[Audio] Clancy’s ‘Revolutions’



Here’s the B-side to the new Anjunadeep released single from Clancy. The A-Side, I Wanna’ Know features duo of the moment, Eli & Fur, and is a futuristic club juggernaut that gonna’ blow up when it’s released this week. The flip side, Revolutions, proves a worthy counterpart as Clancy gets deep and hypnotic.

This one is pure moody House electronics. A stripped back tune that distils House down to it’s basic elements and works them for full dancefloor control. Still retaining Clancy’s Sci-Fi soundtrack vibe, Revolutions is a synth bass heavy groover that gets under your skin. The kind of tune you can loose yourself in on the dancefloor. Clancy’s Anjunadeep dominance has just begun.

♫ Clancy – Revolutions

Clancy’s I Wanna’ Know/Revolutions is out this week.

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[Audio] Clancy and Eli & Fur’s ‘I Wanna’ Know’



Our boy Clancy has been snapped up by Anjunadeep, and rightly so. One of the leading lights of the Dreamwave, then Nu-Disco, then Deep House scenes it’s far past time that Clancy blew up; and with his forthcoming new single it looks more likely than ever. The amazing Eli & Fur drop in for vocal duties on I Wanna’ Know which only serves to take the tune to the next level. You could seriously be hearing a lot of this in the coming months.

Drawing on his retro electro past, Clancy injects  the UK Deep House sound with extra helpings of SynthWave-y futurism. Weaving dystopian soundtracks over booming club grooves, I Wanna’ Know presents a epic track that powers the dancefloor with growling basses and pounding drums, but also lays out an atmospheric soundscape. Eli & Fur serve up a hazy vocal accompaniment that hits just the right note to make you sit up and pay attention. An intelligent House monster; we can’t wait for this release.

♫ Clancy (Feat. Eli & Fur) – I Wanna’ Know

Clancy’s I Wanna’ Know is released 6th October on Anjunadeep.

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[Audio] Clancy reMixes Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’



Last week we brought you Grum’s Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away, part of a brand new reMix package for the track. Now we can share with you the other exciting mix on the release; a version of the tune from Clancy. Clancy has a EP out soon on Anjunadeep and we couldn’t be happier for him, that’s an awesome label and a good fit. This reMix just has us eagerly awaiting for the EP to drop.

In contrast to Grum euphoric endeavour, Clancy gives something a little more cerebral. A deep and funky House track with an ecclectic array of synth instrumentation. The track draws you in with a bright and sparking into before grabbing hold of you with a bassline that is part speaker shaking sub, part 80s SynthPop groover; a devastating combination. With a futuristic, and quite epic, feel, Clancy’s reMix of Float Away really will take you away, all the while rooting your feet in the dancefloor.

♫ Yousef & The Angel – Float Away (Clancy reMix)

Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away is out now.

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[Download] Clancy’s ‘Take it Slow’



The boy’s doing good. London based producer Clancy had a pretty massive 2013, a couple of slammin;’ EPs, a heap of well-received reMixes (including something rather tasty indeed), and getting all up in Kitsuné business. Obviously feeling pretty chuffed about all this, Clancy has dropped a free tune as a thank you for all the support he’s received over the past year. Sink into Take It Slow.

Riding a deep warping bassline, Take It Slow delivers thick, mood setting, House vibes. Enigmatic and intoxicating, this musical mystery allows it’s subby bass to provide a rock solid platform for airy keys to serve up something a little more kinetic. Take It Slow isn’t actually that slow, but it is brooding and magical and one to loose yourself in at the end of the night.

Clancy – Take It Slow

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[Mixtape] Clancy’s ‘Kitsuné New Faces’



Clancy – Kitsuné New Faces = Clancy get’s his latest single Overdue, on the latest compilation from Kitsuné Music, New Faces; and in exchange delivers a storming hour-long mix to celebrate the album’s release. Most of this isn’t taken from the record, rather Clancy’s own personal jam bank, with a few extra bits of Clancy just for good measure.

♫ Clancy – Kitsuné New Faces

The tracklist:

01. Clancy – Overdue
02. Baunz (Feat. 3rd Eye ) – Out Of The Window (Walker & Royce reMix)
03. Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik reMix)
04. Finnesbassen – Jaeger
05. Sakorka – Felling Inside (Clancy reMix)
06. Pirupa (Feat. Leon) – Every Life (Tube & Berger reMix)
07. Jimmy & Fred – I See Lights (Karmon reMix)
08. Clancy – Can’t You See
09. George Fitzgerald – Magnetic (Original Mix)
10. Clancy – Overdue (Urulu reMix)
11. Joshua Jesse & Minus 104 (Feat. Ricarda) – Changes (Original mix)

Kitsuné New Faces is out 24th February.

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[Audio] Clancy’s ‘Overdue’



So, you’ll know we’ve been Championing Clancy since day one (which for us and him are about the same time), so we’re pretty pleased for him that he’s getting tracks premièred on Mixmag now. That’s some well deserved recognition right there. Said track is called Overdue, just like the aforementioned recognition. Word play! It’s his new single and due to be released early next month and joins the ever increasing list of absolute monsters from this guy.

A six and a half minute epic, Overdue eases you into it’s vibe, building anticipation with shuffling purcussion and haunting tones before it launches itself off and hits the ground running with a juggernaut bassline over a solid House beat. With a deep UK House sound, Overdue wraps you in a warm blanket of enchanting audio and leaves you with the feeling that you could loose yourself in it’s hypnotic groove far too easily. Another storming tune from Clancy.

♫ Clancy – Overdue

Clancy’s Overdue is released 10th February.

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[Audio] Clancy reMixes The Magician’s ‘When The Night Is Over’


The Magician

If we’re completely honest, we found the new single from Belgian mixtaper The Magician a little disappointing. That seemed to be an general reaction to the tune, When The Night Is Over. The track feat Newtimers was a tad generic what-cool-right-now House. Have no fear though, like some kind of musical first responder, Clancy is here to save the day with this reMix that features on the official single package.

Clancy’s reMix has the perfect hypnotic groove. Layering the track with brooding, pulsating synths he delivers a Deep House concoction that reaches into your core and compels you to move. Like a robot uprising, the reMix is electronically ominous but never lets it’s imposing Sci-Fi synths overshadow it’s irresistible boogie. Definitely one DJs should have in their crates, for peak time, when you’ve got them in the palm of your hand, this will keep them there.

♫ The Magician (Feat. Newtimers) – When The Night Is Over (Clancy reMix)

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[Mixtape] Clancy ‘Dirtcast #33’



Clancy – Dirtcast #33 = Check out the new mixtape from Clancy. In celebration of the release of his new EP What You Do, the man has put together over an hour of some of the finest House music around. It;s a totally compelling journey that includes a taste of the EP sprinkled around. Awesome stuff!

Clancy – Dirtcast #33

The tracklist:
01. Purple Velvet – Artform
02. Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba – Fayer
03. London Grammar – Strong (Jonas Rathsman reMix)
04. Clancy – What You Do (Original Mix)
05. Shur-I-Kan – In Love
06. Walker & Royce – A Perfect Sound
07. Booka Shade – Love Inc. (Original Mix)
08. Dusky – Careless
09. Clancy – Giving You Up
10. Shakes Milano – Awake (Alexander Maier reMix)
11. Matthew Johnson – New Generation (Original Mix)
12. Clancy – Nobody Else

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[Audio] Clancy and Kraver reMix Paulie’s ‘Want You’



We’ve covered London Nu-Disco don Paulie’s Want You in the run up to the single’s release a fair bit, it’s easily one of the big tunes of the late summer. We’ve been eager for the full single release, with reMix package, and this week out wait was finally over. Released this week the track comes equipped with the excellent Monday Club reMix we posted last week and these two gems from our boy Clancy and Dutch producer Kraver.

Clancy’s take on the track is a suitably warm House jam.Rolling on a hook that worms it’s way into your brain played interchangeably by a hammered piano and a deep synth organ Clancy really captures a late night warehouse vibe with his mix. Sitting at the deep and soulful end of the House spectrum, this version mixes a little nostalgia with a little of the UK’s current clubland scene for a result which would rock almost any dancefloor int he early hours. Kraver gets far more retro with his reMix, a sumptuous banquet of electronic Soul and Boogie with punchy digital basslines and thick 80s synths all coming together with some smooth vocoding to take you back in time. the whole single is one of the finest dance released of the year, you should check it out.

♫ Paulie – Want You (Clancy reMix)

♫ Paulie – Want You (Kraver reMix)

Paulie’s Want You is out now, exclusively on Beatport.

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[Audio] Clancy reMixes Ellie Goulding



The UK’s best kept secret, Clancy, has done it again. He’s just dropped his reMix of Ellie Goulding’s cover of Alt-J’s Tessellate. The track getting an official release soon, and you should definitely snap it up as Rich one again proves why he’s one of the most exciting producers around right now.

This one’s actually got a little Disco flavour to Clancy’s House, provided by a big squelchy bassline that adds a little swing to the Jackin’ beat. Clancy’s has seriously got a knack for atmospheric and infectious House, his tunes are always swirling clouds of warm tones and hypnotic hooks. Using just the right amount of the vocal, Clancy build a little dancefloor tension throughout the track, to keep thing interesting and deliver proper intoxicating deep grooves.

♫ Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Alt-J Cover) (Clancy reMix)

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