[Audio] Pat Lok & Bear Mountain’s ‘Same Hearts'(+ Ride The Universe and Oxford reMixes)



Our favourite Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has teamed up with ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ for the release of his storming new single. Featuring the vocal styling of fellow Canadian outfit Bear Mountain, Same Hearts delivers slick dancefloor beats and spaced-out Cosmic vibes in equal measures, which the reMix package is stuffed to breaking point with Shelby Grey, Ride The Universe and Oxford.

Same Hearts elevates itself above Nu-Disco and House with a slew of complex beats and pitch perfect intertwining riffs. Smooth and laid back despite it’s intricacy, and the inclusion of Bear Mountain’s soulful vocal seals the deal for this song as a late night floorfiller that’ll captivate the crowd. Pan-Atlantic Disco superheroes Ride The Universe attack the track with some of the funkiest, infectious, retro Disco you’ll have heard in a while. With a big 80s Soul Pop intro, the reMix soon launces into something straight out of most nostalgic summer. Astounding bass, slick robo vocals and lush, lush snyths permeate every minute of this track. Frenchman Oxford’s take on the track is every bit as funky, but retaining the originals House groove for a result with one foot in the warehouse, on on the mirrorballed dancefloor. A stunning release from Pat Lok here, definitely desisted to become one of the tunes of the summer.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Oxford reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out today.

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[MP3] Cavaliers of Fun’s ‘Valley Of Dreams’



It’s been a while. This is Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun’s first proper single of the year, and right slap-bang in the middle of a heatwave is the prefect time to unleash such laid-back summery bliss.Valley Of Dreams delivers everything you’d want from a hazy beach tune. Nostalgic, funky, slightly ethereal and all covered in island vibes. All brought to you by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Pouring Tropical Disco and Dreamwave into a mixing bowl Cavaliers Of Fun cooks up only the finest of both. It’s the kind of song we all wigged out to in the summer of 2010, but updated with slick Disco licks and Tropical purcussion. A solid Disco beat is complimented by hazy, heavily effected guitars and a bouncy synth bass. As Ricco Vitali presents his passionate croon, thick synths create an irresistible sunkissed mood. The Single is loaded with reMixes too, Freak You strips the beach vibe from the tune and morphs it into a Technoid stormer with 90s House overtones. Riddled with noisy effects and a heavy Rave leads and rolling snare fills, this one’ll have you grinning and dancing. Saint Pauli uplifts the single with a big room mix where they take everything big. Big lead stabs, Big Disco snyths and a Big stomping beat. Fellow Holographic Peopl-er Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub is pretty special too, possible the EP’s highlight, a proper 12” extended mix that strips the original to it’s synth basics and layers orchestral hits, robo synths and a rocking B-Boy beat. We’d love to hear this one with the vocals. These tunes sit alongside a luscious Poolside Disco mix from Poindexter on a release that is, surprisingly, free to download. There’s need to be no discussion, download this right now.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Freak You reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Saint Pauli reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub)

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[Audio] Worship’s new EP



Out this week on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ is the long awaited new EP from Swiss SynthWaver Worship. His first release since last September’s Horizon reMixes, this new EP represents a new batch of original tunes, which is what we want from Worship really. So expect a ton of cosmic, otherworldly, synth boogie journeys and Worship guides us through the whopping seven tracks of his new release.

The Close Encounter EP begins it’s mighty quest with the track of the same name, an arpeggio fuelled modern Italo tune that really launches the EP with a full-on energy vibe. Bright sounds and a groove that takes us back to the resurgence of melodic Electro a few years ago, Close Encounter really sets up the EP. Island Disco sounds infiltrate the EP on the following track, Alpha Centauri, working the rhythm alongside lush Tropical sounds. Orion Forever is a reworking of last years Forever Orion with added big buzzy synths and a tempo supercharge. Definitely one of the EPs highlights with a really infectious groove. First Light gives the EP a smooth, laid back SynthWave mid-point before launching into Last Words, a rich, melodic, excursion into fantastical synthetic places. A place where music for your mind, and music for your feet, meet and you get lost in the swirl of synths. The EP rounds out with the pretty standard Nu-Disco Odyssey and a Cosmic Disco workout of Orion Forever from Auxiliary Tha Masterfader. Close Encounter is a release loaded with space-age Disco sound, and one could do a lot worst than pick up.

♫ Worship – Last Words

♫ Worship – Orion Forever

♫ Worship – Close Encounter

Worship’s Close Encounter EP is out this week. Alongside the digital release, the EP is also available on a strictly limited edition cassette which you can pick up here.

Buy Worship’s music from:


[MP3] Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Last X-Mas’ cover

Cavaliers Of Fun

There’s just not been enough X-mas tunes this year. But fear not, thanks to ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’ we can exclusively début Cavaliers Of Fun’s cover of Wham!’s 1984 classic Last Christmas. Well…if you’re going to cover an X-mas song, that got to be pretty high up on your list. So relax and enjoy some pumping Electro-Disco Funk with added X-mas cheer.

You can’t help but smile all the way throughout this tune. There just something about the combination of Ricco crooning his way through those lyrics everyone knows a killer post-Italo bass groove and layers and layers of magical synths. According to Ricco “[Rain]deers are replaced with unicorns and sleigh-bells with cowbells.” and it certainly sounds like it. This has definitely made it’s way straight to the top of my X-mas playlist, to be played on repeat at the coming X-mas parties.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Last X-Mas (Wham! ReFixxx Cover)

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[Audio] Shelby Grey’s new single

Shelby Grey

There’s a new single in the offing from ‘The ever-awesome Holographic People’, which also happens to be their big 1-0. This tenth release on the label comes from sable staple Shelby Grey, who delivers two tracks, slightly darker than we’re used to from him, full of atmosphere and import.

The Devil’s Dancer sees grey moving toward a more SynthWave sound. Ominous and cinematic, Shelby plays out a tense audio narrative using a sound palette not unlike the synthetic soundtracks of late early 80’s Zombie movies. With a hint of John Carpenter amongst the synthetic Disco sounds, The Devil’s Dancer is both funky and creepy rolled into one. the B-Side, Danse Macarbre, is surprisingly upbeat. Build on a foundation of Moog Funk, Danse Macarbre weaves it’s way through layers of intricate melodies and mood setting textures which end up being more Cosmic than Gothic. The single is a departure of Grey, but one that shows he has more than one string to his bow.

♫ Shelby Grey – The Devil’ s Dancer

♫ Shelby Grey – Danse Macabre

Shelby Grey’s The Devil’s Dancer single is out now.

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Shelby Grey’s new single

shelby grey

Taken from his fantastic album of last year, ‘Chains Of Love’ is Shelby Grey’s new single, released next Monday (the day for awesome releases!!!) by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

‘Chains Of Love’ is the amazing Balearic Acid Space Disco musical journey that graced the ‘The Music Is On His Side’ album and one of the tracks that made that record uncategorizable. This is a track with a Mediterranean beach vibe that works perfectly in synth with Acid burbling. Both relaxing and exciting ‘Chains Of Love’ is one of those tracks that shows off what a talent Shelby Grey is. The reMix package come loaded with fine work, chief amongst them is Clancy’s standout take on the track, bringing his Disco fuelled Dreamwave flavour to the single. With an absolutely massive Italo bassline, Clancy completely commands the track, letting waves and waves of lush retro synth wash over it. Vicknoise take a different approach, with a hypnotic slow building track who’s machine like order belies an optimistic soul.

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love (Clancy Rework)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of  Love Vicknoise reMix)

‘Chains Of Love’ is released Monday and also features a reMix from Hal Incandenza, the new alter ego of Henry Saiz.

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Shelby Grey’s new album

Shelby Grey

Today sees the release of Shelby Grey’s new album, ‘The Music Is On His Side’. Released on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

It’s actually an amazingly varied body of work, if you like the sound of a synthesizer then there will be something for you contained with this records ten tracks. From the opening ‘April’s Legacy’, a sweeping electronic epic that sets the tone for an album just as occupied with conveying emotion through music as it is with making you dance. The mood lightens immediately as we get into the album proper, lifted by the tropical flavours of Chains Of Love, although this track does retain an underlying melancholy. all that is blown away, though, by the first of two collaborations with Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali who helps Shelby get the party started on ‘Wild Youth’. From their the LP slides through different genres and moods from the deep groove of ‘Voce D Amore’ to the atmospheric soundscapes of ‘The Dream Is Always The Same’ and ‘La Nena’ stopping by the upbeat SynthPop of the first single, ‘Echoes, Dimensions & Waves’. After keeping the energy up with the storming title track the album closes on a couple of cinematic pieces, ‘Back To Bollebygd’ and ‘Soracci’, leaving you suitably released from the big room tunes. Whatever you’re looking for, whether Jarre-esque synth compositions and something to fill your Nu-Disco dancefloor, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it within ’The Music Is On His Side’ .

♫ Shelby Grey (eat. Guzmán) – The Music Is On His Side

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Ricco Vitali) -Wild Youth

Shelby Grey – April’s Legacy

‘The Music Is On His Side’ is out right now! You can stream the whole thing here.

Buy Shelby Grey’s music from:


Cavaliers Of Fun’s new EP

Cavaliers Of Fun

It’s been a long time coming, but Ricco Vitali A.K.A., Cavaliers Of Fun, finally drops his first EP for ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ today.

When you see an EP title like ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ you know you’re in for a treat. The EP sees Vitali mixing up a number of cool, good weather styles in one big melting pot. There are hints of Electro-Indie, snatches of LA Dreamwave, a Nu-Disco groove, bits of Tropical and Balearic vibes, but overall I was quite surprised. I was expecting the kind of vintage synthed cosmic Disco I had come to expect from Cavalier’s Of Fun, what you get in this EP, though, is something more intimate, more musical, more akin to clash between East Coast Indie and West Coast Disco. This new found blending of Vitali’s sweeping vocals, Sci-Fi synthesizers and lilting Indie guitar really works in these five tracks and makes the EP a Summer must. I’m going to be reaching for the ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ EP everytime the weather gets good. Here’s our pick of the EP.

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Summer Days

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets

♫ Cavaliers Of Fun – Passengers

And thanks to ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ you can download this special ‘Space Edit’ of ‘Sharing Space Secrets’ for free!

Cavaliers Of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets (Space Edit)

Cavaliers Of Fun’s ‘Sharing Space Secrets’  EP is out today on Holographic People.

Buy Cavaliers Of Fun’s music from:


Miroir on the club mix

If you haven’t already purchased Clancy and Build’s Miroir project’s début EP ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’, what are you waiting for?

Released  last month on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’, the EP is one of the beat Nu-Disco/Dreamwave/Retro Synth releases of the year so far, check out what we said about it here. If you still need convincing, get your ears around this club mix of ‘Night Sky’, it’s epic synthesizer dance at it’s finest.

Miroir – Night Sky (Miroir Club Mix)

Miroir’s ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’ EP is out now.

Buy Miroir’s music from:


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Miroir: Build & Clancy’s new project

Holographic People’s first release was awesome, and I can tell you that their second release is awesome. So I shall henceforth be calling them ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’, which is true,  until further notice.

This week sees the release of the début EP from Miroir, a new project from two producers at the top of the Electro game, Clancy and Build. I’m really digging the ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’ EP, the thing that initially impressed me about it most is how varied it is. I tend to think of both Build and Clancy as, albeit amazing, producers of Nu-Disco, but this EP goes much further afield than that. If you are into any kind of synthesizer music (and if you’re not, what the hell are you doing here?) there is something for you to love amongst the five tracks here.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the EP doesn’t deliver dancefloor monsters. The opening track, ‘Kites’, is a piano led dance epic and the finale ‘Luminance’ is pure big room, peak time, euphoria, but alongside them you will find the more 80’s sounding title track and ‘Night Sky’, which draws in some Italo influences too. Both stand head and shoulders with the best in retro Electro, melodic and robotic in just the right places. And then there’s ‘Synth Vs. Sea’, a Tangerine Dream-esque atmospheric analog synth love song.

♫ Miroir – Kites

♫ Miroir – Night Sky

♫ Miroir – Synth Vs. Sea

It’s really a exciting thing when producers get to express themselves beyond the confines of what’s expected of them, you get the feeling that Clancy & Build enjoyed making this EP as much as we enjoyed listening to it!

Check out the rest of the EP on the ever-awesome Holographic People’s SoundCloud.

‘The ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’ EP is out now on the ever-awesome Holographic People.

Buy Miroir’s music from:


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