[Audio] Shelby Grey’s ‘Electric Illusions’ EP


Shelby Grey

Released today, a fitting Friday 13th, is Spanish Nu-Disco and Dreamwave producer Shelby Grey’s new EP, Electric Illusions. Fitting as the new release sees Grey take a voyage into the worlds of 80’s synth Horror Soundtracks and moody Italo, all wrapped up in the man’s quirky Disco beats. Interesting stuff, and an anathema to the tidal waves of summery party Disco now the night are getting longer…and darker.

The release’s title track is a marching creepshow of synthetic basslines and spooky nightmare melodies, juxtaposed with a space-age Cosmic Disco groove. A Disco tune to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, Electric Illusions brings dread to the dancefloor. Possession continues the mood, but adds in some shuffling percussive breakbeats to the mix before the release plays out on Baroque Electrique. This final track is a pumping Italo/SynthWave soundtrack piece loaded with Disco flourishes. A rolling arpeggiated bassline drives the track ever onward with all manner of tense synth chords play out over the top, this one brings the strongest vibe to the EP whilst keeping up the mysterious theme running through. A good concept EP from Shelby, and a nice break from the norm.

♫ Shelby Grey – Baroque Electrique

♫ Shelby Grey – Electric Illusions

Shelby Grey’s Electric Illusions is out today via ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People

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[MP3] Cavaliers of Fun’s ‘Valley Of Dreams’



It’s been a while. This is Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun’s first proper single of the year, and right slap-bang in the middle of a heatwave is the prefect time to unleash such laid-back summery bliss.Valley Of Dreams delivers everything you’d want from a hazy beach tune. Nostalgic, funky, slightly ethereal and all covered in island vibes. All brought to you by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Pouring Tropical Disco and Dreamwave into a mixing bowl Cavaliers Of Fun cooks up only the finest of both. It’s the kind of song we all wigged out to in the summer of 2010, but updated with slick Disco licks and Tropical purcussion. A solid Disco beat is complimented by hazy, heavily effected guitars and a bouncy synth bass. As Ricco Vitali presents his passionate croon, thick synths create an irresistible sunkissed mood. The Single is loaded with reMixes too, Freak You strips the beach vibe from the tune and morphs it into a Technoid stormer with 90s House overtones. Riddled with noisy effects and a heavy Rave leads and rolling snare fills, this one’ll have you grinning and dancing. Saint Pauli uplifts the single with a big room mix where they take everything big. Big lead stabs, Big Disco snyths and a Big stomping beat. Fellow Holographic Peopl-er Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub is pretty special too, possible the EP’s highlight, a proper 12” extended mix that strips the original to it’s synth basics and layers orchestral hits, robo synths and a rocking B-Boy beat. We’d love to hear this one with the vocals. These tunes sit alongside a luscious Poolside Disco mix from Poindexter on a release that is, surprisingly, free to download. There’s need to be no discussion, download this right now.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Freak You reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Saint Pauli reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub)

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[MP3] Shelby Grey reMixes K.R.B.



Here we have something new and something huge from Spanish producer Shelby Grey. It;s his take on early 90s classic The Misterious Song by K.R.B.. Prepare for a big rhythmic epic of a tune, lovingly updated by Grey with respect to the original.

This one all about big rolling beats, with a real B-Boy Electro feel, coupled with hypnotic, psychedelic hooks and spacious pads. Grey takes choice bits of the original and works them into a multi-layered, undulating, four minutes that has you hooked for every second.

K.R.B. – The Misterious Song (Shelby Grey reMix)

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[Mixtape] Shelby Grey’s ‘Spring Mix’


shelby-grey_thumb (1)

Shelby Grey – Spring Mix = ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’s Shelby Grey has just dropped his Spring collection of tunes. Expect and hour of the deepest House, Nu-Disco and Dreamwave you ever did hear.

Shelby Grey – Spring Mix

The tracklist:
01. Bot´Ox – The Face Of Another
02. The XX – Sunset (Jamie XX Edit)
03. Monitor 66 – Follow You
04. Bicep & Ejeca – You (Ejeca´s Piano Version)
05. Finnebassen – Touching Me
06. Classixx – Holding On (Lifelike reMix)
07. Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru
08. Shimmer – So Yesterday
09. Ali Love – Emperor
10. J.Whiltshire – Closer
11. Omar S – Thank U 4 Letting Be Myself
12. Robert De Long – Global Concepts (Pat Lok reMix)
13. Russ Chimes – Back 2 You (Hot Since 82 reMix)
14. Legowelt – Elementz Of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1)
15. Fabo (Feat. Lostcause) – Where I Stand (Karmon reMix)
16. Chrome Canyon – Car Fire On The Highway (Eclectic Method reMix)
17. Brian Eno & Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar reMix)

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[MP3] Shelby Grey & DâM-FunK reMix Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi

Two very different interpretations right here of Toro Y Moi’s Say That, one of the standouts from his recent Anything In Return album. There’s a few reMixes of this tune floating about, but these two recently released versions bring a couple of distinct flavours to the track.

First up Mr. Shelby Grey delivers a deep House groove to accompany the song. Spacing out the vocals over a laid back warehouse beat. With a synthetic, hypnotic hook, Shelby drops haunting snatches of vocal in and out of the track, driven on by an early 90s House bassline. LA Funketeer  DâM-FunK whips up a sumptuous LA Funk Re-Freak that plays on the tracks smoothness to it’s fullest and injects it with a healthy does of D-F’s raw synthesizer Funk.  Two equally good, but worlds apart takes on an excellent, soulful, tune.

Toro y Moi – Say That (Shelby Grey reMix)

♫ Toro Y Moi – Say That (DâM-FunK Re-Freak)

Toro Y Moi’s Anything In Return is out now.

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[Audio] Shelby Grey’s new single

Shelby Grey

There’s a new single in the offing from ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’, which also happens to be their big 1-0. This tenth release on the label comes from sable staple Shelby Grey, who delivers two tracks, slightly darker than we’re used to from him, full of atmosphere and import.

The Devil’s Dancer sees grey moving toward a more SynthWave sound. Ominous and cinematic, Shelby plays out a tense audio narrative using a sound palette not unlike the synthetic soundtracks of late early 80’s Zombie movies. With a hint of John Carpenter amongst the synthetic Disco sounds, The Devil’s Dancer is both funky and creepy rolled into one. the B-Side, Danse Macarbre, is surprisingly upbeat. Build on a foundation of Moog Funk, Danse Macarbre weaves it’s way through layers of intricate melodies and mood setting textures which end up being more Cosmic than Gothic. The single is a departure of Grey, but one that shows he has more than one string to his bow.

♫ Shelby Grey – The Devil’ s Dancer

♫ Shelby Grey – Danse Macabre

Shelby Grey’s The Devil’s Dancer single is out now.

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Shelby Grey Edits Patrizia Pellegrino

Patrizia Pellegrino

Spanish Dreamwaver Shelby Grey has taken time out from his usual productions to bring us this edit Patrizia Pellegrino’s 1982 Italo classic Musica Spaziale. Originally a double A-side with her hit Matta-Ta, it’s hard it imagine anything able to make the track more Italo, but Mr. Grey manages it with ease.

Kicking off with some nice filtering, you instantly notice that Shelby has actually slowed the track down a little, maybe that’s the right decision, dancefloors are a little smoother than the tracks early ‘80’s NRG origins. All the synths have been thickened up to, and there’s a nice build mid-way too. Brining the classic Euro SynthPop sound into a place where it sits well with contemporary, albeit retro, Disco, Shelby has created a mighty DJ tool here.

Patrizia Pellegrino – Musica Spaziale (Shelby Grey Edit)

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Shelby Grey’s new single, with Goldroom and Moonchild


‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’ are back with a brand new release, which is always something to get excited about. This new single sees the Shelby Grey back in the spotlight. Taken from his awesome The Music Is On His Side album and featuring Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali on vocals. Shelby is dropping an amazing reMix package for Wild Youth.

First up there’s an updated version of the track, more focused on rhythm and riff and extended for your DJing pleasure. Wild Youth is a feel good summer anthem, bursting at the seams with good vibes, it;s a real party starter. Built on an infections piano riff and sparking synths. Vitali’s vocals will be in your head all day too. The reMix package is pure killer, alongside work from Pedro Pantera we find Goldroom, who delivers a surprisingly big reMix, casting aside his usual laid back beach party style, here Goldroom layers the tune with big room riffs and shows he can handle them with ease. Goldroom effortlessly turns the tune into peak-time floorfiller. Moonchild brings the chilled Disco element to table with a bass heavy groove and furiously funky licks. Moonchild turns in the late night jam version of the track. It’s an awesome single package and one that should definitely be checked out.

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Ricco Vitali) – Wild Youth (2012 Extended Mix)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Ricco Vitali) – Wild Youth (Goldroom reMix)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Ricco Vitali) – Wild Youth (Moonchild reMix)

Shelby Grey’s Wild Youth is out today.

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Shelby Grey’s new single

shelby grey

Taken from his fantastic album of last year, ‘Chains Of Love’ is Shelby Grey’s new single, released next Monday (the day for awesome releases!!!) by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

‘Chains Of Love’ is the amazing Balearic Acid Space Disco musical journey that graced the ‘The Music Is On His Side’ album and one of the tracks that made that record uncategorizable. This is a track with a Mediterranean beach vibe that works perfectly in synth with Acid burbling. Both relaxing and exciting ‘Chains Of Love’ is one of those tracks that shows off what a talent Shelby Grey is. The reMix package come loaded with fine work, chief amongst them is Clancy’s standout take on the track, bringing his Disco fuelled Dreamwave flavour to the single. With an absolutely massive Italo bassline, Clancy completely commands the track, letting waves and waves of lush retro synth wash over it. Vicknoise take a different approach, with a hypnotic slow building track who’s machine like order belies an optimistic soul.

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love (Clancy Rework)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of  Love Vicknoise reMix)

‘Chains Of Love’ is released Monday and also features a reMix from Hal Incandenza, the new alter ego of Henry Saiz.

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Shelby Grey’s new album

Shelby Grey

Today sees the release of Shelby Grey’s new album, ‘The Music Is On His Side’. Released on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

It’s actually an amazingly varied body of work, if you like the sound of a synthesizer then there will be something for you contained with this records ten tracks. From the opening ‘April’s Legacy’, a sweeping electronic epic that sets the tone for an album just as occupied with conveying emotion through music as it is with making you dance. The mood lightens immediately as we get into the album proper, lifted by the tropical flavours of Chains Of Love, although this track does retain an underlying melancholy. all that is blown away, though, by the first of two collaborations with Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali who helps Shelby get the party started on ‘Wild Youth’. From their the LP slides through different genres and moods from the deep groove of ‘Voce D Amore’ to the atmospheric soundscapes of ‘The Dream Is Always The Same’ and ‘La Nena’ stopping by the upbeat SynthPop of the first single, ‘Echoes, Dimensions & Waves’. After keeping the energy up with the storming title track the album closes on a couple of cinematic pieces, ‘Back To Bollebygd’ and ‘Soracci’, leaving you suitably released from the big room tunes. Whatever you’re looking for, whether Jarre-esque synth compositions and something to fill your Nu-Disco dancefloor, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it within ’The Music Is On His Side’ .

♫ Shelby Grey (eat. Guzmán) – The Music Is On His Side

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Ricco Vitali) -Wild Youth

Shelby Grey – April’s Legacy

‘The Music Is On His Side’ is out right now! You can stream the whole thing here.

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