Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’


Dizkopolis are a duo from Kuala Lumpur of all places. Proving that no matter where you are in the world there is some serious Nu-Disco/French Touch talent.

The guys new track, ‘Class Of ‘91’ mixes in a hint of ChipTune into their Electro groove. Underneath it all is a nigh-on perfect rolling Disco bassline that you’ll practically break your neck nodding along to, layered on top of that are piles of 8-bit melodies and big ‘80’s synth sounds. ‘Class Of ‘91’ is some solid, uplifting, Nu-Disco magic.

♫ Dizkopolis – Class Of ’91

Check out more from Dizkopolis on SoundCloud.

2 comments on “Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’

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