[MP3] M83 reMixed by Freak You



Brining some old school Bronx beats to your ears right now is French producer and On The Fruit Records godfather Freak You with his officially sanctioned reMix of French Electro-Indie superstar M83’s single Steve McQueen.

Kicking off like an early 80s right on the New York subway, Freak You drops guitar stabs amidst B-boy beats and swirling vocals, easing you into the groove with Sci-Fi synths and rapid clap rolls. Bringing to mind the best experimental period of Electro’s history, Freak Yuo works the Breakin; vibe until he;s ready to get all Juan Aitinks on out asses with a solid House beat and Chicago bassline. This hybrid of Chicago House and New York Electro is exactly the same kind of thing Aitkins was doing with Cybotron, and creating Techno. Freak You brings a similar vibe whilst keeping it soulful.

M83 – Steve McQueen (Freak You reMix)

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