[Audio] Fabian’s back!


We were just wondering the other day when LA finest Electro-House producer Fabian was going to drop something new on us. One of the top dogs in the Binary crew, Fabian has such a varied repertoire, you never know what his next track is going to be like, except that you know it’ll be funky.

A Million To One is his latest cut begins with a shuffling beat, building a 909 snare anticipation before it, unexpectedly, drops a big vocal hook on you. this is a track that’s built around a catchy lyric and a big Electro-House hook. Popping percussion give it a little retro edge, whist the majority of the track is straight-up banger. The uplifting vocal, combined with some Cosmic synths, give A Million To One a soaring quality that’s bound to have the kids reaching for the lasers all summer.

♫ Fabian – A Million To One

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Fabian Vs. Touch Tone

Fabian Vs. Touch Tone

The change of name seems to have invigorated Touch Tone’s musical output. His début (as Touch Tone) release, Home Away From Home, took everyone by surprise, turning out to be one of the best single of the year and inspiring multiple awesome reMixes. Never one to rest, Mr. Verner has now teamed up with fellow Binary producer, crafter on one of the best Nu-Disco albums in recent years and one part of LexiconDon, Fabian, to drop the massive Soleil Rouge.

If the track needs any explaining, here it is in their own words: “an instrumental soundtrack for the dance floor of a post apocalyptic night club full of neon wearing computer geeks and cyber punks”. Have Fabian and Andrew started frequenting Goth clubs? I’m not sure if this is the usual Industrial hammering that Hollywood would have us believe all clubs will play in the dystopian future, frankly I prefer the Fabian Vs. Touch Tone take on the situation. Soleil Rouge is a huge track with a lead line that stick in your head like glue and some stratospheric soloing. Two of the best producers on the West Coast coming together for tunes like this should happen more often.

Fabian Vs. Touch Tone – Soleil Rouge

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Lancelot’s ‘We Can Dance’


Yesterday saw the release of Binary’s newest family member, Lancelot,’s début EP, ‘We Can Dance’. It may only be February, but one listen to this EP and you’ll have the shades and shorts on in no time, it’s summer Disco gold.

We’ve already covered the first track on the EP, ‘Spoken Word’, a slick Disco-House tune with some amazing melodies and flourishes that still make it a stand out track. The EP’s lead tune is the titular ‘We Can Dance’, is more retro synth Funk led Disco but with a nice vocal twist. The twist being that is has vocals. The vocal element almost turn this track into a Nu-Disco anthem, if such a thing is possible. It;s definitely a good choice to lead the EP with, this track could have people singing all summer. Remixes of ‘We Can Dance’ are supplied by, amongst others, Binary boys, Fabian and Goldroom, two of our favourite producers around. Goldroom’s mix is deep and slick. A visceral groove with a Tropical sheen and an infectious lead line. Fabian takes things to a more robotic Disco place, his mastery of multi-layered Electro and eclectic influences shining through. that’s not all that’s on the EP, there’s more originals and more reMixes, it’s definitely worth checking out.

♫ Lancelot – Spoken Word

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom reMix)

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance (Fabian reMix)

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New track from Fabian


Our boy Fabian has dropped a brand new track, and that’s always cause to take notice!

As we all know Mr. Ordorica is a man of many sides, the Montell Jordan sampling ‘Do It’ nicely Electrofies his Nu-Disco side and throws in a infectious. ‘90’s House hook. While not as hard as his noise Electro stuff, ‘Do It’ adds some stomping dancefloor fuel to his smoother synth side amongst some nice nostalgic jacking.

♫ Fabian – Do It

Fabian is also the musical mastermind behind LexiconDon, who feature on electronic rumors Volume 1. Just sayin’.

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Fabian’s ‘The Jack’


Fabian is riding the wave of success right now. His ‘Last Flight’ single blew up, his reMix for The Magician blew up & his début album blew up. That’s a lot of blowing up, and I’m sure it puts a guy in a good mood.

Apparently so as Fabian decided to celebrate all the explosions by dropping a new free tune, ‘The Jack’. Joining the dots between Fabian’s LA Nu-Disco, Chicago House, and Rave, ‘The Jack’ is proper jackin’ indeed. In-fact, pairing a ‘90’s Chicago House feel with sun-drenched LA Dreamwave production has got such a groove and such a unique flavour that it could easily be the sound of next summer.

Fabian – The Jack

Fabian’s ‘Say Goodbye’ album is out now.

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Fabian’s début album


Yesterday saw the release of long time electronic rumors favourite Fabian’s début full length album hot of the back of the highly acclaimed ‘last Flight’ single and a storming reMix for The Magician’s new Kitsuné record.

The album, ‘Say Goodbye’ feels like a culmination of everything Fabian has learn in the past few years of solo productions, DJing, and as half of the founders of LexiconDon, during the emergence of Dreamwave and the LA ElectroPop scene. Alongside classic Fabian tunes like ‘Heatwave’, one of the tracks Dreamwave was built on and the latest single ‘Last Flight’ which has everyone in the know going crazy, ‘Say Goodbye’ hold a whole host of killer tunes that span Fabian’s range. From smooth ElectroPop to dancefloor shaking Electro to Funked up Disco tunes. The album is liberally sprinkled with shimmering synths, vocoders, and just about everything you want from and electronic album, there’s a track for every mood. Most of the time, though, your mood after slapping on this album will be ‘get up and dance’.

♫ Fabian – Dreams To Wishes

♫ Fabian – This Night

♫ Fabian – Starlight Love

‘Say Goodbye’ is released this week on Binary Entertainment.

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The Magician’s ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ EP


In exactly one months time The Magician unleashes his début solo single, ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’, on Kitsuné Music.

By now you’ve already heard the original track, featuring Jeppe on vocals. It’s got that hypnotic late ‘80’s House piano sound and Jeppe’s anthemic chant combine with thick, lush synths to make a track that will uplift dancefloors worldwide. the EP is chock full of awesomeness too, reMixes come correct from Plastic Plates, Second Date and our boy Fabian. Second Date bring some seriously deep Disco to the table with an almost sub bassline and beach guitar forming the basis for their brand of Disco, and unusual mix definitely. Plastic Plates always come through with the goods and here is no different. Synthetic Electro Disco loaded with my beloved electro toms. PP’s reMix has this slick jazzy synth lead that sets a really nice groove for the track. But it’s the man Fabian who really blows this EP up, starting his track understated with a smoothly building arpeggio that soon gives way to a massive LA Dreamwave track with a booty shaking Funk bass that moves your body while the thick synth chords send your brain to the stratosphere.

♫ The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What To Do (Original)

‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ is released 3rd October on Kitsuné Music.

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Fabian X Reset!


We dropped our review of Fabian’ new single ‘Last Flight’ last month, so as the single is released this week we can treat you to the Electro rockin’ Reset! reMix.

The original is such smooth Dreamwave that the Reset! reMix really stands out in contrast. It’s totally a tune to drive the crowd mental, chopping up snatched of the original and throwing them into a pit of funky chainsaw synths. Guaranteed to get you moving..

Fabian – Last Flight (Reset! reMix)

‘Last Flight’ is released this week on Binary Entertainment.

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Fabian’s ‘Last Flight’ EP


Hold the press, the man Fabian is in the house with a brand new single and had brought a ton of funk with him.

The magic music man behind LexiconDon’s solo output has, in the past, swung between straight up Dreamwave and Electro-House but with ‘Last Flight’ Fabian has got the groove like never before. Smooth summery vocal Nu-Disco guaranteed to get the party started and keep it going. It’s a huge track, pretty anthemic too, that’ll have you reaching for the starts. The EP is backed with reMixes from French Horn Rebellion, NightWaves, Reset!, Justin Faust, Lancelot, Douze and Robots For Rayguns. Justin Faust and fellow Binary crew NightWaves, particularly, bring it home with real emotional slices of retro synth while French Horn Rebellion’s reMix introduces an Disco Funk flavour. Reset! works his slammin’ Electro-House sound into the tune and for something a bit smoother Lancelot lays down an awesome synthesizer Disco vibe. More a more SynthPop sound, check out Robots With Rayguns version. There’s something for everybody of this EP. If I hadn’t already heard the EP I would defiantly be waiting in anticipation to hear it, so you really should be!

♫ Fabian – Last Flight

‘Last Flight’ is released 22nd August on Binary Entertainment with Fabian’s début album in September. Keep it locked to electronic rumors for a review of the album later in the week.

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Fabian reMixes Short Circuit’s ‘How We Speak’

LexiconDon Quarter and Binary solo artist Fabian has given fellow Binarian Short Circuit’s ‘How We Speak’ a late night going over.

His reMix is a crazy mash-up of everything that works on the dancefloor. There’s some Breaks, some Electro-House riffs, some nice 90’s House keys and some smooth Nu-Disco & Dreamwaveyness in the background. Taking Short Circuit’s vocoded vocals and turning them into a hypnotic mantra Fabian has crafter a mix designed to do one thing and one thing only, get you dancing, and once the false finish kicks back in it’ll have you going crazy.

Short Circuit – How We Speak (Fabian reMix)

‘How We Speak’ is taken from Short Circuit’s ‘Late Night Drive’ EP, out now on Binary Entertainment.

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