Pelifics & Electric Youth


This week sees the release of Pelifics’s first of two incoming ‘Lifetime’ EPs on Toronto’s Brilliantine records.

We previewed one of the EPs tracks in January that saw Norway’s Pelifics teaming up with Human Life, now you can have a listen to what is arguable the most eagerly awaited track on the EP, his collaboration with Electric Youth, ‘Wish It Could Last’. The track is pretty awesome,  a bouncy retro ElectroPop track. Just slightly minimal and just slightly melancholy but all fun. Built on Bronwyn’s classic sounding vocals and Pelifics’ amazing grasp on big, lush synth sounds and textures, ‘Wish It Could Last’ is exactly how retro Pop should be sounding.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in March.

Buy Pelifics’ music from:


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