[Audio] Cosmonaut Grechko reMixes Tesla Boy’s ‘Paraffin’



Remember how Russian ElectroPop heroes Tesla Boy’s last album, The Universe Made Of Darkness, was one of our favourite albums of 2013? Well now that amazing record is getting spiced up by all manner of reMixes in the just released The Universe Made of Darkness: Night Version. On the new album you’ll find work from he likes of Xinobi, Piorneerball and 7th Myriads. To celebrate the release the guys have dropped this reMix of Paraffin from the superb Cosmonaut Grechko.

Grechko get’s his House on in a major way. The man’s latest tunes have all been incredibly complex Chicago House jams that feel totally authentic whilst bringing the sound up to speed, and that’s what he does right here. Full of Grechko’s popping purcussion and deep, warbling bass, the track flows perfectly with Anton’s vocal and injects it with a piano hook as classic as any you’ve heard.

♫ Tesla Boy – Paraffin (Cosmonaut Grechko reMix)

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[Audio] Freak You & Bright Light Bright Light’ ‘There You Are’ reMixed by Cosmonaut Grechko


Bright Light Bright Light

Are you ready for some of the biggest Chicago House tracks you’ve heard in a long time? Next week electronic rumors is crazy proud to release the new single from French producer and On The Fruit Records shot-caller Freak You featuring Welsh Londoner and SynthPop superstar Bright Light Bright Light. There You Are is already an acclaimed Pop House track, and the reMix package we are presenting is just the icing on the cake. We’ve lined up Edwin Van Cleef, Starcadian, She’s The Queen and this monster from Cosmonaut Grechko.

Grechko serves up a complex House tune that though it’s layers of melodies and hooks sounds utterly authentic. The is early 90s piano House at it’s finest, in 2014. From the sine bassline, to the sample snatches, to the digital sax, to the infectious as hell piano hook, this on is full on dancefloor nostalgia the works just as well stacked up against contemporary floorfillers. Grechko’s been quite quiet for a while, we’re glad he back if he’s going to be treating us to the like of this killer tune.

♫ Freak You (Feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – There You Are (Cosmonaut Grechko 1991 Mix)

Freak You’s There You Are is released 2nd June as a Beatport exclusive, 19th June elsewhere.

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Christa Vi & Cosmonaut Grechko

Christa Vi

London based singer/songwriter Christa Vi is at it again, once more is she not showing off her own considerable musical talent, but also her knack for picking the best reMixers. her new single, Small Way Through, is a taster of what to expect from her forthcoming début album and comes backed with a reMix from Russia’s finest, Cosmonaut Grechko.

The original version of the tune sees Christa at her finest. From the school of Saint Etienne ElectroPop Christa’s music appeals because it seems so down to earth, so relatable. As she serenades, appearing effortlessly cool, over toy town drum machine beats, it’s hard not to be drawn into her musical world. Grechko rewinds to the ‘70’s with his reMix. Pure Lounge Disco bliss, complete with slowed down Tropical rhythms and and some of the smoothest electric piano you will ever hear in your entire life, turning Christa’s introspective song into a vintage holiday soundtrack. Christa Vi’s album is definitely something we are keeping out eyes out for, it’s due early next year/

♫ Christa Vi – Small Way Through (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

♫ Christa Vi – Small Way Through (Original Version)

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Cosmonaut Grechko’s ‘Youmi’


Ooo, a little bit of newness from the man Cosmonaut Grechko. He’s been somewhat quiet of late but if this new track is anything to go by that time has been well spent.

‘Youmi’ is a surprisingly blissful and euphoric slice of Dreamwave wit a bit of an early-nineties-watching-a-sunrise-in-a-field-with-Orbital-playing vibe to it and not nearly as Disco as his previous works. This is more of an atmospheric electronic side to Grechko, and the atmosphere is one of optimism and good times. A feel good tack for the summer.

Cosmonaut Grechko – Youmi

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Cosmonaut Grechko reMixes Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

With over 24,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook I feel kinda’ like I should know who Benjamin Francis Leftwich is. but I don’t. On fist glance he appears to be a reasonably talented, but dreary, Folky singer, the kind that is hard to get away from these days. No matter, Cosmonaut Grechko to the rescue as he takes BFL’s track of last year ‘Box Of Stones’ and makes it something exciting and beautiful.

Grechko’s talent consistently amazes us, this reMix is just inspired. Francis Leftwich’s vocals take on a whole new lease of life in Grechko’s hands, giving the an injection of adrenaline and and IV drip of emotion. A smooth summer Dreamwave groove and some shiny synth flourishes weave in and out of the cut-up vocals to create the perfect sunshine track. Full of feeling, full of optimism, Grechko nails it once again.

♫ Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Box Of Stones (Cosmonaut Grechko Discoteque Mix)

Grechko’s main reMix is available of the deluxe version of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s album.

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Cosmonaut Grechko’s back in the place on Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’


Fear Of Tigers– The Guestlist 19/08/2011 = Get ready to kick off your weekend with this weeks hour of power from Fear Of Tigers. In the mix for this episode is Cosmonaut Grechko who also premieres a brand new track.

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 19/08/2011

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Cosmonaut Grechko reMixed by Monophonic.


Cosmonaut Grechko and Joywave’s amazingly nuanced ‘Singin’’, from Grechko’s recent ‘Alaska 2100’ EP, has been given a fresh reMix from Ukrainian producer Monophonic.

The track gets the big room treatment, seriously, this is huge sounding. The big House bass dominates the track which gets layered thick with hands-in-the-air synths and the introspective Indie vocals tuned into a sunrise anthem. It’s packing a couple of sweet builds too.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Monophonic reMix)

Cosmonaut Grechko’s ‘Alaska 2100’ EP is out now.

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New track from Cosmonaut Grechko

The consistently amazing Cosmonaut Grechko has just (really, just!) dropped a new tune on his SoundCloud page.

‘?’ (not sure whether that’s a title or a lack of title) is an instrumental Cosmic DiscoPop extravaganza that both sends you to the stars and grounds you on the dancefloor. Victor once gain works his way through layers of stunning electronics grounded with a solid groove and topped with distant, floaty vocal samples. The whole track conjures up an atmosphere of chilling on the grass, looking up at the stars after an awesome night.

-Edit- Victor got in touch to drop some science on this track. It’s now actually a brand new track but a mashup/re-edit/sample fest that features a Cosmonaut Grechko instrumental with ‘Jumper’ by Capsule, the Coupons rmx of Show Your Shoe’s ‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’ and a few samples from Mille’s ‘Crysteena’. Which, to be honest, all went right over my head. I can definitely hear the SYS/C and Capsule now it’s been pointed out to me. What an awesome, and slick, soundclash!

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko – ?

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Druma Kina reMixes Cosmonaut Grechko

Cosmonaut Grechko + She’s The Queen + Druma Kina! What can go wrong?

Absolutely nothing! Grechko’s collaboration with She’s The Queen’s Emily, ‘All I Hear’ was one of the highlights of his recent (and awesome) ‘Alaska 2100’ EP, throw Brazilian Nu-Disco king Druma Kina into the mix and you’ve got a floor rocking cut-up Nu-Disco edit of the track that’s relentless in it’s funkiness. This is a peak time track that’ll send the crowd crazy.

Totally rad!

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear (Druma Kina reMix)

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Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP

Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP, ‘Alaska 2100’ is out this week and is a pretty stunning electronic masterpiece.

Grechko hits the ground running with track one, ‘Singin’’, with Joywave, it’s the prefect meeting of Dreamwave and Indie-Electro, like a spaced-out-Disco Passion Pit. It’s catchy but still maintains a summery mellow groove. ‘All I Hear’ is up next with some help from She’s The Queen (I’m writing about She’s The Queen on a day other than Thursday, feels weird) that tasks Emily’s vocals out of the normal DancePop environment and slides them into some laid back, almost Chillwave, reverb washed Disco. As with ‘Singin’’, ‘All I hear’ is incredibly listenable, Grechko’s organ riffs intertwining with the big retro synths to create an intricate, yet effortlessly cool, jam. ‘Coloreye’ and the title track are both more tradition Disco fare, both mellow and upbeat, that show Grechko still has the skills to flat out rock the dancefloor and they lead into a selection of reMixes including these two by Electronic Rumors faves Show Your Shoe and Blue Satellite. Show Your Shoe takes on ‘All I Hear’ and proves why he’s the man to watch when it comes to smooth Electro-Funk cuts with some crazy Moog action while Blue Satellite turns ‘Singin’ into a massive upbeat DiscoPop track.

The ‘Alaska 2100’ EP shows a real maturing of Cosmonaut Grechko, musically. An evolution of his music that will surely place him at the forefront of Indie-Electro and Nu-Disco.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Radio Edit)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) -Singin’ (Blue Satellite reMix)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The ‘Alaska 2100 EP’ is out now:

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