[Audio] Fabian’s back!


We were just wondering the other day when LA finest Electro-House producer Fabian was going to drop something new on us. One of the top dogs in the Binary crew, Fabian has such a varied repertoire, you never know what his next track is going to be like, except that you know it’ll be funky.

A Million To One is his latest cut begins with a shuffling beat, building a 909 snare anticipation before it, unexpectedly, drops a big vocal hook on you. this is a track that’s built around a catchy lyric and a big Electro-House hook. Popping percussion give it a little retro edge, whist the majority of the track is straight-up banger. The uplifting vocal, combined with some Cosmic synths, give A Million To One a soaring quality that’s bound to have the kids reaching for the lasers all summer.

♫ Fabian – A Million To One

Buy Fabian’s music from:

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