[Audio] Chela’s ‘Handful Of Gold’



Australian ElectroPopster Chela is back with a new Single. Having got on-board with IHC 1NFINITY, the new label from Franki Chan’s IHEARTCOMIX media empire, Chela looks poised to blow up in America where she’s been putting in some serious gigging time since here releases with Kitsuné. Handful Of Gold is Chela’s most self-assured release to date.

Starting proceedings with some glorious synth noodling (that we could stand to hear some more of!) Handful Of Gold swiftly launches into a post-Tropical ElectroPop monster. Peppering the track with very early 80s references amongst contemporary poolside Disco DNA, Chela delivers something that effortlessly straddles the line between classic Pop and dancefloor mayhem. These slick beats are, of course, topped with Chela’s unique, tongue-in-cheek style; being the thing that really sets her apart from her contemporaries, she’s injects her tracks with personality.

♫ Chela – Handful Of Gold

Chela’s Handful Of Gold is out now.

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[Video] Chela’s ‘Zero’


Chela   ZERO   YouTube

We’re quite fond of Australian singer Chela’s new single Zero. A blistering, but moody, summer jam that mixes ElectroPop with Tropical and comes with a chock-full reMix package featuring the likes of Keljet and Clancy. The track is out this week and has just got itself a shiny new video.

The clip, featuring more of Chela’s crazy dancing, has got a slick 90s feel and a tongue-in-cheek darkness.

Chela’s ‘Zero’ is Out this week.

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[Audio] Chelas ‘Zero’ reMixed by Backstroke



One of our favourite Australian artists, Chela, is gearing up for the release of her new single, Zero. The track originally appeared on her Zero Mixtape EP last year but will soon be presented accompanied by an impressive reMix packed featuring storming tracks from Clancy and Keljet. Due to Kitsuné Music’s esoteric PR decisions we can’t actually play you any of the forthcoming release, and probably never will, but you can check this reMix from American producer Backstroke, it’s not actually on the single, but it’s quite nice in it’s own right.

Backstoke folds in a whole bunch of influences into his mix, there’s a bit of Future R&B, a bit of LA Funk, a bit of Dreamwave, and a bit of Tropical Disco all held together with some booming beats. Chela’s vocals flow over the track like water, giving you an indication of how they play out in the other reMixes (spoiler alert: awesomely!) and should get your mouth (ears?) watering for the single to drop.

♫ Chela – Zero (Backstroke reMix)

Chela’s ‘Zero’ is released 10th March.

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[Download] Goldroom & Chela’s ‘Adalita’



You’ve probably already picked up Dreamwave mac-daddy Goldroom’s latest release, the Embrace EP, haven’t you? .If not then why? Why would you make such a terrible life choice? Anyway, if you’ve picked up Embrace you’ll already be familiar with Adalita. If you haven’t *shudder* then Goldroom has been generous enough to give away this new EP track for free when signing up to his mailing list. So right now you have three tasks ahead of you. Sign up for the Goldroom mailing list. Download Adalita. Purchase the Embrace EP. If you’ve not yet completed these goals, you have a hole in your life that will remain empty until you do.

Adalita was co-written, and features, Aussie songstress of the moment, and recent Kitsuné signee Chela. The tune is both chilled and playful. Smooth beats and nostalgic, buzzing synth stabs conjure up a lazy, poolside, vibe which is complimented by Chella’s whimsical vocals, in place to keep things upbeat. Other than Embrace, Adalita with the other new tune on the final release of the EP, and it’s still as exciting to us now as it was last month when it was released. Also, as an outlet that writes about Goldroom a fair bit, we can say with some authority that it’s impossible to find a photo of Josh where he’s not looking dead cheeky, like he’s just been caught doing something he shouldn’t be.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Adalita

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[Video] Chela’s ‘Vegas Nights’


Chela   Vegas Nights  Official Music Video    YouTube

She may still be promoting her current single, Romanticise, but that isn’t stopping Australian ElectroPopper Chela from churning out more new tunes. Vegas Nights is taken from the Zero Mixtape and is produced by Le Bruce. it’s five minutes of enigmatic, slo-mo, Funk Pop.

Check the video, directed by Cos We Can. It’s not really much to do with the song, but if you like dudes on bikes you’re sorted.

Chela’s Romanticise is out now.

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[Video] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’


Chela    Romanticise    YouTube

We’re not surprised that Australian singer Chela’s new single, Romanticise, has got itself a video. The quirky ElectroPop is set to do big things in the coming months and is deserved of some visual appreciation.

The clip is simple and fun, full of vintage video effects, seeing Chela dancing around and gradually affecting her environment.

Chela’s Romanticise is out now.

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[Audio] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’



So, we introduced you to Australian vocalist of the moment Chela’s new single Romanticise a couple of weeks ago, you can read all about Chela and the single in that article. Without wanting to repeated ourselves, and we’ve gushed about Chela a few times in the past year or so, let’s just have a listen to the original version of Romanticise before it;s due release next week.

Chela got one of those voices that is not only pretty powerful, but full of character too. And that’s our favourite quality in vocals, character. Chela’s vocals ride a slinky summer groove of nostalgic keys, Disco funk and plucked beach guitars. Romanticise is just a carefree, feel-good, accompaniment to these final warm days of they year, and one that will help us see the summer out in style.

♫ Chela – Romanticise

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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[MP3] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’ reMixed by Gold Fields



It’s been quite the year for Australian songstress Chela so far, both for her collaborations and her own work. First coming to our attention as the voice of Goldroom’s blissful Fifteen, Chela went on to score hits on Clubfeet’s Heartbreak and one of the songs of the year, Viceroy’s Amazing Dreams Of Bombay before impressing us with her solo material. Her first two singles, Full Moon and Plastic Gun definitely got our excitement going, excitement that was borne out by her début EP, Zero Mixtape. Excitement that Kitsuné Music have picked up on too, as they’ve snatched her up for her next release, Romanticise, which comes with this lovely reMix from Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields.

We’ve been listening to the whole release for a couple of weeks now and other than the original version of the song, alongside a reMix from Boys Get Hurt, the Gold Fields mix is one of the single’s highlights. Romanticise is a breezy slice of catchy DiscoPop and, of all the reMixes, Gold Field pick up on that and run with it. With stabbing synths , bubbling arpeggios and a severely summery Disco groove, Gold Fields turn a quirky slick of LA Indie-Dreamwave into a slick, mirrorball, Disco-House tune for exclusive dancefloors.

Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields reMix)

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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[Audio] Viceroy and Chela reMixed by Alfa


I know you’re full, but surely there’s room for one more morsel of  Viceroy and Chela’s frankly amazing Dream Of Bombay? Of course there is! Especially when it comes from Binary O.G. and moustache aficionado Alfa. There’s always time for Alfa!

Taking a different route with the track than the other mixes, from Bit Funk, Wax Motif and Bufi, Alfa creates on a head on collision between classic Daft Punk and Moog Funk. Pulsating, relentless synth bass and vocals transformed into groove laden melodies dominate the track. Big, sweeping synths take the track to the next level, giving the funky little licks a Cosmic vibe. It;s probably the most rough ‘n’ ready version of Dream of Bombay, and one that eschews the originals song structure, but it’s also a guaranteed floor filler. This’ll keep ‘em dancing!

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Alfa reMix)

Viceroy (Feat. Chella)’s Dream Of Bombay is out now.

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[Audio] More Viceroy reMixes, Bit Funk and Bufi


We’re still loving San Francisco producer Viceroy and Chela’s Dream Of Bombay single. In fact, we’re hoping that, come December, someone reminds us about it because it already feels like it deserves a place in out end of year bests. As the reMixes keep rolling in, they are definitely keeping the quality high. Right now Bit Funk and Bufi have a crack at the track and both deliver, very different but nicely complimentary version of the song.

Bit Funk delivers a glorious Disco-House tune that really plays up the dreaminess of the original and Chela vocals. If the original version is a summery beach party, then Bit Funk’s reMix is the club you go to as it gets dark. Intoxicating deep Disco. Bufi, on the other hand gets a bit more ecclectic with Chela’s vocal and turns in an Acidic Italo-Disco tune with some hypnotic pitched vocals and popping drums. This tune just gets better and better.

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bufi reMix)

Viceroy (Feat. Chella)’s Dream Of Bombay is out now.

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