[Audio] Jupiter’s ‘Do It’



One of our favourite French SynthPop duos, Jupiter, are back after a couple of year’s hiatus. they’ve just announced the impending release of their second album; Bandana Republic. The follow up to 2012’s incredibly well received Juicy Lucy, Bandana Republic is due to drop in May. Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, the album is informed by a Californian road trip vibe that injects some interesting new 70s influences into Jupiter’s Parisian DiscoPop. Check out the first hint of what’s to come, the track Do It.

From the offset, Do It hits you with thick, bassy synths and an irresistible hook (if your head doesn’t start immediately nodding you may want to see a doctor about that neck problem you have!). Any doubts that Jupiter couldn’t recreate the bottled lightning of Juicy Lucy are rapidly swept away; Do It is as good a DiscoPop track as you could ask for. Steady beats, funky apreggios, heavy synth bass and Amélie sounding as sweet and catchy as ever. Ladies and gentlemen, Jupiter are back.

♫ Jupiter – Do It

Jupiter’s Bandana Republic, is released 4th May.

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[Audio] Ronika’s ‘Wiyoo’ reMixed by Jupiter



Our relationship with her tune Wiyoo is almost as long our relationship with Ronika herself. Her second single; the track also appeared on electronic rumors volume 1, and then reMixed by Substatic on the cunningly titled electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP, so you could say Wiyoo has been pretty influential in our journey from blog to label. Ass has been shaken to it on more than one occasion too.

In advance of the long awaited release of Ron’s début album, Selectadisc (review coming soon, possibly the most personal thing we’ve ever written), here come this brand new reMix of Wiyoo from French DiscoPop dynamic duo Jupiter. The Parisians drop the tempo slightly and deliver slab loads of thick synth funk with a playful, cheesy, Pop heart. Ron’s vocals glide over a bed of springy deep bass, airy analog stabs and an earworm of a lead hook. Mixing up French Disco with a little LA Funk vibe, Jupiter serve up a completely different take on the track.

♫ Ronika – Wiyoo (Jupiter reMix)

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June.

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[Download] Crayon reMixes Jupiter’s ‘Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman)’



French producer Crayon is at it again. The mast two years have been pretty meteoric for this guy; and he’s continuing his rise to the top with this blissful reMix of Parisian DiscoPoppers Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman), from their début album of the same (or similar, anyway) name. Jupiter tracks seem to be like busses, you wait ages; then two come along at once.

Crayon does the laid back Disco thing on this mix, bringing the relaxed synth Funk and slo-mo House vibes together, and reeling in the tempo to the point where Amélie’s vocals need to be pitched down, pretty extremely. It all works though, Crayon turns-in an incredibly smooth tune, loaded with thick synths and finger-snapping beats.

Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) (Crayon reMix)

Jupiter’ Juicy Lucy album is out now.

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[Download] Jupiter cover William Sheller’s ‘Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul’



Here’s a sparking slice of French Pop courtesy of our favourite Parisians Jupiter. The DiscoPop duo have delivered this cover of Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul, a track from 1979 by French songwriter William Sheller. Jupiter obviously love the song, as this cover version is made with pure love, pure synthesizer love.

The bass warbles, the synths stab, and the vocals are eminently enjoyable whether you speak French or not. A rich vintage feel permeates every note of this track, Jupiter’s version of Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul just oozes a sexy cool. With a little Disco guitar in the background to give it a slinky groove, this is one hell of a retro electronic wonder.

Jupiter – Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul (William Sheller Cover)

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[Mixtape] Jupiter’s ‘Chamomix’



Jupiter – Chamomix = Here’s the latest mixtape from amazing Parisian DiscoPop duo Jupiter. Expect nearly an hour of meticulously curated Nu-Disco, Deep House and ElectroPop. Can’t really ask for more, can you?

Jupiter – Chamomix

The tracklist:
01. Drop Out Orchestra- The Blue Train (Dicky Trisco Mix)
02. Sugar Hill & Wasabi – Sexy Eyes
03. Etienne de Crecy – We, Computers(Hippo Disco reMix)
04. Concorde – Floating There (Jupiter Remix)
05. S&M Music Company – Walk Away (Cyclist reMix)
06. Ill Advised – Hurt Me
07. Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok reMix)
08. Splash Wave – Spin Jammers
09. Phil & Dan – Everybody Loves (Monte reMix)
10. Fare Soldi – Another Light
11. Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (Chateau Marmont reMix)
12. Fortune – Island

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[Download] Jupiter reMixes Concorde’s ‘Floating’



You may remember Parisian outfit Concorde as the reMix artists on the opening track of fellow French artists Jupiter’s Juicy reMixes reMix album, tacking the track Oh I. Now the DiscoPop duo are returning the favour be delivering the booming version of Concorde’s new single, Floating There.

Eschewing the almost trademark shiny, mirrorball, DiscoPop stylings in favour of a trendy House sound, Jupiter bring it deep. After teasing us with a little quirky ElectroPop into, the tune soon launces into it’s Chicago inspired, strobe lit, core. 909 beats and punchy sine basses give the track that classic House vibe, whilst Jupiter get playful with the vocals a riffs that hint at their Disco origins. A surprising, and classic House tune from Jupiter.

Concorde – Floating (Jupiter reMix)

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[Mixtape] Jupiter’s ‘SPF30’ mix



Jupiter – SPF30 Mix = While we’re in the middle of this heatwave, we would suggest SFP50 if you’re venturing outside, but SPF30 is good for your ears as French DiscoPoppers Jupiter have put together this lush summery mix to compliment the climate.

Jupiter – SPF30 Mix

The tracklist:
01. Fingerman – Lenny’s Disco
02. Mirror People – Nothing To Give
03. DJ Nibc – All’s Well That Ends Well
04. Majestique – Must Get There (Dubka reMix)
05. Severino Horse Meat Disco – Bounce
06. Boris Duglosch (Feat. Roisin Murphy) – Never Enough (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)
07. The Popopopops – Cross The Line (Mickey reMix)
08. Blackbelt Andersen – Klapp Og Trans
09. Shallow Taxi Club – Flashback
10. Hot Natured – Reverse Skydiving (Benoit And Sergio reMix)
11. Lady Drewniak – Let’s Work
12. Telonius – Control
13. Midnight Jugernauts – Memorium

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[Video] Jupiter’s ‘Oh I’

Jupiter   Oh I  Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s a fun little video for French ElectroPop geniuses Jupiter’s Oh I. Oh I is taken from Jupiter’s stunning début album, Juicy Lucy.

Directed by Tu Sais Qui™ & Arthur Quart Avant Poing, it’s a bit ‘lyric video’, but good fun nonetheless.

Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy is out now.

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[Audio] Juveniles’ ‘Strangers’, with reMixes from Jupiter & Le Crayon



French ElectroPoppers Juveniles are back this week with a brand new single and some tasty reMixes. Strangers was released yesterday, this first since last November’s Through The Night re-release, and is taken from the duo’s forthcoming début album. reMixes in the package come from the stellar line-up of Jupiter and Le Crayon.

Strangers is a rollicking slice of Indie-Electro produced by none other than Yuksek, and you can tell. The track has a bit of that Yuksek raw Disco sound. Heavy on the bass, Strangers works subdued verses in order to deliver the anthemic good in the choruses. Fellow French duo Jupiter’s take on the tracks is hypnotically basslined Space Disco epic where strange synth melodies intertwine around each other and the vocals. In contest, Le Crayon bring the proper laid back vintage Disco vibe to the song, using spacious electric piano and a warbling bass tone to roll-out an solid groove. All-in-all, we think the Jupiter version is out favourite, but the whole single is good work.

♫ Juveniles – Strangers

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Jupiter reMix)

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Le Crayon reMix)

Juveniles’ Strangers is out this week.

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[MP3] Jupiter reMixed by Mr. Gonzo



French Nu-Disco producer Mr. Gonzo is on a roll right now. Hot on the heels of his storming new single with Romuald, Gon Be A Thrill, his is the first reMix to break cover from the long rumoured Jupiter reMix album. The amazing Parisian ElectroPop duo have roped in a star studded cast to rework their Juicy Lucy album of last year. Mr. gonzo will be rubbing shoulder with the likes of Little Boots, Yan Wagner, Para One & Tacteel, JBAG, Juveniles, The Supermen Lovers, Steve Moore, Marius, and Colour Vision, which is quite scary company. Let’s see how he does.

Elliot Uppercut, one of the standouts on a stand out album, is the track Gonzo gets to grips with and fully delivers on smooth and sexy French Touch Disco. Despite being quite high energy, Mr. Gonzo manages to keep things on a laid back tip using lush synths and a sliding Disco bassline to their fullest. Amélie’s vocals sound as sweet as ever as the glide over. The synths in this reMix are so think, they melt into the track like chocolate, creating this delicious Disco ooze. This is a track mirrorballs were invented for. It’s so brilliant it’s like an audio lens-flare

Jupiter – Elliot Uppercut (Mr. Gonzo reMix)

Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy reMixed will be released 18th March.

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