David Douglas’ new EP

David Douglas

Royal Horticultural Society is the début EP from Dutch producer David Douglas. Although at eight tracks it weight in more as a mini-album. Douglas draws from myriad sources of inspiration to weave various styles of electronic music into his beautiful, rustic tunes. the natural and synthetic working in perfect harmony.

The EP (album?) kicks off with California Poppy a blissful, hazy track with sets the tone for the Disco tinged Chillwave proceedings. Lazy grooves and reverb washed Funk, dreamlike vocals and half heard vocal samples make up the truly organic use of electronics on this EP. The EP’s blurb explains: “David Douglas (1983) is a Dutch producer of electronic music.David Douglas (1799) was a Scottish plant hunter who explored North America collecting seeds of plants and trees unknown to mankind at that time. Inspired by the Scottish botanist, David from ’83 started looking for his own musical seeds. The greatness of nature the sublime mountain landscapes, Icelandic lupine fields, arctic coastlines, Californian fir forests invigorate his music.”. And that kinda’ makes sense when you hear the record. It’s very natural sounding, like the tones and sounds are evolving throughout the tracks. Dreams has all the elements of a big Disco tune, vocal snatches, a solid groove but prefers to use them in a more fluid fashion. Lo-Fi and grainy, David Douglas’ music is hard to categorise. Warm, and enveloping like smoke, the emotional electronic soundscapes are complimented by beats that come from all over. Broken beats, B-Boy beats, Disco beats, all have a place on this record, assimilated into David Douglas’ musical garden.

David Douglas – California Poppy

♫ David Douglas – Dreams

David Douglas – Douglas Firs

The Royal Horticultural Society EP is out now.

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