[MP3] Cavaliers of Fun’s ‘Valley Of Dreams’



It’s been a while. This is Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun’s first proper single of the year, and right slap-bang in the middle of a heatwave is the prefect time to unleash such laid-back summery bliss.Valley Of Dreams delivers everything you’d want from a hazy beach tune. Nostalgic, funky, slightly ethereal and all covered in island vibes. All brought to you by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Pouring Tropical Disco and Dreamwave into a mixing bowl Cavaliers Of Fun cooks up only the finest of both. It’s the kind of song we all wigged out to in the summer of 2010, but updated with slick Disco licks and Tropical purcussion. A solid Disco beat is complimented by hazy, heavily effected guitars and a bouncy synth bass. As Ricco Vitali presents his passionate croon, thick synths create an irresistible sunkissed mood. The Single is loaded with reMixes too, Freak You strips the beach vibe from the tune and morphs it into a Technoid stormer with 90s House overtones. Riddled with noisy effects and a heavy Rave leads and rolling snare fills, this one’ll have you grinning and dancing. Saint Pauli uplifts the single with a big room mix where they take everything big. Big lead stabs, Big Disco snyths and a Big stomping beat. Fellow Holographic Peopl-er Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub is pretty special too, possible the EP’s highlight, a proper 12” extended mix that strips the original to it’s synth basics and layers orchestral hits, robo synths and a rocking B-Boy beat. We’d love to hear this one with the vocals. These tunes sit alongside a luscious Poolside Disco mix from Poindexter on a release that is, surprisingly, free to download. There’s need to be no discussion, download this right now.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Freak You reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Saint Pauli reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub)

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