[Download] Freak You reMixes Natural Animal’s ‘Who You Are’


Natural Animal

Freak You is so classy. Seriously, every one of his reMixes in the past couple of years has avoided bandwagons, avoided fads, avoided genres even. He just delivers, classic sounding, somewhat timeless, dance music tunes that always hit the right note with the track being reMixed. His latest work is a mix for Toronto based duo Natural Animal and their song, Who You Are.

Freak You takes the almost Tropical sounding Bedroom Pop track and morphs it into a brooding epic. Flipping Who You Are’s Island hook into a hypnotic refrain gives the track an anchor and frees up the rich strings and reverb washed vocals to freely ebb & flow in and out of the track creating an enigmatic, but emotionally resonant mood. Freak You works his sound pallet to it’s fullest, teasing every ounce of humanity out of the track yet keeping both feet planted firmly on the dancefloor.

♫ Natural Animal – Who You Are (Freak You reMix)

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