[MP3] Pelifics reMixes Liebe


Amazing Swedish SynthWave producer Pelifics has dropped this new reMix of Greek duo Liebe’s Strangers. The track is part of Leibe’s Somewhere In Time album and has just got the single treatment with a release last week. Pelifics is the prefect guy to give it a lush retroPop sheen.

The reMix hits all the right notes for a huge chunk of Boogie with a bouncy 80s bassline and vintage drum machine beat. It swaps the original ElectroPop’s tune Piano House flavour for a deeper, nostalgic vibe. Vocoders and cowbells round out the mix, and there even some of our beloved orchestral hits in the mix if you listen carefully. Pelifics turns a big slice of ElectroPop into an even bigger slice of evocative period Pop.

Liebe – Strangers (Pelifics reMix)

Liebe’s Strangers is out now.

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[Audio] Pelifics & Electric Youth reMixed by Poindexter


Swedish retrowave hero Pelifics’, Electric Youth featuring, Wish It Could Last is definitely one of the highlights of this year, and we’ve been waiting for Brilliantine to drop the reMix package for what seems like ages. One of the rumoured reMixes in particular has held our interest, and that’s from Disco rising star Poindexter. And here it is.

It sounds like a late 70s TV theme. Regardless of how you read that last sentence, it was intended as high praise indeed. Just the right combination of Funk and Disco have gone into this reMix, and it all works brilliantly with Bronwyn’s 80s retro vocal style. It’s a total laid back dream of a track. Rolling bass, Moogy stabs, shimmering chimes, haunting synths, all this is churned up in the mix and come out as smooth as silk. You don’t listen to this tune, it flows into you.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Poindexter reMix)

The Wish It Could LastreMix package is released 19th November.

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Octo Octa reMixes Pelifics and Electric Youth


Undoubtedly, one of the released of the of the summer was the first of Swedish SynthWaver Pelifics’ dual EPs. And on that release one of the highlights was his collaboration with Canadian Dreamwave heroes Electric Youth, Wish It Could Last. So well received was the track that Brilliantine are going ahead and releasing it as a single with a host of reMix talent contributing to the package.

Here we have Brooklyn synth head Octo Octa’s take on the track. Loaded with sparkling synths and waves of reverb soaked vocals, the reMix takes the tune into borderline Chillwave territory. an intricate and delicate electronic dance track that morphs Bronwyn’s vocals into something half-heard and dreamlike. this reMixes companions on the EP come from Marius Våreid, Poindexter and Sweet Track. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last (Octo Octa reMix)

The Wish It Could Last reMix package is released 19th November.

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‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’


KIEZ BEATS are about to release yet another awesome compilation of retro Electro sounds. These guys really are shifting, maybe under Futurecop!’s influence, straight into the SynthWave territory. Sure, there are still hints of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scattered about ‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’’s whopping 20 tracks, but this is mostly headed down the same road as Outrun.

The line up is pretty amazing, loaded with retro  sounds and dance beats. Some of the highlights include The Toxic Avenger and Annie’s amazing ‘Alien Summer’ as reMixed by Eumig & Chinon. Pelifics and Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ also makes an appearance, sounding as ‘80’s as ever. Miami Nights 1984, one of the masters of SynthWave, brings his ‘Clutch’ to the proceedings, a soaring synthesizer epic. TEEEL gets a look in with his dreamy, Chillwavey, ‘Crystal Lake’ and the best thing to come out of Jakarta ever, Mjolnir, drop their Slick DiscoPop track with Dani, ‘Midway’. The whole album is absolutely top quality, Nu-Disco and SynthWave, check out some of the track and the tracklisting below.

♫ The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)

♫ Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch

♫ TEEEL – Crystal Lake

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

The tracklist:

1. Lemâitre – The End (Extended Version)
02. Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)
03. Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)
04. TEEEL – Crystal Lake
05. Chateau Marmont – Receive And Follow
06. DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)
07. Tobtok – Reincarnation
08. Le Cassette – You Are You Are
09. Pablo Decoder – Sometimes Lonely
10. Space Life – Anatomy
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
12. Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)
13. Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)
14. Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway
15. The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie ) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)
16. NIAS – She Would (Saint Pauli reMix)
17. Garth Knight – AutoTron (Re-Master)
18. Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
19. The Fascination Movement – Interaction
20. Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’ is released 26th June.

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Pelifics, Miss Plug In & JD Samson


With the release of the second part of Sweedish synthmeister Pelifics two part ‘Lifetime’ EP series imminent Brilliantine are giving us out first listen to the second track off the EP. The first part featured the awesome Electric Youth and Human Life, and we’ve already been treated to the second part’s lead track, featuring AXXE, now it’s time for German Italo darling Miss Plug Inn and Le Tigre’s JD Samson to jump on board for some Smooth Euro DiscoPop and party Disco.

‘The Beach Tonight’ is a laid back combination of Italo and Beach Disco. With that slight streak of melancholy found in the best Italo and some spacy synths Pelifics conjures up a nice Mediterranean sunset track. Deep and warm digital bass and floaty arpeggios create a familiar, comfortable sound that draws you in and envelopes you. Miss Plug Inn’s Germanic vocal adds that touch of Euro class. ‘Spray-Painted Knuckles’ on the other hand is a rowdy, jump-up, Disco, the combination of Pelifics frictionless Disco and Samson’s rough and ready vocals make for a track that has groove, but balls too (girl-balls that is).

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Miss Plug Inn) – The Beach Tonight

♫ Pelifics (Feat. JD Samson) – Spray-Painted Knuckles

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in later in April on Brilliantine.

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Pelifics & AXXE


After the successful release of the awesome ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP featuring Electric Youth and Human Life, Sweden’s Pelifics are gearing up to follow up with part two of the set.

The lead track on part two is ‘He Was The Best’ which features the jet setting AXXE and is pure ElectroPop heaven. The ‘80’s sounds on this track could quite easily fit onto Top Of The Pops circa 1985, it’s got that second generation SynthPop/first generation Italo sound, characterised by a vintage SynthPop sound influenced by new European dance music. Wrap that up in a package with a subtle sheen of beach flavoured Nu-Disco and you’ve got the makings of a killer track. Which this is. Can;t wait for the EP.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. AXXE) – He Was The Best

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in later in April on Brilliantine.

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Pelifics & Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ video

From the critically acclaimed ‘Lifetime Pt. 1’ EP on Brilliantine records comes the new video for PelificsElectric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’.

I love a video with a narrative, and this Peter Diaz directed clip certainly has that.

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in April.

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Pelifics & Electric Youth


This week sees the release of Pelifics’s first of two incoming ‘Lifetime’ EPs on Toronto’s Brilliantine records.

We previewed one of the EPs tracks in January that saw Norway’s Pelifics teaming up with Human Life, now you can have a listen to what is arguable the most eagerly awaited track on the EP, his collaboration with Electric Youth, ‘Wish It Could Last’. The track is pretty awesome,  a bouncy retro ElectroPop track. Just slightly minimal and just slightly melancholy but all fun. Built on Bronwyn’s classic sounding vocals and Pelifics’ amazing grasp on big, lush synth sounds and textures, ‘Wish It Could Last’ is exactly how retro Pop should be sounding.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in March.

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Pelifics & Human Life


Toronto’s Brilliantine records have given us the first taste of what to expect from the highly anticipated new release from Norway’s Pelifics.

The collection of collaborations is split over two EPs due out in February and March. March’s release will contain tracks featuring JD Samson (Le Tigre/MEN), AXXE and Miss Plug Inn, while next months EP holds one track featuring Electric Youth and this flip side, ‘Can’t Promise Anything’ featuring Human Life. ‘Can’t Promise Anything’ is driven by a Funked our digital bassline that makes for a sparse ElectroPop backing for Human Life’s impassioned vocal duet. It’s a tantalising hint of what promises to be an exciting collection of tracks.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Human Life) – Can’t Promise Anything

The first EP is released 13th February.

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