New track from Flashlights


Flashlights, who released the awesome ‘Hidden Behind Trees’ EP on Binary earlier this year, have dropped a brand new track.

Taken from the GoldRush Festival artist’s compilation album, their follow up to the EP’s ‘New Hampshire’, ‘New Hampshire Part II’ is more traditional ElectroPop, upbeat and catchy, compared the the atmospheric Chillwave of the original. The track still retains a distant mysteriousness though, but contrasts that with bouncy synths and uplifting retro chords. Lush and swirling ElectroPop at it’s finest, ‘New Hampshire Part II’ is a track that slides into your brain and starts soundtracking your life.

Flashlights – New Hampshire Part II (Premiere)

Flashlight’s ‘Hidden Behind Trees’ EP is out now.

Check out more from Flashlights on SoundCloud.

Buy Flashlights’ music from:


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