Chordashian’s ‘Illusion’


Chordashian have joined the Binary family! When did that happen? I’m sure I’m supposed to get a memo about these things. I’m definitely going to say it was a good call from Josh and Kyle bringing these guys into the fold, we’ve been supporting Chordashian in these pages for a while now and the Brooklyn duo seem like a perfect fit.

Their first single for Binary is a free download, Illusion. Whenever I read the word Illusion my mind immediately switched to Just An Illusion by Imagination mode, Chordashian’s new tune is nothing to do with that infectious ‘80’s hit, and may just be catchy enough to break Imagination’s mental monopoly. This Illusion is a rolling slice of Beach Disco, a pumping Housey jam with a Tropical feel. It’s got a nice warehouse groove that really get you moving, and washed that with a layer of sun-kissed Disco sounds, wicked licks and some ace digital sax, to add a good-times flavour to the mix. top everything off with some distant, dreamy, vocals and you’ve got the prefect beach party tune.

Chordashian – Illusion

Buy Chordashian’s music from:

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