[Download] Cavaliers Of Fun reMixes Gwen Stefani’s ‘Baby Don’t Lie’



Mediterranean Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun is has just dropped this brand new sunshine-y reMix to warm your ears this winter. Ricco has been quite quiet for a while, but he’s chosen to remind you all of his holiday vibes with this take on Gwen Stefani’s ‘comeback’ single of earlier this year, Baby Don’t Lie.

Ricco keeps a lot of the original intact on his version, the vocals, backing vocals and lead line are all present and correct; but added to this you have both the Cavaliers Of Fun pumping Disco bass, and Vitali’s disturbing love of beach guitar. The end result is a version of the single with the groove turned up to 10, it’s not a massive departure from Stefani’s vision, but enough to make it supremely dancefloor friendly.

Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie (Cavaliers Of Fun reMix)

Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie is out now.

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[Video] Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Anoraak, Pegase And RAC’



Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun is back with a brand new release. The Camp COF EP (out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’) contains this tribute to the sounds of 2008, Anoraak, Pegase And RAC.

Francisco B. Froes directs the clip, which is just as chill as the sweet indie-Elector sounds of the track.

Cavaliers Of Fun’s Camp COF EP is out now.

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[MP3] Cavaliers of Fun’s ‘Valley Of Dreams’



It’s been a while. This is Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun’s first proper single of the year, and right slap-bang in the middle of a heatwave is the prefect time to unleash such laid-back summery bliss.Valley Of Dreams delivers everything you’d want from a hazy beach tune. Nostalgic, funky, slightly ethereal and all covered in island vibes. All brought to you by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Pouring Tropical Disco and Dreamwave into a mixing bowl Cavaliers Of Fun cooks up only the finest of both. It’s the kind of song we all wigged out to in the summer of 2010, but updated with slick Disco licks and Tropical purcussion. A solid Disco beat is complimented by hazy, heavily effected guitars and a bouncy synth bass. As Ricco Vitali presents his passionate croon, thick synths create an irresistible sunkissed mood. The Single is loaded with reMixes too, Freak You strips the beach vibe from the tune and morphs it into a Technoid stormer with 90s House overtones. Riddled with noisy effects and a heavy Rave leads and rolling snare fills, this one’ll have you grinning and dancing. Saint Pauli uplifts the single with a big room mix where they take everything big. Big lead stabs, Big Disco snyths and a Big stomping beat. Fellow Holographic Peopl-er Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub is pretty special too, possible the EP’s highlight, a proper 12” extended mix that strips the original to it’s synth basics and layers orchestral hits, robo synths and a rocking B-Boy beat. We’d love to hear this one with the vocals. These tunes sit alongside a luscious Poolside Disco mix from Poindexter on a release that is, surprisingly, free to download. There’s need to be no discussion, download this right now.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Freak You reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Saint Pauli reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub)

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[MP3] Cavaliers Of Fun reMix Young Digerati

Young Digerati

So, it would appear that LA based Dreamwavers Young Digerati are no more. I’m not sure when (or if) this was announced, but according to the blurb with the latest reMix from Cavaliers Of Fun, that’s the facts. Which is a pity, Young Digerati had a lot going for them but never really seem to hit their stride as far as releasing material went. I get the feeling there was some bad management in the mix too. They shall be missed.

What we are left with, though, is this reMix Cavaliers Of Fun did of unreleased track Aquiel, and it’s a beautiful send off for the guys. Cavaliers Of Fun delivers a Cosmic Dreamwave blissfest. Who says electronic music isn’t emotional? No-one who’s heard Cavaliers Of Fun’s gently, nuanced work on this track, that’s for sure. Bouncy basslines play side-by-side with intricate melodies and smooth, heartfelt solos, creating a track that moves your feet and your soul (if that existed).  Young Digetati’s song, an uplifting summery anthem, glides effortlessly over the top. A fitting final salute.

 Young Digerati – Aquiel (Cavaliers of Fun reMix)

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[MP3] Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Last X-Mas’ cover

Cavaliers Of Fun

There’s just not been enough X-mas tunes this year. But fear not, thanks to ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’ we can exclusively début Cavaliers Of Fun’s cover of Wham!’s 1984 classic Last Christmas. Well…if you’re going to cover an X-mas song, that got to be pretty high up on your list. So relax and enjoy some pumping Electro-Disco Funk with added X-mas cheer.

You can’t help but smile all the way throughout this tune. There just something about the combination of Ricco crooning his way through those lyrics everyone knows a killer post-Italo bass groove and layers and layers of magical synths. According to Ricco “[Rain]deers are replaced with unicorns and sleigh-bells with cowbells.” and it certainly sounds like it. This has definitely made it’s way straight to the top of my X-mas playlist, to be played on repeat at the coming X-mas parties.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Last X-Mas (Wham! ReFixxx Cover)

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Worship’s ‘Horizon’ EP

This week sees the release of the new EP from SynthWave master Worship, titled ‘Horizon’ EP and released on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People

The ‘Horizon’ EP promises three tracks of blissed-out synthesizer  love and kicks off with ‘Spiral End’, featuring Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali on vocals. Worship’s big power chorded SynthWave and Ricco’s 80’s wailing is a match made in heaven . It’s a pretty anthemic track, like a rousing call to dance, loaded with huge warm synths, a wicked groove and that particular sing-a-long quality all anthems need. Have we had a Dreamwave anthem yet? If not, this is your contender. Also featuring on the EP is ‘Miles Indies’, which is as atmospheric as it is funky. The solid groove and slap bass head-nodding effect complimented perfectly by some lush, worldly, pads and leads. SynthWave at it’s best, ‘Miles Inside’ speaks to both your feet and your heart. The EP’s title track starts off in Jean Michel-Jarre mode before launching into the funk fuelled soundtrack to the best imaginary ‘80’s cop show. Y’know, a cop show with a theme, probably about a future cop who accidently gets trapped in the past (the ‘80’s) and had to buddy with a quirky everyman beat cop. ‘Horizon’ is exciting, driving and majestic and contains some really nice flourishes. Including a bunch of reMixes alongside the originals, this EP will be a must purchase!

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali) – Spiral End

♫ Worship – Miles Inside

♫ Worship – Horizon

‘Horizon’ is released today.

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SaiR reMixes Cavaliers Of Fun


Our favourite Portuguese producer SaiR has taken on the lead track from Cavaliers Of Fun recent ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP, ‘Passengers’, for his latest mix.

Keeping it smooth with a night time vibe, SaiR works Ricco’s vocals into a laid back slice of synthesizer Funk featuring the very best in head nodding basslines and quirky little lead riffs.  Ruben from SaiR certainly knows how to twist a synth line to his funky will and makes the track so slick and chilled that you can just let is wash over you like a wave of groove.

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Passengers (SaiR reMix)

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Cavaliers Of Fun reMixed by Young Digerati


Two of the smoothest acts ever to grace a beach party get together for some hot reMix action right here as Ricco Vitali A.K.A. Cavaliers Of Fun gets versioned by LA’s slick ElectroPopsters Young Digerati.

Taking ‘Gold’ from CoF’s recent ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP, Young Digerati up the dancefloor ante on the track and inject the dreamy laid back groove of the original with some Disco goodness. The new upbeat slant to the song actually make the vocals into something of an anthemic sing-a-long. If you like your ElectroPop infused with feel good chants and bouncy analog basslines then check this tune out.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Gold (Young Digerati Rmx)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP is out now on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

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Cavaliers Of Fun’s new EP

Cavaliers Of Fun

It’s been a long time coming, but Ricco Vitali A.K.A., Cavaliers Of Fun, finally drops his first EP for ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ today.

When you see an EP title like ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ you know you’re in for a treat. The EP sees Vitali mixing up a number of cool, good weather styles in one big melting pot. There are hints of Electro-Indie, snatches of LA Dreamwave, a Nu-Disco groove, bits of Tropical and Balearic vibes, but overall I was quite surprised. I was expecting the kind of vintage synthed cosmic Disco I had come to expect from Cavalier’s Of Fun, what you get in this EP, though, is something more intimate, more musical, more akin to clash between East Coast Indie and West Coast Disco. This new found blending of Vitali’s sweeping vocals, Sci-Fi synthesizers and lilting Indie guitar really works in these five tracks and makes the EP a Summer must. I’m going to be reaching for the ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP everytime the weather gets good. Here’s our pick of the EP.

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Summer Days

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Passengers

And thanks to ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ you can download this special ‘Space Edit’ of ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ for free!

Cavaliers Of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets (Space Edit)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Sharing Space Secrets’  EP is out today on Holographic People.

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Cavaliers Of Fun reMixes Britney Spears

In advance of their first EP release for ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’, The awesome Cavaliers Of Fun has dropped this ElectroPoptastic reMix of Britney Spears’ ‘Til The World Ends’.

Bringing it down to the bassline and retro synth work, Mr. Ricco Vitali’s tune slides onto the dancefloor and is so slick that when the electric piano kick in it’s got the groove locked down so tight. Let the synthesizers carry you ‘til the world ends.

Britney Spears – ‘Till The World Ends (Cavaliers Of Fun reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s EP should be ready in September.

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