have of production duo Legan And Met, who we’ve featured here a once or twice. He’s just dropped a couple of new solo tunes that show his journey into vintage synth music is about to go to the next level.

Folding in a little ChipTune into his SynthWave, Met’s Echoes Like Shadows is a synthetic journey through retro sounds. Taking the soundtrack feel and emotional resonance from SynthWave and the video game sounds of ChipTune and combining them with a solid Italo groove makes for a pretty sweet track. A rich listening experience, Echoes Like Shadows is an impressive solo début. It’s follow up, En Route, is a slightly smoother affair, the synths are still buzzing and piercing, but the overall mood is more relaxed. This pensive track weaves along under a beautiful lead line, using lush synth sounds to thoughtful effect.

Met Mitchell – Echoes Like Shadows

Met Mitchell – En Route

Check out more from Met Mitchell on SoundCloud.

Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstick

Skeleton Lipstickis an ElectroPop/Chillwave/SynthWave/Indie-Electro mash-up outfit out of Philadelphia. They’ll be releasing their début LP next month and in anticipation of that have just droped a free EP.

The You Think You Know Me? EP sits in that nice space between SynthWave and Chillwave. Whilst SynthWave at it’s core, retro beats and vintage lead lines abound. The Lo-Fi recording ethos and washes of reverb swing it toward the Chillier side of things. Skeleton Lipstick like to write on “old, broken, circuit bent or abandoned synths that are difficult to program and work with but yield very rewarding results”, and it comes through as part of the Lo-Fi feel, toytown synths and ChipTune elements work their way into the track’s DNA. I even heard some VL-Tone in there somewhere. the EP’s title track, You Think You Know Me? is probably the EP’s most accessible. A funky little synth number with floaty vocals and a surprisingly Disco groove. Like an 80’s Pop hit heard through a vintage radio, Skeleton Lipstick experiments with electronic sounds and recording techniques but the catchiness of the song shines through. As with I Find All Your Love So Vain, the EP’s most SynthWave track, which sounds like an ‘80’s U2 hit, played though a distortion pedal and then given a Disco reMix. Retro through the grit of Lo-Fi, Skeleton Lipstick keeps it both experimental and infectious at the same time. All four tacks on this EP are worth your attention.

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – You Think You Know Me?

♫ Skeleton Lipstick – I Find All Your Love So Vain

Skeleton Lipstick’s You Think You Know Me? EP is out now.

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Arcade High’s début album

Arcade High

Pittsburgh based SynthWave artist Arcade High’s music is a cross between the kinda of SynthWave we are used to, influenced my ‘80’s TV and Movie themes, and the adrenaline chaos of video game arcades a couple of decades ago. Prepare for sweet lead lines with a ChipTune edge with his début album The Art Of Youth.

Appropriately the into track is called ‘Inset Coin’ and after a selection of 8-bit sounds we are dropped into the first song proper, Miami Nights. It’s in this track that you start to get a feel for Arcade high. Rich retro synths build thick, nostalgic sound full of synth flourishes and uplifting progressions. There’s something thoughtful and pensive about Arcade High’s music, despite his neon flashing muse. The albums highlights, for us, were 1987, a deep boogie of a cop show theme tune with a video game lead line amidst the shimmering synths. Electric City is digital bassline gold, growling like an angry Italo beast and providing a core for the Disco-esque lead line to play around it’s space. The surprise track of the record was Crush, the albums only vocal track that enlists the voice of Maddie Ardillo and delivers a catchy Italo slow-jam with a ‘90’s Indie overtone. The whole eleven tracks of The Art Of Youth are worthy of your attention, a strong début for Arcade High. Did we mention it was free?

Arcade High – Miami Nights

Arcade High – 1987

Arcade High – Electric City

Arcade High (Feat. Maddie Ardillo) – Crush

Archade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now, for free!

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Alpha Boy’s new EP

alpha boy

One of our favourite German producers Alpha Boy releases his brand new EP today titled ‘Follow Me’.

The lead track on the EP ‘It Was All A Dream’ is more of the Alpha Boy we know and love. It’s that blend of SynthWave and ChipTune that Alpha Boy does so well. With an awesome selection of sounds, a beautiful,  almost oriental, lead sound playing off against his bitcrushed electronics, and intertwining melodies, Alpha Boy has chosen a track of dreamlike brilliance to jump listeners into his new EP. reMix duties are performed by the always rad Swiss duo Flashworx, who play up the slight oriental feel and work it into their Moroder groove and rousing chords.

♫ Alpha Boy – It Was All A Dream

♫ Alpha Boy – It Was All A Dream (Flashworx reMix)

‘The ‘Follow Me’ EP is out now on Alpha Boy’s Bandcamp.

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SID Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64


Well this is something pretty special! Late in February Robot Elephant Records will be releasing ‘SID Chip Sounds – The Music Of The Commodore 64’. This isn’t just a collection of C64 track covered, like so many ChipTune compilation, these are the original tracks, remastered! Retro heaven!

And there is some real gems on the record. The two major themes from Last Ninja and Last Ninja 2 for a start! Giana Sisters, Glider Rider, Cybernoid 2, Parallax, Commando and Gauntlet, amongst others, are all represented here. As is Martin Galway proto-industrial theme for  Breakout-in-space challenger ‘Arkanoid’.  Listening to it it’s so easy to see how much of an influence these tracks are on modern electronic music, especially retro stuff like SynthWave. The shuffling machine beats, the soaring synths, there’s all there, there’s even a drop. All played out with that gorgeous SID chip  8-bit synthetic grime. This album should be a definite purchase for anyone into the history of electronic music, or anyone who remembers hunching over a C64 plugged into a flickering portable TV ‘til the early hours of the morning. It still sounds as futuristic as it did back then. Robot Elephant Records are releasing this collection on gatefold double vinyl, Cd and download.

Martin Galway – Arkanoid

‘SID Chip Sounds – The Music Of The Commodore 64’ is released 20th February.

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Dizkopolis’s new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’


Kuala Lumpur based retro synth duo Dizkopolis are back with a new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’, a tack we first featured in October last year.

This ‘Part 2’ version relies less on the ChipTune elements of the original and leans more toward a smooth, more French, Disco sound with elements of Dreamwave. The track sees the guy’s skills improving and they become more confident and their sound matures. There’s some seriously slick keys playing going on in this track mixed up with wicked Disco licks. This is a track that’s so densely layered it’s a wonder that nothing gets lost in the mix, but the end result is clean sounding and guaranteed to rock and dancefloor, this tune’ll take people into orbit.

♫ Dizkopolis – Class Of ’91 (Part 2) (Video Rework)

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Model are an American duo who brand of abrasive Glitchy Electro-House hides quite a funky groove at it’s core.

Check out their two recent tracks, ‘DanceWorkDanceSex’ and ‘Minuit’, both of which have strains of both Ed Banger electro and 2001 ElectroClash running through their DNA. Chainsaw synths, disenchanted vocals snatches, driving beats and cut up crazy synth work. Throwing everything into the melting pot is these guys style, even working some ChipTune in there, I expect these two will be destroying Electro-House dancefloors next summer.

Model – DanceWorkDanceSex

Model – Minuit

Check out more from Model on SoundCloud.

digitalfoxglove’s new-old track


digitalfoxglove’s been in a nostalgic and whimsical mood.

He asked me if he put this track on SoundCloud would I blog it, I said ‘if it’s good then yeah’, so he did, so I am. Does anyone remember ‘The Great Giana Sisters’? Of course you do! On the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST, they were like the Mario Brothers, but with tits, and a massive lawsuit from Nintendo. Well, this is DGF’s tribute to the Giana Sisters and one of his very early productions. It’s pretty epic though, full of soaring SID riffs, chainsaw synths and a hint of Daft Punk.

digitalfoxglove – Giana Got Boobs

digitalfoxglove is currently working on a new EP alongside his duties in Ride The Universe.

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