[Audio] Alison Valentine’s ‘Circles And Triangles’


Alison Valentine

Out this week is the new compilation from Kitsuné Music, Kitsuné America 2. Amongst the many great tunes held within is this gem, the new track from New York Indie-ElectroPop princess Alison Valentine, Circles And Triangles. So settle back and prepare to be enveloped by Valentines musical dream.

As it;s title suggests, Circles And Triangles is a daydreamy, doodley piece of music. A swirling audio painting with an almost Chillwave atmosphere underpinned by some solid Funk bass and drums. Alison delivers her hazy vocal with the kinds of intriguing quirk that we haven’t really heard since the first Marina And The Diamonds records. Managing to somehow be both and smokey  and insanely catchy Circles And Triangles is utterly intoxicating.

♫ Alison Valentine – Circles And Triangles

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