Lancelot’s début EP


Lancelot is the latest in an increasing number of artists to be taken under the wing of Binary Records. In the recent expansion beyond the core Binary crew Josh and Kyle have shown some A&R genius in sniffing out interesting and different electronic artists and once again have struck gold with Lancelot.

We’ve heard the odd reMix from Lancelot over the last few months but late February Binary delivers his début EP, ‘We Can Dance’. It;s a few weeks away but right now we can have a listen to the lead track ‘Spoken Word’. The first think you’ll notice about ‘Spoken Word’ is that it a peice of music, it is neither Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter not anything by Dan Brown. With that cleared up we can tell you what it is. ‘Spoken Word’ is a smooth as hell slice of summery Nu-Disco. Although that doesn’t sound like anything special these days, Lancelot’s tune here is pretty unique. What he has brought is a nice combination of a pretty synth heavy House backing, with some nice Cosmic touches, which builds a framework for a brilliant ‘70’s Disco tune. The EP comes with three originals and reMixes from Goldroom, Fabian, Frames and Moonchild (we heard the Goldroom mix on The Magician’s last Magic Tape). You’ll probably be wanting to buy that when it comes out then.

Lancelot – Spoken Word

Lancelot’s ‘We Can Dance’ EP is out 20th February on Beatport and 5th March everywhere else via Binary Records.

Check out more from Lancelot on SoundCloud.

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