[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’



Indonesian outfit Mjolnir’s new single Just A Boy was released this week on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records. We already posted the JBAG dub of the track. Now it’s time to check out what Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has in store for the tune. It the mix we were most looking forward to hearing, Pat’s been on a roll recently, and he’s kept it going right here.

Taking the track deeper and groover than the JBAG’s version. Lok drops a warm summertime sound comprising a solid beat, and fidgety but utterly infectious subby bassline and layers of Tropical keys. The end result is somehow more laid back, yet more dancefloor destroying that the excellent original. That’s the magic of Pat Lok

♫ Mjolnir – Just A Boy (Pat Lok reMix)

Mjolnir’s Just A Boy is out now.

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[Download] JBAG reMixes Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’



So, you know we love our Indonesian bros Mjolnir, and you know we love out London bros JBAG, so the combination of the two is an exciting prospect indeed. Out soon on, one half of JBAG, Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records is Mjolnir’s new single, Just A Boy, and as a war up; here’s JBAG’s lush, summery, Dub mix of the track.

JBAG lay out the dancefloor side of the tune thick. An immense wall of Tropical sounds and deep Funk grooves. A tidal wave of sunshine beats and uplifting snyths that crashed over you. I defy anyone to not move, even a little bit to this one. Frankly, if you don’t find yourself shimmying to Just A Boy, you may want to consult with your Doctor about possible paralysis or the atrophy of your fun gland.

Mjolnir – Just A Boy (JBAG Dub)

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud.

[Audio] Mjolnir & Dini


Here’s the latest tune from our favourite Indonesian Disco dudes, Mjolnir. Recorded exclusively for OZ Radio Jakarta as their monthly theme song, Mjolnir roped in singer Dini to provide a vocal touch to their smooth Nu-Disco sounds.

Fashion Star is a lovely slice of modern Funk. From it’s infectious synth bassline to it’s lush 70s Disco strings, the track just pops. Intercut with thick retro stabs and Cosmic synth flourishes, Fashion Star builds itself around a warm electric piano hook and Dini’s catchy vocal with every part of the track coming together to form a laid back, feel good, vocal Disco tune that seems to put you in a good mood, whatever you’re doing. Mjolnir really need to get to work on a new EP, we’re gagging for more.

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Fashion Star

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud.

Mjolnir reMixes Nidji


The best thing to come out of Indonesian since nutmeg, Mjolnir, are back with a fresh reMix. This time getting busy with Party Kids from Nidji, apparently one of Jakarta’s biggest acts. Nidji recently finished an album for international release and asked Mjolnir to reMix this track. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? If you’re one of Indonesia’s biggest Pop bands and have one of the slickest reMixing teams around on your doorstep, you use them. This was actually released in January, but went largely unnoticed, we presume, outside Indonesia. So thanks to Mjolnir for drawing out attention to it.

First off, ignore the terrible lyrics, English isn’t Nidji’s first language, they are forgiven. The lyrics to Party Kids are pretty poor though (not sure that’s going to help with the whole ‘international album’ thing), but the track is excellent. We’ve not heard the original, so there’s no comparison, but Mjolnir’s reMix is the flotiest of floaty Dreamwave. Lush analog synth work fills out the track with big retro chords and a bassline you can revel in. The subtlest of House piano brings the energy up, keeping this nostalgia party going. The lyrics may be cringe worthy, but the vocals themselves are pretty epic, and soar over Mjolnir’s bouncy backing. A true retro party starter, Mjolnir keep getting better and better.

♫ Nidji – Party Kids (Mjolnir reMix)

Party Kids is taken from Nidji’s album, Liberty Victory, out now.

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‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’


KIEZ BEATS are about to release yet another awesome compilation of retro Electro sounds. These guys really are shifting, maybe under Futurecop!’s influence, straight into the SynthWave territory. Sure, there are still hints of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scattered about ‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’’s whopping 20 tracks, but this is mostly headed down the same road as Outrun.

The line up is pretty amazing, loaded with retro  sounds and dance beats. Some of the highlights include The Toxic Avenger and Annie’s amazing ‘Alien Summer’ as reMixed by Eumig & Chinon. Pelifics and Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ also makes an appearance, sounding as ‘80’s as ever. Miami Nights 1984, one of the masters of SynthWave, brings his ‘Clutch’ to the proceedings, a soaring synthesizer epic. TEEEL gets a look in with his dreamy, Chillwavey, ‘Crystal Lake’ and the best thing to come out of Jakarta ever, Mjolnir, drop their Slick DiscoPop track with Dani, ‘Midway’. The whole album is absolutely top quality, Nu-Disco and SynthWave, check out some of the track and the tracklisting below.

♫ The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)

♫ Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch

♫ TEEEL – Crystal Lake

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

The tracklist:

1. Lemâitre – The End (Extended Version)
02. Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)
03. Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)
04. TEEEL – Crystal Lake
05. Chateau Marmont – Receive And Follow
06. DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)
07. Tobtok – Reincarnation
08. Le Cassette – You Are You Are
09. Pablo Decoder – Sometimes Lonely
10. Space Life – Anatomy
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
12. Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)
13. Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)
14. Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway
15. The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie ) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)
16. NIAS – She Would (Saint Pauli reMix)
17. Garth Knight – AutoTron (Re-Master)
18. Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
19. The Fascination Movement – Interaction
20. Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’ is released 26th June.

Buy KIEZ BEATS’ music from:

Mjolnir reMix Strausz


Mjolnir are back! It’s been a while since we heard from this Indonesian trio of Nu-Disco gurus, but their latest reMix for, Brazilian artist Strausz, sows they have only spent their time getting better and better.

The original version of the track is, well, a bit weird. Big synths and various peices of ethnic instrumentation from various cultures in a mix mixing pot. But that’s why we have slick Disco remixes, right? And Mjolnir deliver 100%, with a bouncy bassline and Tropical chimes to set the scene and lush synths and a smooth ‘90’s House piano line to get the party going. This track is Tropical in the truest sense of the word, exotic percussion and floaty eastern melodies capture the imagination and transport you to a more  equatorial climate. Pure beach-party good times, with a nice not to the legacy of Chicago House music in there too.

♫ Strausz – Garoto Nacional (Mjolnir Dub Mix)

You can pick up Strausz’s whole ‘Garoto Nacional’ EP for free from here.

Check out more from Strausz on SoundCloud.

Mjolnir reMixed by Camara


Fresh out of  being part of yesterday’s amazing Shiny Disco Club release, Millennium Disco Volume 2, Indonesian ElectroPop crew Mjolnir have dropped us Brazilian producer Camara’s reMix of ‘Just A Boy’.

We featured ‘Just A Boy’ in our first ever post on Mjolnir way back when and we loved it’s ‘80’s epicness. Camara bring a deep House groove to the table with a nice ‘90’s piano line to break-up the rolling bassline. The reMix works well with the retro vocals and gives a whole new perspective on the track.

Mjolnir – Just A Boy (Camara reMix)

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud

Permanent Link to Mjolnir

Shiny Disco Club’s Millennium Disco Vol 2!

artworks-000012385091-rt2idr-original (1)

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a while around these parts! Shiny Disco Club’s first ‘Millennium Disco’ compilation stayed on our playlist for months, it was crammed full of some of the best Nu-Disco around, but now, with volume 2, they really have outdone themselves.

It would be insane for me to go through all 24 tracks with you, suffice to say some of the hottest producers in Nu-Disco and Dreamwave have contributed works and the whole album is like the best summer beach party you’ve ever been to. The utmost respect has to be given to Shiny Disco Club for getting this lot together.

Did I mention it was absolutely free?

I’ll leave you to check out some of the sounds contained with in the compilation featuring the likes of Vanguard, ODahl, Mjolnir, Louis La Roché, Galactik Knights, Quinten 909, Viceroy, OH MY!

Vanguard – LeJeune

ODahl – Beautiful Love

Mjolnir – Yeah It’s You

Louis La Roché – Fake Tan

Galactik Knights – Escape

Quinten 909 – Magic

Viceroy – Unwind

Pick up the whole 23 track compilation in full quality right here.

Check out more from the Shiny Disco Club label on their SoundCloud.

Mjolnir reMix Chromeo

Striking while the iron is hot, the guys from Jakarta, Mjolnir, are keeping their momentum going with this reMix of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’.

Smooth and funky as hell, Mjolnir revel in the vocoder Funk and turn the Disco up to 11 with the most head nod inducing walking bassline and chilled chords. If the Ride The Universe reMix is your peaking version of ‘Hot Mess’ then Mjolnir’s reMix is a blissful comedown.

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Mjolnir Tropicool reMix)

Buy Chromeo’s music from:

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Mjolnir, you probably know from their The Chemical Brothers reMix that was doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago. This Indonesian trio make some sweet Disco and Italo influenced ElectroPop that you need to check out.

Picking up the ItaloPop torch from Heartbreak (what’s happened to Heartbreak?) ‘Just A Boy’ is an epic six minutes of mid-80’s sounding SynthPop that could easily be dropped in the middle of an 80’s set and have the crown stroking their chins a commenting that they remember this track, it’s on the tips of their tongues! ‘Midway’ is slightly more contemporary in it’s production but sneaks Duran Duran-esque guitar riff in there amongst the sparkling ElectroPop and vodocer madness, and it’s catchy as hell too.

Mjolnir – Just A Boy

Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

They also entered this reMix in Tuff ‘Em up’s Barretso remix competition, it’s some seriously solid Disco.

♫ Barretso – Chase (Mjolnir reMix)

Mjolnir are definatly a trio to keep you eyes on, we expect great things.

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud

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