[Video] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’


Cyclist   Maiko    Shine  Music Video   YouTube

Last summer Torontonian groover Cyclist enlisted fellow Canadian songstress Maiko Watson and tore up dancefloors with their track Shine. Better late than never, here’s the video!

Directed by Adam Goldhammer, the clip is freaky neon fun that sees Cyclist presiding over a funky future dancefloor.

Cyclist’s Shine is out now.

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[Audio] Rocco Raimundo reMixes Stee Downes’ ‘Caught Up’


Stee Downes

Caught Up is the forthcoming new single from Nu-Disco vocal staple Stee Downes. Dropping in the middle of next month, the single, a funky slice of live Soul, comes with a loaded reMix package; the most interesting of which is this groove monster from the man Rocco Raimundo. Unfortunately the track is only available on the digital release, not having been included in the vinyl copy, which is a shame as we would have bought the 12” in a heartbeat if this was on there.

Raimundo serves up a mesmerising concoction of Disco, Italo and Tropical influences all riding on a rock solid House beat. A chest shaking subby bassline provides star contrast to an array of shimmering lead synths and a warming Tropical percussive hook. All working together, weaving in and out of each other, to produce a lush whole, these elements create the prefect backing for Downes neo-Soul vocal. With a laid back mood, but driving groove, this reMix is a crate essential.

♫ Stee Downes – Caught Up (Rocco Raimundo Version)

Stee Downes’ Caught Up is released 15th September.

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[Audio] Villa’s ‘If I’



Some neat analog Disco for you right now in the form of the forthcoming new single from Belgian duo Villa. Released later this month with reMixes from the likes of MiGHty mOUse, The Shoes and Borussia, If I, is the follow up to their single Mint of earlier this year and nicely coincides with the release of their reMix of Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør’s Running To The Sea.

If typical recent Villa fashion, If I displays an undulating waling bassline and some raw sounding drums. The sparse track slowly builds itself along it’s three and a half minute length, each section of the song adding a new synth line of Disco lick, until the track is a vintage synth workout and you can;t help but like. The slightly cautious vocal does it’s job, but never matches the infectious Disco insanity of the music, still it serves as a nice compliment to the track though.

♫ Villa – If I

Villa’s If I is released 26th November.

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[Audio] The Swiss’ ‘Kiss To Kiss’ (+ Amtrac, Pyramid and Breakbot reMixes)



Australian Disco duo The Swiss released their latest EP last week. The follow up to their Eloisa EP, and again unleashed via Kitsuné Music, Kiss To Kiss is a classy DiscoPop epic backed with four storming reMixes featuring works from names such as of Breakbot, Pyramid and Amtrac. It’s a pretty impressive package, with each version taking on a life of it’s own. You won’t find four cookie cutter Disco mixes here, each one has a very separate identity.

The original version of Kiss To Kiss is a lush and opulent affair. Rich in Cosmic Disco synths applied to a 70s Mirrorballed arrangement. Canadian singer Roxane Ashley Aiston (from Cordova’s amazing Paradigm) lends her sweet voice to the track, her vocals gliding across the track like silk, rising and falling with the track, melding with the think synths to create something both Funky and pretty cinematic. This is epic DiscoPop right here. Amtrac does an excellent job of taking that vocal line and going all Deep House with it. Growling sine basses and 909 hats are the order of the day here as Amtrac weaves the surprise standout on the EP, a sure-fire club hit. Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid plays up the bombastic nature of the track as he delivers one of his soaring Terminator version of the song. Gruff bass and cascading synths from a dystopian soundtrack dominate the track only to be tempered with some unexpected sweet Disco licks. We we’re half prepared to be a bored with the Breakbot reMix, he’s gotten a little samey of late, but subverting out expectation he turns is a massive vintage Cosmic Disco oddessy, loaded with electronic zaps and pows and a tough, but funky, analog bassline. Alongside an extended version and B-side Golden Century, this really is an awesome collection of tracks. Pity the cover artwork is truly awful though.

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Original)

♫ The Swiss –  Kiss To Kiss (Amtrac reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Breakbot reMix)

The Swiss’ Kiss To Kiss is out now.

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[MP3] French Horn Rebellion cover The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’


French Horn Rebellion

Riding high on a couple of amazing and well received singles, New York DiscoPop duo French Horn Rebellion recently asked their fans what track they should cover. Well, the fans have spoken and the choice cut comes straight from our beloved The Human League and their most recognisable hit, Don’t You Want Me. Mess with The Human League and got it wrong at your peril, let’s check it out.

Bringing the tempo down and replacing the originals abrasive synths with a dreamy laid back funk, French Horn Rebellion make the track pretty unrecognisable. The lyrics crooned, the hook hammered out slap bass style this version of the tune slinks it’s way through lounge Disco until it finally nods toward the decade that spawned the song with some fidgety 80s synths. Not quite as good as the original, but a damn good attempt to reinvent the track. French Horn Rebellion get a pass.

French Horn Rebellion – Don’t You Want Me (The Human League Cover)

French Horn Rebellion’s Dancing Out single is out now.

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[MP3] Cyclist’s ‘Shine’ (+ Rogue Vogue reMix)



Our friend Mr. Penner is back. Next week Cyclist releases his new single on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records, and it’s a stormer. Featuring the vocal stylings of fellow Canadian Maiko Watson, it’s full-on vintage DiscoPop gold that comes equipped with reMixes from Rogue Vogue,  Lou Teti & Drop Out Orchestra.

That track’s called Shine, and it does what it says on the tin. Bringing tons of Nu-Disco and even more Boogie to the table, Cyclist heaps on squelchy Moog-esque basses and a wired Disco beat to create a rock solid foundation of Electro-Funk for Maiko’s massive, soulful vocals. This one could easily be slotted into most kinds of Disco or House sets and would undisputable keep the dancefloor moving. One of our favourite Chicago House acts, Rogue Vogue, deliver a slick warehouse jam, deep and funky with a glamorous twist. Pure vintage House vibes. The whole package is pretty sweet and definitely worth checking out when it drops next week.

Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine

♫ Cyclist (Feat. Maiko Watson) – Shine (Rogue Vogue reMix)

Cyclist’s Shine is released 29th July.

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[MP3] Reflex reMix Shindu (+ free Plaisir De France Edit)


One of the stars of the last couple of years, French ElectroPoppers Reflex, have done it again. We’ve covered Belgian outfit Shindu’s new single for Continental Records, Just Go, quite a bit this past month. It’s released as part of the reMix single of Just Go on 10th December and amongst the likes of Kamp!, Plaisir De France and Oxford, will sit this gem from our favourite French duo.

Just Go is a very cool track indeed, so it’s a hard one to top, but Reflex do just that. Loaded with Reflex’s fun and funky take on ElectroPop, with an injection of Disco and tons of quirkiness. A pounding Disco beat and springy synths bounce all over this track with a summery smoothness, perfect for knocking out the winter blues. The little interactions between lead lines are a work of synth art. This is definitely the killer version of this tune.

♫ Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)

While you’re here, check out Continental boss man Mr. Jerry Bouthier’s edit of the Plaisir De France reMix as a free download. It’s got a hypnotic old school rave feel tied up with a Disco-Housey bow.

Shindu – Just Go (Plaisir De France reMix (Jerry Bouthier Edit))

The reMixes of Shindu’s Just Go are released 10th December. The original single is out now.

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[Video] Chela’s ‘Full Moon’

We wrote about Chela’s beach funky tune Full Moon last month. Well now there’s a video too, and excusing one.

Directed by By Chela & Chase Burns it features the Fifteen singer getting her groove on all over Melbourne.

Check out more from Chela on SoundCloud.