[Audio] The Swiss’ ‘Kiss To Kiss’ (+ Amtrac, Pyramid and Breakbot reMixes)



Australian Disco duo The Swiss released their latest EP last week. The follow up to their Eloisa EP, and again unleashed via Kitsuné Music, Kiss To Kiss is a classy DiscoPop epic backed with four storming reMixes featuring works from names such as of Breakbot, Pyramid and Amtrac. It’s a pretty impressive package, with each version taking on a life of it’s own. You won’t find four cookie cutter Disco mixes here, each one has a very separate identity.

The original version of Kiss To Kiss is a lush and opulent affair. Rich in Cosmic Disco synths applied to a 70s Mirrorballed arrangement. Canadian singer Roxane Ashley Aiston (from Cordova’s amazing Paradigm) lends her sweet voice to the track, her vocals gliding across the track like silk, rising and falling with the track, melding with the think synths to create something both Funky and pretty cinematic. This is epic DiscoPop right here. Amtrac does an excellent job of taking that vocal line and going all Deep House with it. Growling sine basses and 909 hats are the order of the day here as Amtrac weaves the surprise standout on the EP, a sure-fire club hit. Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid plays up the bombastic nature of the track as he delivers one of his soaring Terminator version of the song. Gruff bass and cascading synths from a dystopian soundtrack dominate the track only to be tempered with some unexpected sweet Disco licks. We we’re half prepared to be a bored with the Breakbot reMix, he’s gotten a little samey of late, but subverting out expectation he turns is a massive vintage Cosmic Disco oddessy, loaded with electronic zaps and pows and a tough, but funky, analog bassline. Alongside an extended version and B-side Golden Century, this really is an awesome collection of tracks. Pity the cover artwork is truly awful though.

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Original)

♫ The Swiss –  Kiss To Kiss (Amtrac reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Breakbot reMix)

The Swiss’ Kiss To Kiss is out now.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Luke Million’s ‘Midnight’


Luke Million

Does anyone else, when someone mentions Leeds based dance music genius Grum, get (to the tune of Monty Python’s Spam) ‘Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum’ stuck in their head for about an hour afterward? No? Just us then. We feel a bit mental now, but it’s good to finally get that out. We also feels a bit mental ‘cos we refer to ourselves in the corporate ‘we’…you know I’m just one dude, right? Life is odd.

Oh well, to combat life’s oddness for five minutes and nineteen seconds Grum has delivered this absolutely rock solid reMix of Australian Italo-Disco producer, and a bit of The Swiss, Luke Million’s Midnight. This is actually a bit of a throwback tune for Grum, like Grum of old it’s borderline Dreamwave in it’s right emotional retro synth sound. This, warbling bass, lush pads, the kind of piano hook that just wills you to move, this one has got all the ingredients for dancefloor rocker supreme. We love it!

♫ Luke Million – Midnight (Grum reMix)

Midnight is taken from Luke Million’s forthcoming EP, Midnight Galaxy, our 24th September.

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[Video] The Swiss’ ‘Connect’


The Swiss   Connect   YouTube

Here’s the video for Australian Disco duo The Swiss’s track Connect, which isn’t on their latest EP (the Kitsuné released Elouisa) but is available to download for free from Kitsuné.

Shinya Sato takes the reins for this clip, combining the pumping Electro with equally pumping computer generated graphics.

The Swiss’ Elouisa EP is out now.

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[Audio] The Swiss reMix Breakbot



OK, so we quite like Breakbot, the early singles were mind-blowingly good at the time, but his début album was a little samey, if solid nonetheless. His latest single from the album is You Should Know, which came out last week and contains reMixes from the likes of Busy P & Boston Bun, Homework, Le Family and this cut from Australian groovers The Swiss which, frankly, blows the original out of the water.

This time the laid back live Disco is replaced with a storming bassline rolling underneath a huge Disco House tune that’s all about Rukazoid’s vocals and the piano. A killer piano hook and a brain melting synth solo are dangerous weapons in the right hands, and The Swiss certainly weld them with skill. The intertwining piano/synth solo is the track highlight in a track that is the highlight of the single itself. The Swiss really made this one their own.

♫ Breakbot (Feat. Ruckazoid) – You Should Know (The Swiss reMix)

Breakbot’s You Should Know is out now.

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[Audio] White Water’s ‘Daylight’


White Water

The Bot’Ox boys are at it again,  this time putting together some kind of crazy Nu-Disco supergroup as the present White Water. White Water sees Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz getting together with SidWho? A.K.A. Surahn Sidhu, former bassist for The Swiss for songwriting duties and roping in the likes of Dye’s Juan De Guillebon and Jeremy Hickey on bass and drums.

With all these musicians in place, Bot’Ox and SidWho? set out to write and record a track the old fashioned way. Recorded live to tape with their hand picked session musicians around them, Daylight was then ‘edited like an old extended Disco track’, which is a bit of a vague statement but we can only assume that means tape splicing was going on. The result is a raw, impressively vintage, sounding Disco tune with a rolling Funk and a catchy vocal. Loaded with synth pop and zaps amidst the live groove, Daylight is a successful experiment in Disco brap. reMixes to come from Jacques Renault and Domenico Torti.

♫ White Water – Daylight

White Water’s Daylight is released 3rd June

Check out more from White Water on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Rüfüs’ new single



Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Rüfüs are back with out first taste of what to expect from their forthcoming début album. The trios new record will be titled Atlas and is due out later this year. Our glimpse of the futures comes in the form of new single Take Me. The single comes with a packed reMix package featuring Cassain and AdaptOrDie.

Take Me sees Rüfüs ever further going down a Tropical Pop route. Upbeat Island percussion and chiming synths envelope this gentle, but catchy tune. The prefect tune for lazy summer nights. Fellow Aussie Cassain Houses things up a ton with a dark growling bass and atmospheric keys made all the more epic with an occasional haunting piano hook. The original’s breezy vocals take on a new smokey quality in this mix. AdaptOrDie a new project with a strong pedigree. When you consist of half of The Swiss and Empire Of The Sun’s backing band you know things are going to be a bit special. Their take on the track is a deep warehouse tune, a nice mix of Chicago sounds and European club music heritage. It’s a really nice package you could do worse that invest in.

♫ Rüfüs – Take Me

Rüfüs – Take Me (Cassian reMix)

Rüfüs – Take Me (AdaptOrDie Rmx)

Rüfüs’ Take Me is released 8th March.

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The Swiss’ ‘The Swiss Selects’ mix

The Swiss

The Swiss – The Swiss Selects… Sept ‘12 = Australian Disco duo The Swiss have been quite quiet recently, but with their début album finished they are back to turning up the heat with this hour long Disco workout.

♫ The Swiss – The Swiss Selects… Sept ‘12

The tracklist:

01. Jay Shepheard & Tad Wily – Hefty Done Me Right
02. Cecile & Refleksie – First Sparkle
03. Gavri – Non Stop (Jean Claude Gavri Mix)
04. Phil Kieran (Feat Bush Tetras) – Snakes Crawl (East Village Mix)
05. Tyson – Mr Rain (Claptone Dub)
06. Vanish – Night Rain
07. Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dancing (Todd Terje reMix)
08. Monte – True
09. Mungolian Jetset – Smells Like Gasoline
10. Wool – Purple Ohm
11. Pachanga Boys – The Untold Legend Of Mysterious Ondo
12. Walker & Royce – Little Things (Dub Mix)
13. Lindstrom – Ra-Ako-St (Todd Terje Extended Edit)

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Louis La Roché reMixes The Swiss

the swiss

Nu-Disco wunderkind Louis La Roché has reMixed The Swiss’s forthcoming new single ‘Double Or Nothing’.

The single sees a welcome return after a period of quiet from the Australian ElectroPop duo and La Rouché’s reMix really sets the tone. Working the vocoded vocals hard to ride a bouncy Disco bassline, this reMix is pure Sci-Fi robotic Disco madness with laid back undercurrent.

The Swiss – Double Or Nothing (Louis La Roché reMix)

‘Double Or Nothing’ will be released 23rd September with another original track, ‘Womanthem’ and a reMix from Headman.

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The Swiss reMix Tyson

The Swiss are back!

The Aussie Disco outfit have put their not-inconsiderable skills to good use in reMixing UK mystery man Tyson’s new tune, ‘Out Of My Mind’. ‘Out Of My Mind’ is, in it’s various forms, doing the rounds a lot right now but this reMix tops the lot. shuffling Disco drums, a rolling arpeggiated bassline, power retro stabs and shimmering lead lines, what more do you need on the dancefloor? Tyson’s haunted vocal delivery just adds another layer to the mix. Six minutes of pure groove.

Tyson – Out Of My Mind (The Swiss Dance reMix)

Tyson’s  “Out Of My Mind” is out now on Back Yard Recordings.

Tyson @ Beatport

Tyson @ Juno

Tyson @ 7Digital

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