[Download] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’ reMixed by Freak You



It’s fair to say that in the last week or so our inbox has been pretty inundated with reMixes of Goldroom’s excellent Embrace. We kinda’ expected it when Goldroom sent the stems free into the wild, we really haven’t got the time or the inclination to bring you all of them though. However, you really need to wrap your ears around this blissed out mix from On The Fruit Records own Freak You, it’ll make your Monday morning orders of magnitude better.

Freak You has delivered another of his classic dance music pieces. Free of genre or era, he whips up a timeless floorfiller with ingredients from House, Disco and Trance with a pinch of R&B. With an early 90s, golden age, feel to it, this reMix powers along, dividing it’s load between a grumbling bassline and an optimistic piano line. The deep club nature of the tune tends to lend Ariela Jacobs’ vocals a new, almost urban, flavour. Unlike a whole heap of the reMixes of Embrace that have landed on out virtual desk, Freak You’s reMix really does transform it into a brand new song.

Goldroom – Embrace (Freak You reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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