[Audio] Crayon & Pyramid’s So Far Gone’

Crayon & Pyramid

This week saw the long awaited release, on Kitsuné Music, of a collaboration between two of our favourite producers. French Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid has teamed up with fellow Parisian Disco don Crayon (who appears to have dropped the ‘Le’ from ‘Le Crayon’) to release a massive EP that is everything you’d expect when these two synthesizer worlds collide.

The lead track, So Far Gone, is such a beautiful meeting of minds that it transcends both Disco and SynthWave. A laid back, but solid, Disco groove with some fancy bass playing rolls through the track alongside Pyramid’s dystopian synths. You get Acidic growls rubbing shoulder with blissful beach Disco and a really smooth vocal. One of the best tunes of the year so far. The rest of the EP holds Pyramid’s Wolf and Crayon’s Cosma, two individual tracks, and another collaboration, Utopia. Utopia is a bright Cosmic Disco workout full of big bass, buzzing synths and a retro future feel. Pyramid and Crayon then take turns reMixing each others tracks. Pyramid turning Crayon’s Cosma into a bass heave Galactic synth oddessy featuring broken up vocoding and BladeRunner keys. Crayon takes on Pyramid’s Wolf and injects a healthy does of Disco into the dark synth epic and delivers soaring solos in what could be the EP’s standout. It’s EP comes highly recommended, it’s pretty much a must buy release.

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – So Far Gone

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – Utopia

♫ Crayon – Cosma (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Pyramid – Wolf (Crayon reMix)

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[Video] Pyramid’s ‘Wolf’

Here’s the video for French SynthWaver Pyramid’s awesome new single, Wolf, and epic slice of SynthWave brilliance.

The video was directed by Etienne Perrin and is an action packed romp loaded with Pyramid’s abstract logo.

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[Audio] Pyramid’s ‘Wolf’


It’s that time again, Kitsuné Music are about to release their third Kitsuné Parisien compilation. Put together by Kitsuné main man Gildas and graffiti artist André to showcase French talent, and of course you can’t do that without including one of France’s premier SynthWave talents, Sci-Fi synth explorer Pyramid.

Wolf, Pyramid’s new track, is four minutes powered by chainsaw synths and wailing solos. But this is no harsh Electro tune, Pyramid uses his abrasive sounds not to create aggression, but to instil beauty and wonder. A pulsating Italo Disco bassline underpins the track, allowing Pyramid to concoct an enigmatic dark future soundtrack where machine stabs play against soaring melodies.Robotic and atmospheric dancefloor soundtrack stuff.

♫ Pyramid – Wolf

Kitsuné Parisien III is released 4th February, followed by a new EP from Pyramid.

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[Video] Dombrance’s ‘Donna’

Dombrance are an ecclectic French ElectroPop act who track Donna, will be featured on the forthcoming French artist compilation from Kitsuné Music, Kitsuné Parisien III.

Here’s the video, quirky Disco grooves accompanied by scenes of dancing craziness. Enjoy.

Kitsuné Parisien III is released 4th February

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[Audio] Plastic Plates reMixed by Bufi

Plastic Plates

This reMix of Plastic Plates’, Simon Lord featuring, Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is a nice little extra. Not featuring on the single, it comes as part of Kitsuné Music’s Kitsuné Club Night Mix #3 compilation, mixed by main man Gildas. It;s by Mexican producer Bufi and is perfect Friday night material,

Bufi Houses things up a little, mixing a nice digital Disco bassline with a big piano House riff to fun, summery effect. This mix is all about dancing and good times, injecting the track with a lively carnival vibe and enough dancefloor power to keep it moving. A nice Balearic breakdown adds a little touch of sunrise awe right in the middle of a solid groove.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi reMix)

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is out now.

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Lifelike & A-Trak


Can this really live up to expectations? Lifelike and A-Trak together on one track? That’s a lot of anticipation that’s been built ever since we heard this track was on it’s way. French Touch pioneer Lifelike has really bringing his A-game to his collaborations recently, so the thought of him teaming up with A-Track, someone who tends to push the boundaries of Disco, had us eager to hear the result.

And the track, released today exclusively on Beatport, really does sound like a Lifelike and A-Track collaboration. By that we mean you can pick out the Lifelike bits and the A-Track bits in it, it actually sounds like the sum of it’s parts. There’s the arpeggios and continental stabs you’ve expect from Lifelike and a bit of scratching and some funky use of vocal samples, A-Trak’s forte. The result ends up big a huge Disco-House tune that you instinctively put on repeat. Look out for the single which boasts reMixes from Gigamesh, Mauvais Cliché, and The Bloody Sisters.

♫ Lifelike (Feat. A-Trak) – Don’t Stop (Club Mix)

The Don’t StopEP  is out now on Beatport and drops everywhere else  26th November on Kitsuné Music.

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NTEIBINT’s Time EP, released late last month on Kitsuné Music, is the prefect call-back to the 2007/08 glory days of the pioneering French label. It;s that very specific mixture of organic Disco grooves, Indie-Electro sensibilities and Electro-House noise. This track could have quite easily been on Maison 3!

Time combines all those elements into one rolling French Electro tune that has got an instant classic feel to it, the EP comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of The Subs and Fabrizio Mommarella, and this edit from Kirsuné head honcho Gildas, who serves up the kind of dancefloor interpretation you’d expect. Increasing the ‘pump’ factor by 11, Gildas strips the track down to it’s body moving essentials and shines a spotlight (via a mirrorball) right on them, taking the track more in the Electro-House direction, Gildas doesn’t loose the Disco feel, but cranks up the un-ignorable hook until you are in it;s thrall.

♫ NTEIBINT – Time (Gildas Edit)

NTEIBINT’s Time is out now.

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Citizens! reMixed by Kitsuné’s Gildas


Fresh from premièring the video for the forthcoming re-release of London ElectroPop outfit Citizens!True Romance, we are treated to on of the reMixes of the track. This one comes from Kitsuné Music main man Gildas.

Despite the title, it was actually Cassian’s Torpical reMix of this track that featured on Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Mix #2 album. But whatever the title, this is one of the best mixes of the track we’ve heard so far. Gildas adds some really nice punchy bass and a thick dance beat. It works so well, and one of those track that builds and builds into a cosmic collision of Citizens!’ eclectic instrumentation and Gildas’ dancefloor nouse. Citizens! début album, Here We Are, drops later this year.

Citizens! – True Romance (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night reMix)

True Romanceis out now.

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Plastic Plates’ ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Loved’


The latest release from Mr. Felix Bloxsom, better known as the awesome Plastic Plates, is actually his début EP. Which seems weird as his tracks and reMixes have been gracing these pages for a while now, but if you are going to only just release your début EP, then you can do a lot worse than being picked up by Kitsuné Music as a label.

Simon Lord steps up for vocal duties on the EP’s lead track, Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is an upbeat, catchy slice of slick ElectroPop with a Disco groove. Maybe released just a little too late to catch the heights of the summer, the track nonetheless put you in a summery mood with it’s bouncy keys, infectious piano and smooth vocal. Toy’s is the perfect port-Italo track, the kind Kitsuné are really pushing these days, with a UK late ‘80’s SynthPop bassline and Disco drums the track sprinkles on a little rave lead and it’s all set to blow up dancefloors everywhere. The EP’s remaining original, More Than Love, is the deep Disco antithesis to the EP’s Poppier openers. Growling, funky basslines and a hypnotic Acid line underpin some seriously Cosmic synth work. Not on the EP, but a free download, is this reMix of the lead track from Amine EdgeDance, who turn the track into deep ‘90’s House territory.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

♫ Plastic Plates – Toys

♫ Plastic Plates – More Than Love

Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Amine Edge & Dance reMix)

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is out now.

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