[Audio] Chelas ‘Zero’ reMixed by Backstroke



One of our favourite Australian artists, Chela, is gearing up for the release of her new single, Zero. The track originally appeared on her Zero Mixtape EP last year but will soon be presented accompanied by an impressive reMix packed featuring storming tracks from Clancy and Keljet. Due to Kitsuné Music’s esoteric PR decisions we can’t actually play you any of the forthcoming release, and probably never will, but you can check this reMix from American producer Backstroke, it’s not actually on the single, but it’s quite nice in it’s own right.

Backstoke folds in a whole bunch of influences into his mix, there’s a bit of Future R&B, a bit of LA Funk, a bit of Dreamwave, and a bit of Tropical Disco all held together with some booming beats. Chela’s vocals flow over the track like water, giving you an indication of how they play out in the other reMixes (spoiler alert: awesomely!) and should get your mouth (ears?) watering for the single to drop.

♫ Chela – Zero (Backstroke reMix)

Chela’s ‘Zero’ is released 10th March.

Buy Chela’s music from:

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