Ex-Neon Indian, Ronnie Heart, reMixes Keith Canisius

Keith Canisius

American born Dane Shoegazer Keith Canisius, once of Dream-Pop duo Rumskib, made some waves in the music blog world late last year with his ‘This Time It’s Our High’ album. It seems he’s gearing up for something new as he’s delivering this reMix of his track ‘Where Did You Go All These Years?’ by Ronnie Heart, ex-of Neon Indian fame.

Ronnie’ ‘Creaming’ is a brooding affair that is a bit of a contradiction, a contradiction that somehow seems to work. On the one hand it’s reverb washed Chillwave roots shine though. Floating and dreamlike, both the vocals and the layers of synth sounds, ebb and flow in and out of the track. On the other hand there’s this big post-Kraftwerk Industrial machine beat and tough bassline. It probably shouldn’t work together, but Ronnie Heart makes it work and inadvertently creates Power Chillwave. Not bad for a days work.

Keith Canisius – Where Did You Go All These Years? (Ronnie Heart (Ex-Neon Indian) Creamix reMix)

Keith Canisius’ ‘This Time It’s Our High’ is out now.

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