[Audio] Freak You reMixes Dead Astronauts


Dead Astronauts

Kick off your week with the latest from On The Fruit Records head honcho Freak You. This month Franck turns his attention to Seattle based Modern SynthPop outfit Dead Astronauts’ track Weathered Wolves, to be released soon on Nueva Forma. The track comes from Dead Astronauts’ forthcoming album, Constellations, which is due for a summer release.

Having not heard the original of Weathered Wolves we can’t really comment on the differences, but we’re getting a classic SynthPop with Goth overtones from the track. The vocals and lyrical content have a very mid-90s German SynthiePop vibe to them, a vibe wich Freak You plays to, bringing in big, undulating, euphoric, EBM-lite synths and growling bass tones. Of course, a Freak You reMix is going to a a lot funkier than dated 90s FuturePop, and Franck deliver with a stunning, dramatic rhythm section, loaded with flourishes and evolutions. Also, there’s a little drum fill in the first bar of every bridge that make us really happy.

♫ Dead Astronauts – Weathered Wolves (Freak You reMix)

Dead Astronauts’ Constellations is released this summer.

Buy Dead Astronauts’ music from:



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