SID Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64


Well this is something pretty special! Late in February Robot Elephant Records will be releasing ‘SID Chip Sounds – The Music Of The Commodore 64’. This isn’t just a collection of C64 track covered, like so many ChipTune compilation, these are the original tracks, remastered! Retro heaven!

And there is some real gems on the record. The two major themes from Last Ninja and Last Ninja 2 for a start! Giana Sisters, Glider Rider, Cybernoid 2, Parallax, Commando and Gauntlet, amongst others, are all represented here. As is Martin Galway proto-industrial theme for  Breakout-in-space challenger ‘Arkanoid’.  Listening to it it’s so easy to see how much of an influence these tracks are on modern electronic music, especially retro stuff like SynthWave. The shuffling machine beats, the soaring synths, there’s all there, there’s even a drop. All played out with that gorgeous SID chip  8-bit synthetic grime. This album should be a definite purchase for anyone into the history of electronic music, or anyone who remembers hunching over a C64 plugged into a flickering portable TV ‘til the early hours of the morning. It still sounds as futuristic as it did back then. Robot Elephant Records are releasing this collection on gatefold double vinyl, Cd and download.

Martin Galway – Arkanoid

‘SID Chip Sounds – The Music Of The Commodore 64’ is released 20th February.

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