[Video] Pyramid’s ‘Film Noir’


Pyramid   Film Noir ft. Holy Oysters   YouTube

One of the most interesting producers coming out of France right now, and in the past half-decade, is Pyramid. Film Noir, (a collaboration with Holy Oysters)  is out now on Kitsuné Music as part of the Night Tales EP, alongside this official video.

Rodrigue Huart directed this turbulent tale of band in-fighting.

Pyramid’s Night Tales EP is out now.

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[Audio] Blende reMixes Pyramid’s ‘The Phoenix’



Well, how could this be anything but irresistible? The winner of the electronic rumors Award for best song of 2013, London based producer Blende, remixing our favourite Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid. Released at the end of the month as part of Pyramid’s latest single for Kitsuné Music, The Phoenix sees Pyramid throwing caution to the wind and experimenting with Rap, courtesy of Willy Wesly, over his dystopian Disco.Blende joins Likelife on reMix duties.

Blende brings everything together nicely. The reMix is energetic and fun; playing up to both the rhymes and Pyramid’s piercing, analog sounds but injecting the whole affair which a ton of his (now customary) carefree Funk. Riding on the kind of syncopated bassline that just powers the song forward, Blend layers swooshing synths, furious drum fills and some chorus keys that sound almost Gospel in their majesty to create a track full to bursting point; but never overpowering.

♫ Pyramid (Feat. Willy Wesly) – The Phoenix (Blende reMix)

Pyramid’s The Phoenix is released 27th January. 

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[Audio] The Swiss’ ‘Kiss To Kiss’ (+ Amtrac, Pyramid and Breakbot reMixes)



Australian Disco duo The Swiss released their latest EP last week. The follow up to their Eloisa EP, and again unleashed via Kitsuné Music, Kiss To Kiss is a classy DiscoPop epic backed with four storming reMixes featuring works from names such as of Breakbot, Pyramid and Amtrac. It’s a pretty impressive package, with each version taking on a life of it’s own. You won’t find four cookie cutter Disco mixes here, each one has a very separate identity.

The original version of Kiss To Kiss is a lush and opulent affair. Rich in Cosmic Disco synths applied to a 70s Mirrorballed arrangement. Canadian singer Roxane Ashley Aiston (from Cordova’s amazing Paradigm) lends her sweet voice to the track, her vocals gliding across the track like silk, rising and falling with the track, melding with the think synths to create something both Funky and pretty cinematic. This is epic DiscoPop right here. Amtrac does an excellent job of taking that vocal line and going all Deep House with it. Growling sine basses and 909 hats are the order of the day here as Amtrac weaves the surprise standout on the EP, a sure-fire club hit. Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid plays up the bombastic nature of the track as he delivers one of his soaring Terminator version of the song. Gruff bass and cascading synths from a dystopian soundtrack dominate the track only to be tempered with some unexpected sweet Disco licks. We we’re half prepared to be a bored with the Breakbot reMix, he’s gotten a little samey of late, but subverting out expectation he turns is a massive vintage Cosmic Disco oddessy, loaded with electronic zaps and pows and a tough, but funky, analog bassline. Alongside an extended version and B-side Golden Century, this really is an awesome collection of tracks. Pity the cover artwork is truly awful though.

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Original)

♫ The Swiss –  Kiss To Kiss (Amtrac reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid reMix)

♫ The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Breakbot reMix)

The Swiss’ Kiss To Kiss is out now.

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[Audio] Pyramid reMixes Goldn Retriever’s ‘I Feel Great Now’


Goldn Retriever

The latest slice of majestic French analog SynthWave from the amazing Pyramid comes in the form of this reMix for Goldn Retriever. No, not the dog (notice the lack of an ‘e’ in ‘Golden’), but the London based producer who recently released his album The Dawn Within, from which this track, I Feel Great Now is taken.

Pyramid taken the smooth, soulful Electronics of the original and morphs it into an edge Sci-fi epic with that piercing quality that only he can pull off. A menacing machine beat pounds away in the background, peppered with vintage purcussion, to provide a robotic march for incoming waves of icy, dystopian synths. Amidst all this android funk there is a real human quality to Pyramid’s music that feeds into the original’s vocals. Another quality futuristic soundtrack from Pyramid.

♫ Goldn Retriever – I Feel Great Now (Pyramid reMix)

Goldn Retriever’s The Dawn Within is out now.

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[Audio] Pyramid reMixes Elephanz



French Sci-Fi SynthWaver has unleashed another slice of dramatic Pyramid Electro. This time he goes above and beyond the call of futuristic duty as he busts out a dystopian soundtrack reMix of Nantes Pop-Rock duo Elephanz’s Time For A Change.

The master of cinematic analog Electro delivers once again. Part slow burn dancefloor stormer, part Dark Future Sci-Fi accompaniment, the reMix delivered unremitting waves of unnervingly beautiful synthesizer melodies befitting the main titles of a Gibson novel move alongside bustling Inner City New York beats. The snatches of the originals are a largely superfluous, but welcome addition as Pyramid rocks a raw synth groove like no-one else.

♫ Elephanz – Time For A Change (Pyramid reMix)

Elephanz’s Time For A Change is out now.

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[Audio] Crayon & Pyramid’s So Far Gone’

Crayon & Pyramid

This week saw the long awaited release, on Kitsuné Music, of a collaboration between two of our favourite producers. French Sci-Fi SynthWaver Pyramid has teamed up with fellow Parisian Disco don Crayon (who appears to have dropped the ‘Le’ from ‘Le Crayon’) to release a massive EP that is everything you’d expect when these two synthesizer worlds collide.

The lead track, So Far Gone, is such a beautiful meeting of minds that it transcends both Disco and SynthWave. A laid back, but solid, Disco groove with some fancy bass playing rolls through the track alongside Pyramid’s dystopian synths. You get Acidic growls rubbing shoulder with blissful beach Disco and a really smooth vocal. One of the best tunes of the year so far. The rest of the EP holds Pyramid’s Wolf and Crayon’s Cosma, two individual tracks, and another collaboration, Utopia. Utopia is a bright Cosmic Disco workout full of big bass, buzzing synths and a retro future feel. Pyramid and Crayon then take turns reMixing each others tracks. Pyramid turning Crayon’s Cosma into a bass heave Galactic synth oddessy featuring broken up vocoding and BladeRunner keys. Crayon takes on Pyramid’s Wolf and injects a healthy does of Disco into the dark synth epic and delivers soaring solos in what could be the EP’s standout. It’s EP comes highly recommended, it’s pretty much a must buy release.

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – So Far Gone

♫ Crayon & Pyramid – Utopia

♫ Crayon – Cosma (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Pyramid – Wolf (Crayon reMix)

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[MP3] Deluce reMixes Pyramid


Has it really been four years since we heard from Parisian deep Electro dude Deluce? That was when he released his awesome Stage 1 EP and we last wrote about him (I use the word ‘wrote’ loosely, it was a while ago). A scan if his SoundCloud page indicates he’s been steadily , if sporadically, releasing tunes. But it was only yesterday that he re-appeared in our inbox with this slick take on fellow French Sci-Fi synth lover Pyramid’s tune of last summer, Frontier.

Dulce’s reMix walks the fine line between SynthWave and Cosmic Disco. Weaving funky little licks  and a clap fuelled beat though his soundtrack synths. Staying true to the beauty and atmosphere of the original, Deluce up-s the Disco ante a little and reinvents the track’s drama filled melodies for a nostalgic dancefloor.

Pyramid – The Frontier (Deluce reMix)

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[Audio] Pyramid’s ‘Wolf’


It’s that time again, Kitsuné Music are about to release their third Kitsuné Parisien compilation. Put together by Kitsuné main man Gildas and graffiti artist André to showcase French talent, and of course you can’t do that without including one of France’s premier SynthWave talents, Sci-Fi synth explorer Pyramid.

Wolf, Pyramid’s new track, is four minutes powered by chainsaw synths and wailing solos. But this is no harsh Electro tune, Pyramid uses his abrasive sounds not to create aggression, but to instil beauty and wonder. A pulsating Italo Disco bassline underpins the track, allowing Pyramid to concoct an enigmatic dark future soundtrack where machine stabs play against soaring melodies.Robotic and atmospheric dancefloor soundtrack stuff.

♫ Pyramid – Wolf

Kitsuné Parisien III is released 4th February, followed by a new EP from Pyramid.

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Le Crayon & Oxford and Pyramid reMix Saint Lou Lou


Australian girl duo Saint Lou Lou’s Maybe You, which we featured last month, is out today on Kitsuné Music. Amongst the pretty special collection of reMixes, which includes work from CFCF and Good Night Keaton, is this luscious Nu-Disco workout from the team-up of Le Crayon & Oxford and a spacey synth epic by Pyramid.

These two Frenchmen are amazing producers of summery beach party sounds in their own rights, but together they are unstoppable. Combining their funky, carefree Disco grooves and rousing retro synth chords together results in a pure floor filler. Hazy and loaded with twang synth sounds the reMix plays up the emotional power of the original’s vocals and works that into some big dancefloor moments. This is what retro dance is all about. Pyramid’s take on the track invites us into his world of deep, analog, cosmic synths. Working with the dreamy style of the original Pyramid layers rich, evocative, synth tones against sparse beats creating an atmospheric mood of music beauty and a touch of darkness.

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Le Crayon & Oxford reMix)

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Pyramid reMix)

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is out today.

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