Alfa’s ‘Final Project’


We don’t get to hear nearly enough from Binary crew member Alfa. New tracks are few and far between, but when they do come along it just reminds us why we need to hear more form him. This latest track to surface is titled Final Project, we’re hoping that’s just a title, and not a description.

Final Project is probably the smoothest track Alfa has delivered. From the retro beats and low-down bump of the bassline in the tracks initial bars you know this is going to be a slick ride. The track is laced with warm synths and a groove that’s just right for late night dancefloors. It’s one of those carefree, get lost in it, tunes. The kind that, whist you;re getting down to it, you forget about the world. Sprinkled with little vocal and guitar flourishes, Final Project takes us back to those exciting days of Dreamwave’s formation. Just let it soar.

♫ Alfa – Final Project

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