[Video] Chela’s ‘Zero’


Chela   ZERO   YouTube

We’re quite fond of Australian singer Chela’s new single Zero. A blistering, but moody, summer jam that mixes ElectroPop with Tropical and comes with a chock-full reMix package featuring the likes of Keljet and Clancy. The track is out this week and has just got itself a shiny new video.

The clip, featuring more of Chela’s crazy dancing, has got a slick 90s feel and a tongue-in-cheek darkness.

Chela’s ‘Zero’ is Out this week.

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[Mixtape] Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier



Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix = Kitsuné Music have got their latest instalment of the Maison compilation series lined up for an October release. Can you believe it’s volume fifteen!? All Kitsuné’s freshest cuts for the past few months are present and correct alongside some future treats. Once again JBAG’s Jerry Bouthier is on MiniMix duties.

Jerry Bouthier – Kitsuné Maison 15 MiniMix

The tracklist:
01. Antimatter People – Only Ark
02. Years & Years – Traps
03. The Swiss – Kiss to Kiss (Amtrac reMix)
04. Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson reMix)
05. Jonny Pierce – Home
06. Techniques – Switch (Adelaide reMix)
07. Horixon (Feat. Robert Owens) – Lifeline
08. Chela – Romanticise
09. Nonono – Scared
10. Denitia And Sene – Casanova

Kitsuné Maison 15 is released 21st October.

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[Audio] Oxford reMixes Portland’s ‘Deezy Daisy’



We’re kind of in two minds about French Indie-ElectroPoppers Portland’s new single. Deezy Daisy out later this month on Kitsuné Music, isn’t quite as good as their début a single, You Don’t Know Me but it is really infectious. Some of it is a little indie for our liking, but when it hit’s it’s DiscoPop stride it’s pretty special. Anyway, one of the many reMixes supplied on the single comes from one of our favourite French producers, Oxford. Where Oxford is concerned, you go into things expecting slick, laid back Disco bass, and that’s what you get.

Oxford does what Oxford does best, create a walking Disco groove, lolloping along over a funk-laden bassline. Washing the track with a floating piano hook and chirpy little synth riffs Oxford build and builds on the vibes until he drops it and brings it all back with some shimmering synth leads. Portland’s Lily Pejon had the perfect voice for this mood, a sultry half-whisper that just adds to the mysterious, smokey, irresistible funk.

♫ Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oxford reMix)

Portland’s Deezy Daisy is released 15th September/

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[Video] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’


Chela    Romanticise    YouTube

We’re not surprised that Australian singer Chela’s new single, Romanticise, has got itself a video. The quirky ElectroPop is set to do big things in the coming months and is deserved of some visual appreciation.

The clip is simple and fun, full of vintage video effects, seeing Chela dancing around and gradually affecting her environment.

Chela’s Romanticise is out now.

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[Audio] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’



So, we introduced you to Australian vocalist of the moment Chela’s new single Romanticise a couple of weeks ago, you can read all about Chela and the single in that article. Without wanting to repeated ourselves, and we’ve gushed about Chela a few times in the past year or so, let’s just have a listen to the original version of Romanticise before it;s due release next week.

Chela got one of those voices that is not only pretty powerful, but full of character too. And that’s our favourite quality in vocals, character. Chela’s vocals ride a slinky summer groove of nostalgic keys, Disco funk and plucked beach guitars. Romanticise is just a carefree, feel-good, accompaniment to these final warm days of they year, and one that will help us see the summer out in style.

♫ Chela – Romanticise

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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[MP3] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’ reMixed by Gold Fields



It’s been quite the year for Australian songstress Chela so far, both for her collaborations and her own work. First coming to our attention as the voice of Goldroom’s blissful Fifteen, Chela went on to score hits on Clubfeet’s Heartbreak and one of the songs of the year, Viceroy’s Amazing Dreams Of Bombay before impressing us with her solo material. Her first two singles, Full Moon and Plastic Gun definitely got our excitement going, excitement that was borne out by her début EP, Zero Mixtape. Excitement that Kitsuné Music have picked up on too, as they’ve snatched her up for her next release, Romanticise, which comes with this lovely reMix from Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields.

We’ve been listening to the whole release for a couple of weeks now and other than the original version of the song, alongside a reMix from Boys Get Hurt, the Gold Fields mix is one of the single’s highlights. Romanticise is a breezy slice of catchy DiscoPop and, of all the reMixes, Gold Field pick up on that and run with it. With stabbing synths , bubbling arpeggios and a severely summery Disco groove, Gold Fields turn a quirky slick of LA Indie-Dreamwave into a slick, mirrorball, Disco-House tune for exclusive dancefloors.

Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields reMix)

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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[Video] The Swiss’ ‘Connect’


The Swiss   Connect   YouTube

Here’s the video for Australian Disco duo The Swiss’s track Connect, which isn’t on their latest EP (the Kitsuné released Elouisa) but is available to download for free from Kitsuné.

Shinya Sato takes the reins for this clip, combining the pumping Electro with equally pumping computer generated graphics.

The Swiss’ Elouisa EP is out now.

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X MiGHty mOUse

Punks Jump Up

When we preview the Moonlight Matters reMix of Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka‘s Saint Saviour featuring Feels Good a couple of weeks ago we also sang the praised of both the original and a storming mix from MiGHty mOUse. Now the single has been released, via Kitsuné Music, get your ears round a couple of the best tracks around right now.

Feels Good is a definite contender for one of the freshest synth leads of the year.  It’s should be understated just how good the lead is in this tune, catchy, soaring and pretty emotionally resonant. It’s the track’s ‘killer app’ which, when used in conjunction with a pounding House beat, a Moroder-esque Disco bassline and layers upon layers of cosmic synth work, provides the prefect partner for Saint Saviour’s Sci-Fi vocals. Truly epic stuff. Space-age retro Disco at it’s finest, with just a hint of a House vibe. MiGHty mOUse’s turn at the helm humanises the robo Disco somewhat. London’s Disco don delivers an organic Disco-House cut that is pretty irresistible. With an infectious piano hook, deep Housey bass and body moving percussion, anyone not compelled to dance to this tune is probably not human.

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Feels Good is out now.

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X Moonlight Matters

punks jump up

Feels Good, the single resulting from the team up between London noiseniks Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka, with Saint Saviour, is looking like it;s going to one of the single of they year. We’re certainly loving the entire package, it;s one of a few releases that Kitsuné Music have dropped this year that have knocked it out of the park. Kitsuné have had a confusing couple of years after the resurgence of Electro around 2006-2009 dies down, but this year has seen them totally return to form.

You’ll have to wait to hear the single itself, but for right now get your ears round this dub from Moonlight Matters. Returning the favour after Punks Jump Up reMixed his mind-blowing Come For Me, Moonlight Matters lays down six minutes of raw funk. With an infuriatingly hypnotic lead line and some gritty Korg Acid going on in the background, this is a tune that absolutely demands you dance. No questions asked. With until you hear the original, and the MiGHty mOUse reMix, Kitsuné have done their legacy proud with this one.

Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (Moonlight Matters Dub Version)

Feels Good is released 5th November.

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Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ or ‘The Absinthe Edition’


It’s that time again! As Kitsuné Music themselves say “you know the score”. Maison 14 is about to hit the streets. 14! I know, crazy! Once again Kitsuné have compiled the very best of their output over the last half a year, mixed it up a little with some new version and tracks. It just goes to show how far Kitsuné have sided into the Nu-Disco and Dreamwave arena. Amazing line-up!

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You
02. Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh reMix)
03. Friends – I’m His Girl (Jake Bullit reMix)
04. Rebecca Molina – Fall Right
05. Plastic Plate (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
06. Lorenz Rhode (Feat Jamie Lidell) – Any Kind Of Pressure (Radio Edit)
07. Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustaph) – Come For Me  (Punks Jump Up Freestyle Mix)
08. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night reMix)
09. Peter & The Magician – Memory (Le Crayon reMix)
10. Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)
11. Thomas Azier – Red Eyes (Mike Luck reMix)
12. Saint Michel – Friends
13. Monde Ideal – Future Waits
14. Wildcat ! Wildcat ! – Please And Thank You
15. Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ Encore!
16. Is Tropical (Feat. Get People) – Venezuela
17.  Plaitum – Geisha

As always, Mr. Jerry Bouthier, One half of JBAG, Continental Records main man, and Kitsuné DJ supreme has put together a minimix of the compilation for you to get your ears round.

Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ or ‘The Absinthe Edition’ Minimix By Jerry Bouthier

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